£1.7 Billion Bill: Britain Now Officially the Donkey of Europe

LONDON - England - Britain has received a demand for an extra £1.7billion because the economy has outperformed other European economies over the past decade.

Britain is now officially the ass of Europe as it is handed a whopping £1.7 billion to prop up poor profligate EU countries like Greece and Romania.

“Not only were we forced to accept the dregs of humanity into these shores but now because we’re doing so well in the economy the EU has upped the bill. We’ll pay up as usual, that’s what we do, especially with someone like David Cameron as PM, the biggest donkey this side of Bucharest. Now bend over Dave and let the EU give Britain more beatings with the EU stick,” an ex-conservative voter said today.

As you walk the High Streets of Britain, you will be accosted on every corner by Romanian Big Issue sellers who make £42,000 per year and get free housing; you will be spat on by illegal EU immigrants as you walk by their sleeping bags in Park Lane;  you will see the riots in Calais as thousands of people try to board your camper van; you will of course get nothing but Polski Skleps and deranged criminals tearing up your pot plants to sell; you will have a Romanian gypsy spit on your windscreen, then smile revealing their gold teeth as they extend their hand for change. This is Britain today, thanks to the Labour government, thanks to socialists like David Cameron, thanks to these yellow traitors who have consigned this island to be the ass of Europe — rip off Britain — where there is no justice, no dignity left and no fucking hope.