Abraham Lincoln Was Half Black Historians Reveal

Barack Obama is the new Abraham Lincoln

WASHINGTON DC – USA – The sixteenth president of the United States of America, Abraham Lincoln has been discovered to have had a black father according to historians and scientists working for the Institute of Historical Science which is linked to Harvard university.

Records dating to February 12, 1809 officially remark that Abraham Lincoln’s parents were Thomas Lincoln and Nancy Hanks, however, there has been a new discovery which has put a new slant on the issue of parentage.

Abraham Lincoln’s mother was having an affair with a black plantation worker and new DNA evidence suggests that she somehow tricked her husband into believing that Abraham was the couples child. Secret love letters unearthed in 2003 reveal that Lincoln’s mother was conducting a clandestine affair with a slave named Iemis from a Kentucky plantation.

“We managed to attain DNA evidence from a lock of Abraham Lincoln’s hair which proves that he had a very strong African genetic link. His chromosome makeup is very specific to West African DNA patterns and this suggests that Abraham’s real father was indeed of African origin,” Dr. Alan Holdsworth, who is the chief Anthropologist on this project told National Geographic magazine.

The Obama campaign team, on hearing of the wonderful news have already started production of a short film to be aired on all networks next week.

Senator McCain’s campaign team are of course trying to refute the evidence collated by the scientific researchers as false and have demanded the team re-do the DNA analysis of Abraham Lincoln’s hair.

“Now we know why he was so vehemently opposed to slavery. Lincoln’s father was a slave. His mother, a poor white farmer’s wife had slept with a black slave and somehow concealed this fact from her husband. It’s almost like something you would see on Jerry Springer or Maury,” a reporter from the Fox News Network said.

With the prospect of another half black president on the way, America must come to terms with its past before it embraces its future.

  • Chicken Little

    DNA is needed from the hair plug, you can’t just use a cutting and how can you verify the hair was actually his?

  • Holmes

    Jesus was black and yet you Eurpeans portray him as somekind of Aryan with blue eye and blonde hair. Jesus had dark ebony skin with curly hair. Thats the reality. Praise be Jesus.

    • Daniel

      Prove it.

    • Tony Lujan

      nobody knows for sure since dna was never available

    • Afi G. Osakwe

      We know that the depiction of Jesus was that of Michaelangelo’s cousin. That’s a fact. Besides, white supremacy concocted the story in their image so let them have it. The reality is that there were no European Hebrews speaking Amharic in the region at that time. The European Jews appropriated the heritage to establish the Middle East and Israel as their birthright. DNA aside, it can’t even be proven that Jesus ever existed except in the concoction of a book called the Bible.

    • Tommy_S

      Black? No, Jews are not black.

  • Alisha

    Please try to act with a little more sense. You are most likely an adult, yet are acting like a child. Those features are not exclusive to white people, and maybe if the world was not so enraptured by European beauty standards they would not feel the need to do that.

  • lewisjm

    Lol – is the mole on their faces in the same place? They have the same nose and what about those ears? I love the fact that people are finally waking up. But some would rather stay asleep – it’s better for them that way. LOL!

  • kelly

    Hair is mitochondrial DNA and is from the MOTHER not the father. It could not determine the father!!!

  • momo

    blacks didnt build them either

  • momo

    but you will post only negative comments about the white race

  • momo

    yes figured you wouldnt post my comments, y, because as a white woman, im proud of my race

  • Purple moon

    Egyptians were in fact-African, it is said that the first Egyptians were from North Africa. Why is it that white people get so mad when black people are given any recognition for intelligence? The first black president isn’t Obama in fact John Hanson who served from 1781-1782 was the first. There have been many black presidents in this country if you think especially in slavery days that anybody could be 100% white than you are a fool because what is white we are all mixed.

  • Beatrice DuPont

    WHITE PEOPLE EVOLVED FROM / AFTER AFRICANS. Educated people know this.

    A Single Migration From Africa Populated the World, Studies Find

  • Uhuru War

    Black peple are cleverer then white peple. We inventined every thing the whites are using to day. If it was not for Africans they whites wuld not have they’re techoligy.

  • beedie

    DNA has proven the Egyptians were black. The writings of white explorers state what was found in Africa when they arrived. You know what happened to Africa? White people happened. Destroyers.

    • John Taylor

      In 1975, the mummy of Ramesses II
      was taken to France for preservation. The mummy was also forensically
      tested by Professor Pierre-Fernand Ceccaldi, the chief forensic
      scientist at the Criminal Identification Laboratory of Paris, who wrote:
      “Hair, astonishingly preserved, showed some complementary data –
      especially about pigmentation: Ramses II was a Red haired cymnotriche leucoderma”, that is a fair-skinned person with wavy red hair.

