Obama: We Have the Antidote You Won’t

BROOKLYN - USA - The other day we came across a man living under a bridge, a homeless man we might add. He had some very interesting things to say.


“You know, there’s a reason for everything, and if you ever read the Georgia guide stones you will know about some of those reasons.

“The truth is, Ebola is a dry run for something way bigger, and if you ever wondered what those planes are doing up there spraying and spraying, well, no one really knows what they’re spraying to make those trails criss cross across our skies. The everyday Joe doesn’t even look up in the sky, they’re too busy dealing with thoughts about how to pay the mortgage or send their kids to college. The perceptive people who do look up in the sky will see planes spraying something into the atmosphere, which eventually trickles down to earth. These are all covert experiments obviously, and you won’t read about it in the papers, or watch it in the news, just like you won’t hear about what’s really going on in Africa with the Ebola pandemic.

“It’s a dry run, and if there is anything that comes out in the future that is as deadly as Ebola and is truly airborne, there may very well be reasons for the higher powers to spray it from the skies, because there is no protection from that. Maybe a mosquito driven virus like Zika. The U.S. government’s projection for 2025 is a brief insight into what is planned for the future. Hell yeah, they can talk about it in the open, they’ve been doing that for a while, little hints here or there, writing books and putting it in somewhere in the middle. You don’t want to blink and miss it though, or you have to understand the language, the special words they use.

 “Mass air travel, spraying from the air, Ebola mixed in with the common cold, whatever it is they will implement plans which have been in the works for centuries. They don’t need us any more. We’re considered as useless eaters, as stock, as cattle. They have Artificial Intelligence, humanoid robots, driverless cars, implants to enhance their intelligence to superhuman levels. Yeah, I’m talking in the present tense for something that is right on our doorstep in the near future, but I’ve seen the future. Obama is the friendly demon, he cares for you, sure he does, in fact he’s so caring he’s going to smile when it happens, and if you ain’t prepared then you ain’t gonna see much before it does happen.

“Anyway, you got some spare change fella? I haven’t had a bite to eat for days.”