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Monday, November 27, 2023
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Talking About a Revolution Russell Brand

LONDON - England - The darling of champagne socialists everywhere, Russell Brand has been talking about another revolution again.

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“I’m worth millions me, you see someone quite high up gave me those millions, and I made their company millions too. It’s a paradigm shift in socialism, or should that be hypocrisy, surely not, me little chums, you see I’m a revolutionary right now, and I’m talking about a revolution. Yeah, talkin’ about a revolution will do a lot. I go on the talkie kwalkie, or youpube, and I talk a lot about there being a revolution that should happen. But I ain’t gonna do it, nah, because I’m talkin’ about it means I want you to subscribe to my channel so I can make more wonga. Keep listening to me talkin’ and talkin’ away about how the system needs a revolution, meanwhile I’m getting richer by the second. Ooh, did I tell you about my new kitchen? Well, it’s got all these gadgets in it, dunno what they do mind, but they look good. Cost me a packet. I usually get one of those starry eyed floozies I pick up and scramble my eggs all over her front bottom. Anyway, I digress, I’m worth shit loads of money, and I want a revolution so I can lose all my money and the whole system crumbles. I’d be happy then. Seriously, if I really wanted a revolution I’d be doing it, not bloody talking about it and writing bookie wookies about it. Please can someone do the revolution for me while I stand back and watch, I’m too scared?” a transcript of Russell Brand’s latest social network diatribe reveals.

Meanwhile elsewhere, real revolutions are happening, and there’s certainly no useless self aggrandising talking and talking and talking going on there.

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  1. Russell Bland knows nothing of revolution. You have to have a military mind to know about revolution. Not some celebuturd pansy mollycoddled idiot like Bland. You want a revolution get a gun you sh*it for brains phuktard. Russell Bland you are NOT a revolutionary you know nothing about war. People like this Khunt make me sick.

  2. I think Dan Ashcroft said it best:

    Welcome to the Age of Russell. Hail the rise of the Brand!

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