      Sub-Saharan Negroes did exist in Ancient Egypt, but only as slaves to make pyramids and push heavy rocks around.

      • blackamoor

        Have you seen all of the ancient egyptian statues of the pharoahs. Wow! Those caucasians really loveded to portray themselves as having broad noses, full lips and other Sub-Saharan African features.

  • beedie
  • beedie
  • Allison Crawford


  • Joseph Mancini

    You block derogatory references to black people, but let them call White America Crackers. We see what side of the political scene you crave.

    • Uhuru War

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      We rule yo house now. Ge ova it.

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    • momo


  • Ronald Gendron

    Although never becoming President, I have heard a similar detail about Alexander Hamilton! Born in Barbados,where much of the population are interracial, DNA should certainly be able to verify this!
    With DNA testing becoming ‘all the rage’ lately, I have a feeling that many people, who get tested, have become very unhappy when they found out their origin results!

  • DelMar

    Africans have different skeletons, denser bones, smaller cranial cavities and are more susceptible to certain conditions like hypertension, heart disease, diabetes and sickle cell anemia. Mixed race individuals exhibit physical problems of both of their parent’s races.

  • Geri Robel

    I have heard some black religious folk claim that Jesus was black also, or at least partially so. Perhaps we could get some blood residue from the shroud of Turin and check that out.

    • Judy Labine

      not a surprise, most of the names in the bible at that time originated from egypt and other countries in or around africa. There isn’t a mention of caucasion or asian, so i would assume that the israelites were all black Even today there are many israelis with very curly hair

    • Idris Gilliard

      Jesus never spoke in Latin, and Jesus is Greek/Latin for I’sa in Aramaic and Arabic. Kush now renamed Ethiopia by Anglo Saxons NON Semitic people. Race a social construct created to help white slaves to NOT see themselves a slaves like the Africans Stolen to America. Your religion is Politics, your just unaware of this fact. Read American Sovereign by Brent E Johnson, it will help with your issues regard facts and Love for Fiction.

      King James Version
      Rev. 1:15
      If Jesus had hair like sheep’s wool and feet like burnt brass in a furnace, does that still make him a white man?

      Have true knowledge regarding the subject vs generally pasted White Lies!


      Larken Rose a informative Person – Don’t Hate his info cus his White



  • Tony M

    That’s one of the biggest lies yet. You smell like dog when you get wet, you have fur and not hair, you have a recessive gene and there is no evidence that you existed prior to 6000,00 years. The truth of the matter is you come from apes. The Ancients genetic scientists is the cause of your being. You best do some real research. You were you are the only people who’s fossils found in caves. Our melanated skin is what is found throughout nature and in the cosmos. We are 9 eithers wihich makes us superior. The only thing your people have done is still, murder, destroy and cause havoc. Our ancestors act of creating was a generational punishment until now. For the record, the term black is a misnomer and so is white. We are the original man and in truth melanated people are Asiatics. You are racist because you can’t be like us. I will school all you mis educated racist beast.

  • Robert Green

    Colonials never discovered Africa, they left, like all humans, and came back. Their pigmentation and hair types, etc evolved to the region of the earth they resided in, in order to adapt. The fact the races can breed with each other means we are of the same species. Evolution also includes emotional intelligence, as well as to think rationally. Anyone still hating other races or attributing their failures to other races have not truly evolved as well.

  • Pops

    Did white people evolve as a human species and blacks not? Evolution is a form of mutation. Therefore the white race, is an evolved species of human as opposed to the primitive black race, a mixing of the Neanderthal hundred thousand years ago. It is not only skin pigmentation that reflects this evolution but intelligence and brain mass. This may also explain why some Africans still live in mud huts today in 2016. They never evolved. Black people in the West, have been adopted and have learned to reflect the intelligence of the West, however if colonials had never discovered Africa in the first place hundreds of years ago they would not have learned some of the behaviors of the whites. All races came from Africa but they evolved and the Africans did not. Mixing races in the West has led to some variation.

    • Professor Greene

      I suppose if you look at Ancient Rome 2,500 years ago and compare it to Africa in 2016 there is an illustration of the point. https://www.usu.edu/markdamen/ClasDram/images/12/28capitalrecon.jpg http://austinulsh.theworldrace.org/blogphotos/theworldrace/austinulsh/african-huts.jpg

    • Jeffery White

      Some people still live in the amazon because they don’t want to deal with insane societies that produce mentalities like yours. Other live in mud huts because they are oppressed by mega corps that drain resources from their communities for pennies on the dollar if that. Since you’re going by what others have defined for you, if you are so evolved why do they claim you use 5 – 8% of your brain..hmmmm. If you claim the “black” race is so primitive why can’t any society today duplicate the wonders left behind by them? Why does hollywood culture jack then place europeans in movies about black culture events? If you never heard of MK-Ultra my friend you really should get affiliated with it because they worked a number on you. Egypt (greek term) really is Kemet (original name) how about you looking up the terms if you dare to do so. Cognitive Dissonance effect all of us in some form or another but not wanting to see how much the black culture influences the world is one that reminds me of a child refusing to believe Santa isn’t real anymore. We both know you’re mentally capable of being more than a child correct? If your argument is that skin pigmentation is the proof of “Superior Mutation” you must not have any knowledge of melanin and the importance of it and role it plays in the universe. If you have truly evolved you could see that you have hatred and selfish desires in your heart, which is why you attempt to control something other than yourself by saying, “I’m better, here’s why- now do what I say.” This is proof that you truly have not evolved in an upward motion. Evolution as well as science has shown that European genes are recessive compared to Afrocentric genes. Over a few generations of “mixing” (as you put it) your
      “superior so-called” gene would fall like superman does to kryptonite. Lastly, a being that has evolved fully understands that “reality” is determined by somebody else but the “actuality” is determined by the individual, so if you have these types of feelings I have no doubt you have evolved but I beg to ask in which direction? All things evolve and you seem to have evolved into something without any intellect nor integrity towards the beauty of life. Hatred is taught, so I blame you for being as old as you are and not figuring life out yet and your parent for being a bunch of clueless people and passing to torch of stupidity to the next generation.

      • Pops

        Intelligence is not just about melanin. That’s a very simplistic viewpoint. There are DNA differences between all races on planet earth. Intelligence levels in different races is frowned upon yet has been scientifically proven in dozens of studies. Ancient Egyptians were not Sub-Saharan negroids as much as the African American propaganda may tell you. Racial differences must not be covered up but embraced by society so we can know the truth and stop being lied to. History shows where intelligence lies, and it is sad to say, it does not lie in Africa which may be the cradle of humanity but that is where it stops. Humans evolved once they left Africa. Those who remained had no reason to evolve.

        A review of the world literature on brain size and IQ by Rushton [Rushton, J. P. (1995). Race, evolution, and behavior: a life history perspective. New Brunswick, NJ: Transaction] found that African-descended people (Blacks) average cranial capacities of 1267 cm3, European-descended people (Whites) 1347 cm3, and East Asian-descended people (East Asians) 1364 cm3. These brain size differences, containing millions of brain cells and hundreds of millions of synapses, were hypothesized to underlie the race differences on IQ tests, in which Blacks average an IQ of 85, Whites 100, and East Asians 106.

        • DelMar

          That’s what the CDC website says also. An IQ of 70 is considered mentally retarded. An average IQ of 90 is necessary to maintain a civilized society. Do the math.

        • Allison Crawford

          Idiot, race is not real! It is a societal construct! No difference in DNA among races!!! Stop lying and come into the real world!!! I know this because my I Q is much higher than your and I read!!!!

          • peter

            You can’t even write a sentence using the correct grammar. Race is made up of genetic differences. For example black people have the lowest IQ out of all races and suffer from sickle cell. They are good runners though due to their genetic makeup. They run faster than white people but that’s about it.

      • Educating morons

        If you are referencing Ancient Egyptians as black culture you are wrong. They were not Sub Saharan negroes they were similar to modern day Libyans. African blacks live in mud huts not because they do not want to live like white Europeans but because they do not have the technology/materials or brain power to create complicated architecture. Black people are technologically inferior and this mainly due to their low IQ and brain mass. European white people are vastly superior in technology and their genetic brain power. Give it up. You blacks are pathetic.

        • iriesounds11

          Just how stupid are you, the color of person’s skin has nothing to do with a person’s intelligence. If you weren’t so ignorant, than you would know that.

          • Educating morons

            If you read what I wrote properly, nowhere does it say the color of skin dictates intelligence. You are obviously an idiot. Some Sri Lankans are as dark as Africans yet they possess superior brain power and intelligence. The genetic makeup of African people despite their sking color is what I am talking about. Different genes. DNA makeup dictates intelligence not skin color.

        • momo


        • BellaRN

          Two words… “Hidden Figures”. Now look it up! Technologically inferior, child bye! 🤔

    • Allison Crawford

      Uhh dude blacks are the only true homosapiens on the planet today! Whites are not because of the Neanderthal mix. Several studies are out about this. Stop perpetrating a lie! They provide this info with the caveat, that doesn’t make us a lesser people, but I guess that’s an opinion
      , like the lie you just told!!!

  • Steven Lashley

    When your skin is the color of dooky, you have to make up all kinds of fantasies to make you feel good about yourself.

  • Beatrice DuPont

    You are an ignorant insecure jerk.
    Proof That All Races Came From Black People

    • Matilda

      White folk evolved. Why not black ppl?

      • Beatrice DuPont

        Black people evolved first. Other ethnic groups evolved in response to environmental and climatic changes as people moved out of Africa and settled in different areas.

        • Allison Crawford

          That is not true. Whites came from Neanderthals, different evolution. Blacks are the only homosapiens on the planet. This is why they have recessive traits such as light skin and eyes they lived in caves while blacks were creating empires! Bruttish nature , explained!!

          • Faith Hope

            Neanderthals are mutants due to interbreeding (sister
            & brother…daughter and father…son and mother. etc.) among
            albinos. Albinos (white people) are the water down product of black people in hair
            texture, light eye color, pale skin, reproductive organs…etc. If there
            is no mixing with people of color, caucasians will eventually become
            extinct, like the neanderthal, due to the sun and its radiation and UV
            rays. For survival, it is necessary, especially during these days with incredible solar flares and such, to mix with people of color… And, the DARKER the better.

  • Beatrice DuPont

    Scientists Find A DNA Change That Accounts For White Skin


  • Jaquanda Johnson

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  • Ashanti


    BLACK HISTORY MONTH MOFOS! Without blacks there would not be any technoligy, no electricity, no shoes and we invented all things you white asses do now. Watch this an weepe fools!

    • Diana Garza

      so, with all these wonderful technological advances, giving proper credit where it is rightfully due, CAN’T YOU AT LEAST LEARN TO SPELL CORRECTLY!!!

    • Darren

      Blacks never invented computers or cell phones or game consoles.

    • DelMar

      Yeah right. If I need some peanut butter or a stop light I’ll give ya a call.

      • momo


        • saavy_one

          Latino American Month – mid-September through mid-October

          Asian American Month – April

          Native American Month – November

          Just for your information…

          • momo

            nope i didnt know that because you never hear anything about it, why isnt it a big deal like , black ppl month???? Why isnt on TY, social Media, newspapers Tv specials, etc, wheres the T-shirts??????

          • saavy_one

            Black history month tends to be more noticed because it was probably first. However, there are many things that happen and commercials that are done to celebrate these months. Also, some national sports commemorate people from these groups who’ve significantly contributed to the sport. It’s there if people are interested in knowing, just like anything else.

  • Trixie Tuesdays

    Aren’t all people apes?

  • Uhuru War

    Say dat to my face boy. I dare you.

  • Joseph

    Are black peoples cursed? I was at my Mormon church and my minister say that being black is a curse from God. Theyre called Lamanites.

    • Uhuru War

      Yo nigga ass needs some educating. Ima tell yo this .. White folk are from the devil they satans spawn. It wuz wriiten in da Bible it self.

      2 Corinthians 11:14
      And no wonder, for even Satan disguises himself as an angel of light.

      Matthew 23:27
      “Woe to you, scribes and Pharisees, hypocrites! For you are like
      whitewashed tombs, which outwardly appear beautiful, but within are full
      of dead people’s bones and all uncleanness.

      Joel 2:6
      Before them peoples are in anguish; all faces grow pale.

      • marion

        cra cray lmao

    • SenorCovert

      Mormons used to actually believe this. From the days of Brigham Young, until the church changed their position on it with the “1978 Revelation of Priesthood”. if you truly are mormon, your minister must be rather old if he’s still preaching that rather than the “updated” version. Oddly enough Joseph Smith had none of these issues, they were instated by his successor, Brigham Young.

      • DelMar

        Having 7 wives is what kept Brigham Young.

    • kerry

      you need to stay outta that church my guy because somebody have told you wrong!!!

    • DelMar

      They are cursed but the different races were created by aliens from different planets.

    • Allison Crawford

      The Mormon church is a cult and the blacks in it need to get the he’ll out!!!

    • saavy_one

      No, this is a misnomer. Blacks are not cursed. It was Caanan, Ham’s son, who was cursed, not Ham himself.

  • Pizzazz
  • Duende Brooks
  • Duende Brooks

    What?!? Private prisons suing states for millions if they don’t stay full

  • Duende Brooks

    Slavery never ended, go back 13th amendment ” Constitution declared that “Neither slavery nor involuntary servitude,
    except as a punishment for crime whereof the party shall have been duly

  • Pops
  • Pops

    We all need to calm down. People need to understand there are fundamental differences between African genetic peoples and whites and Asians but we are all at the end of the day part of the human race. We should embrace our differences yet come together and not fight.

    • Allison Crawford

      Blacks are the least hairy people on the planet, so your statements are laughable!!! Who has long stringy hair, dude !!!

    • momo

      DONT EVEN TRY, these are just hateful, stupid people they gonna hate you no matter what you say or do

  • Pops

    Blacks were never kings and queens of Egypt. The blacks were used as slaves for moving heavy objects. Any archaeologist would verify that fact through carbon analysis.

    • king james

      do you even know what carbon analysis is. the fact that Archaelogist in the past have said black people were kings and queens of egypt must have no relevance in your book. There is not one that would say they are white. europeans could not live in those extreme conditions, have you never heard of skin cancer? your bodys are not acoustomed to living in those heats, even the people who are living in the land are not accoustomed to the heat, they still have yet to evolved into beings who can live predominately in the sun… so befor the empire of egypt were build befor the pyrimids, the first inhabitants where and had to be black. i say this with logic, if white people are a mixture of acient africans, it should be noted befor the even came down from the mountaisn black people went up there to meet them. thefore black people would have selttle on every land the reached befor they got to where the europeans lived as the migration would have not takens a day. so they were the first to have kings and queens because, they were the first man, europeans were not the first man, ask any geneolgist. this is just fact… why are you so mad black people have a history. negus means king or queen black king or queen, weve been doing this since the begging stop hating

    • Uhuru War

      How bout I move a heavy object on yo head?????

    • Allison Crawford

      We ran Africa, Europe and the Mediterranean before whites came. We developed civilization!

    • momo

      dont waste your time

  • R. Lansing

    Egyptians were never Nubians. Dr Cheik Diop is a phoney that no one apart from blacks take seriously.

  • Ruiz James

    In 1975, the mummy of Ramesses II was taken to France for preservation. The mummy was also forensically tested by Professor Pierre-Fernand Ceccaldi, the chief forensic scientist at the Criminal Identification Laboratory of Paris. Professor Ceccaldi determined that: “Hair, astonishingly preserved, showed some complementary data – especially about pigmentation: Ramses II was a Red haired ‘cymnotriche leucoderma’.” The description given here refers to a fair-skinned person with wavy Red hair.

    Ceccaldi, Pierre (1987). “Research on the Mummy of Ramasses II”. Bulletin de l’Academie de médecine. 171:1 (1): 119.

    • king james

      that wholes statement was written by Karl Earlson. He is a notorious Nordocentrist. there is no fact that this information you have given me is correct, firstly the samples of hair they got from the hair roots where from his child hood which from doing a science project on hair follicles when i was younger and also know from drug test ect the rate at which hair follicle create new hair each time the hair is cut it would be inposible to look at a 90 year old corps and get a hair sample from it from when he was a child, that in it self dose not even make sense when you think how small a hair folicle is, that it would store hair from each stage of your life. however his normal strand of hair from his adult life was not red, it had been dyed and changed colour in henna, which is a proven fact…


      • Lestat

        Cite your sources. I smell bullsh*t. Posting some dumbass YouTube video made by some kid in their bedroom is not actual scientific evidence.

        • king james

          ok “bro” considering the use of https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qi0IRivzlNM that video i have given all evidence that is needed, and he has cited all his work and he is a dr in his field something that you and i are both not. he shows the ethinicitys of acient egyptians and gives proof im not gonna answer both of your msg sepreatly because thats long. so to end this discussion. you are wrong and i am right and the best mind of the world agree with us.. have a nice day

  • #KOT

    White people are more primitive than black people in terms of genetic construction…

    • Pops

      That is not helpful to any conversation particularly if you cite no facts to back up your argument.

      • KJ

        so you reply to what this man said but not to the previous racist comment that was made before this? You sir are a hypocrite smh

  • R.Lansing

    Ancient Egyptians were not negroid Nubians. The Nubians were used as slaves to build the pyramids.

    Together, the pictorial and written sources indicate most often four broad divisions of human beings, as in the Underworld Books (in tombs of kings in the New Kingdom):

    – Egyptians
    – those living to the south (Nubians and others)
    – those living to the west (western nomads, ‘Libyans’ in the sense of anyone living west of the Nile and south of the Mediterranean)
    – those living to the east (Asiatics)


    • Allison Crawford

      Egypt was one country and was a black civilization!!! Stop lying!!!

      • momo


  • king james

    is it now, humm without even reading your website bull, i will point you to the fact that neanderthals (apes) genes are in only non black people. i rest my case. white people look more like apes also thin lips, same hair, same shaped head

    • Eliphias Levite

      Black people are not Homo Sapiens but are close relatives to the primitive Homo ergaster (African Homo erectus). They have evolved little from the primitive with a smaller cranial cavity and features still ape like. 1.9 million years is a long time not to evolve and although there have been minor changes, not much evolution has taken place. Whereas the other branches of human evolved in Europe, Middle East and Asia, Africa has always stayed the same.


  • Jacko

    Love your grip on the English language. Pity is, you didn’t learn the polite bits…..Get a looser grip on yourself, you’ll go blind.

  • Maelstrom_19

    You may be a bit a racist. Yes?

  • Duende Brooks
  • Duende Brooks
  • Duende Brooks

    You don’t’ understand IQ test do you. Of course I am not responsible for what you weren’t taught. The only forging is what Europeans did.

  • Carlata

    While you whitey was in caves blacks were making the pyramids. We invented science medicine and technology. Our cultures were advancened by our scientists. Ancient Egyptins were all black and many Hebrews were black. Jesus our Lord had negroid hair and dark skin he was not white like all y’all paintings. This is rele black history and you whitey rewrote your way but no thrth in your history books.

    • Uhuru War

      Peace up sista.

    • Maelstrom_19

      “whitey”? Does that mean that you may be “blackie”?

  • Michelle

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    • Maelstrom_19

      You may be a bit a racist. Yes?

  • Duende Brooks

    I am not responsible for what you been taught which are lies and half truths.You just don’t want to feel stupid, so teah go ahead and stop.

  • Duende Brooks

    We are not responsible for the truths that are held from you.

  • Dwayne

    Where stats at? Yo talkin trash nigga/

    Abe Lincoln had fuzzy hair. Thas prof for me.

  • Duende Brooks

    According to who? Jealous much or have you been watching too much white news?

  • anonymous

    This is all fabricated just search Institute of Historical Science its not connected to Harvard at all its not even in the states its in the czech republic it studies history and the preservation of monuments and has never been connected to harvard in anyway.

  • Nazz6

    Yall know why Abrahama Lincoln was black becuz he was the best president. Obama is the second black prez and look what he done to the U.S. he made it great once again. God bless Obama! Thank you sir for your service.

  • Shariz

    Im soo happy that Lincoln had a better black half. Shows cuz he as Americas best prez. Black is best whitey weep when the no the truth.

    • Thunderboy1

      Blacks have always been inferior to Anglos and always will be. Look around, asshat. Where on this blue planet is there a world super power that has a totally black population?
      Now look around again. Look at every ghetto, every slum, every third world nation that has corrupt government and people dying of starvation. How many of them are Anglo nations? None, because they’re all nations populated by people of color. Sorry you’re so inferior, but that’s how you’re made. Learn to live with it, because that ain’t ever going to change.

  • Aldrid

    White folk are dangeros they come to countrys and murder, rape ppl. One day it gonna bite them on the a$$. You wait n see.

  • Jim

    Why are black people so violent?

    • Rhea Jones

      Same reason white people are! Look at history fool ,every race, creed , nationality and country has some sort of violent history! Get some diversity training ! In short blacks aren’t the least bit more pugnacious than any other race, we’re just sick off idoits like you!

      • Thunderboy1

        That’s totally false, Black on black crime around the world is the highest among all the races. That’s an indisputable fact.

    • Aldrid

      White ppl more violeint then any otha ppl. Who created all the wars? Who enslavend black Africans? Who made all the guns? It sure wont blacks.

      • anonymous

        Who created all the wars? humankind not white people who enslaved blacks? Africans already enslaved each other then sold those slaves to europeans who made all the guns originally the Chinese invented gunpowder then the europeans made the guns none of this falls solely on whites you idiotic racist asshole

        • ManOfSteel

          He just said that it sure wasn’t Blacks not that it was all white people. But I see you didn’t have a problem with the original comment about blacks. We see who the racists are

      • Maelstrom_19

        All races are violent. The race/society with the most technology has the greatest capacity to kill more people.

  • Duende Brooks

    Education was universal in Moorish Spain, available to the most humble,
    while 99% of Christian Europe was illiterate–not even the kings could
    read or write. In the tenth and eleventh centuries, public libraries did
    not exist in Christian Europe, while Moorish Spain had more than
    seventy, of which the one in Cordoba contained over six hundred thousand
    manuscripts. There were more than seventeen great universities in
    Moorish Spain, while Christian Europe had only two universities of any
    value. White people should be thanking moors for Introducing europe to
    soap and water. Science and math. You ungrateful bastards

  • jafro

    niggaz b talkin dat we’z cum from ancint egyptinz. I red sum book bout it once. Tutinkmuin wuz a nigga so wuz Cleopetrs. If u cracker hoes wunt 2 disput did fact cum see me ill b da nigga wit da 9mm.

    • Duende Brooks

      I am not sure what you said what the people in America call “African Americans” are the real Indians of America.

      • Thunderboy1

        Ha! The “real Indians”? What a joke. They were called “Indians” because Columbus THOUGHT he was in the West Indies when he encountered the natives of this land. The native Americans were never part of the West Indies. Calling them ‘Indians’ only shows your gross ignorance.

        • Duende Brooks

          What in the h is you talking about ? The West Indies is America. From Green land all the way to the tip of South America is America-one continent. However, India is not India’s real name. India means black.
          and Hindustan was the names of the current India. After they called the copper colored people they found in
          America Indian they conquered India and got her to change her name. So no , he didn’t think he was in India. Joke right? The stuff they teach in school is a joke and leave people like you remaining ignorant with the audacity to leave silly comments like the one you did.

          • trapster

            “What in the h is you talking about ?”

            I rest my case.

          • Duende Brooks

            what you want me to say are? No, I pick what I want but for the most part you didn’t bring anything to the table. When you lacking knowledge and feel defeated pull straws by ” trying” to attack grammar which is nugatory at best.

          • Thunderboy1

            I never said Columbus thought he was in India, public school.
            Please tell me you understand that India and West Indies are two totally different places on this planet.

          • Duende Brooks

            Do you not understand? How can you look for country whose name is not India.

            India’s real names before India- Bharat
            and Hindustan was the names of the current India
            Beyond the reality that the indigenous peoples of, “India”, did not refer to their domains as such, even at the time of the infamous “Columbus”, the name India was not in use until the 16th century.

            As seen and stated by its own people, “India”- has been called Bharat even in Satya yuga ( Golden Age ) The name `India’ is derived [by later invading entities] from the River Indus, the valleys around which were the home of the early settlers. The original [Pre-Christian] Aryan celebrants referred to the river Indus as the Sindhu.

            Persian invaders converted it into Hindu. The name `Hindustan’ combines Sindhu and Hindu and thus freely infers, the “land of the Hindus”. Thus, at the “time of Columbus “India” was known by the by the Persian epithet; variously; Hindus & Hindustan”.

            No country, land, sea or people in the world were named “India” prior to 1492.

          • Deeznuts

            no way Lincoln was a spear chucking monkey

          • Duende Brooks

            On the other hand Negroes were already here and no, negro doesn’t mean you are from Africa. So yeah, Lincoln mom’s ancestors carried Bow and arrows and tomahawks.

          • Duende Brooks

            you want to play monkey games

          • Duende Brooks


          • Duende Brooks


          • Deeznuts


          • Duende Brooks

            I think spears was obsolete during Lincoln’s era in his area

          • Duende Brooks

            White people(Europeans) actions summed up.

        • Duende Brooks

          Oh and Thunderboy, boy means servant.

          boy (n.) mid-13c., boie “servant, commoner, knave, boy,” of unknown origin.


          • Thunderboy1

            Thunderboy was the name of my awesome dog who died fighting to protect the ones he loved. He was a miniature pinscher who courageously attacked a black lab that was attacking one of our children. He gave his life for her and stopped the attack. He paid the ultimate price for his family. Once again, you have shown your gross ignorance with your idiotic post. Attempting to seem intelligent will get you every time. ‘Thunderboy’ does not mean ‘servant’, you dolt.

          • Duende Brooks

            Again Boy means servant boy (n.) mid-13c., boie “servant, commoner, knave, boy,” of unknown origin.

    • Rhea Jones

      Baby just be quiet!

    • Emily

      Maybe if you could spell correctly then I would take you seriously, SMH

  • Read this quote from Abraham Lincoln and tell me what you all think? Was he hating on his own half black race?

    “I will say then that I am not, nor ever have been in favor of bringing about in anyway the social and political equality of the white and black races – that I am not nor ever have been in favor of making voters or jurors of negroes, nor of qualifying them to hold office, nor to intermarry with white people; and I will say in addition to this that there is a physical difference between the white and black races which I believe will forever forbid the two races living together on terms of social and political equality. And inasmuch as they cannot so live, while they do remain together there must be the position of superior and inferior, and I as much as any other man am in favor of having the superior position assigned to the white race. I say upon this occasion I do not perceive that because the white man is to have the superior position the negro should be denied everything.”


    Abraham Lincoln
    (1809-1865) 16th US President

    Fourth Debate with Stephen A. Douglas at Charleston, Illinois, September 18, 1858
    (The Collected Works of Abraham Lincoln edited by Roy P. Basler, Volume III, pp. 145-146.)

    • Uhuru War


      • Aldrid

        Amen brotha!!!!

    • Duende Brooks

      There was white slaves at that time too people just propagandize negro slavery in the south although there was still white slaves in the north and south and Im not talking about indentured. All Negroes wasn’t slaves.

      • trapster

        “There was white slaves at that time too people”

        “there was still white slaves in the north”

        “All Negroes wasn’t slaves.”

        You’re quite the historian aren’t you?

    • Rhea Jones

      I think the reason this statement was made , was to quench some of the racial tensions in America at that time. Lincoln couldn’t tell white southern Americans that he was ending slavery and giving slaves the same rights as other citizens all at once! Can you image the serious civil unrest that would’ve caused?! We were already fighting a war over it! Lincoln lost his life over it! There’s only so much progress one man can make, maybe it was up to the rest of to push the issue forward!! Since you’re intelligent enough to accurately cite your sources , next time do a little critical thinking and answer your own question before you go to such trouble.

    • Lestat

      I agree with Abraham Lincoln. Two completely different species cannot and will never coexist peacefully together, especially when one of them has a markedly lower IQ inbuilt into their DNA and genetic structure.

      • jim

        Not true but okay.

      • ManOfSteel

        No…I think white people can be just as smart as black people. They have potential

      • Duende Brooks

        Must be talking about whites.

        • Deputy
          • Duende Brooks

            There’s are lot of magic going on, don’t fool your self.

          • Deeznuts

            its sad they’re lowering the standards for everyone.

          • Duende Brooks

            public libraries in Europe were non-existent, while Moorish Spain could boast of more than 70,

            So when did white people get educated after the moors taught you all how to take baths?

          • Deeznuts

            you know the moors were Arabian. Modern day Algerians

          • Duende Brooks

            Like this or should I get some more pictures…

          • Deeznuts

            yea but put up picture of Iraqis and Iranians. Are they black?NO. Those are the descendants of the Mesopotamian and the Sumerians the creators of civilization. The first with written language and to use math. These civilizations were flowering way before Egyptians. They brought down the knowledge to the region along with themselves. That is the fundamental truth that you deny. That the same people that live there today have lived there all their lives. Prove to me there was a genocide of black Africans in Egypt. Where is that black population today? You blind yourself with Afrocentric racism, bullshit for the “man” to continue to control you like he has done for years and years before. Tell me if black people are so proud of being black why are they always so happy to be with a white women. Even with white father happy about it there should be no reason to get “back”. If your’e so proud why do you look to be with white women?

          • Duende Brooks

            I really hate to tear your post apart because you clearly believe in the out of Africa theory but anyway.

            are not indebted to either ancient Egypt for either Religion or
            Masonry, but to America. In America, re-discovered in the fifteenth
            century and re-populated in the seventeenth, was re covered Egypt and
            the promised land, or the land of the constellation
            of the Eagle.”It is a fact that at Memphis, Egypt, in the Pyramids,
            under the guidance of the Kings, the Mystic Rites of Masonry were worked
            many thousands of years ago, but at that time Egypt and the continent
            of America were one and the same.
            America (known to the
            Mystic as Atlantis), when this ruin befel, was the seat of the greatest
            em-pire that has ever existed, and its irresistible armies were
            terrorizing all Europe and Asia.
            When, following the
            course of the constellations, those immovably and perpetually fastened
            upon America are reached, it will appear that, while all that is sublime
            in the historic past centers upon Egypt, all that is sublime in the
            prehistoric past centers upon
            America (Atlantis) ; and
            as the curtain which has hitherto concealed the prehistoric connection
            between the peoples of ancient Egypt and of America, is lifted, it will
            be seen that, the people of the Eagle on the Nile being descended from
            the original people of the Eagle on this Continent, the twain are one,
            and that prehistoric America was the Original Egypt or Eagleland, prior
            to the mighty dispensation* in the days of Peleg, when the earth was
            divided, and the great globe itself was nearly rent asunder.
            Agassiz: “First born among continents, America has been falsely
            denominated the New World. Hers was the first dry land lifted out of the
            “Waters, hers was the first shore washed by the ocean that enveloped
            all the earth besides; and while Europe was represented only by islands
            rising here and there above the sea, America (Atlantis) already
            stretched in an unbroken line of land from Nova Scotia to the far West.”
            Of this there can be no doubt. The Pyramids were built by Atlantians long centuries before Egypt was a civilized
            Why then were they built in Egypt instead of on some part of what is
            now America? Because Egypt was then the center of the earth and the
            Atlantians with their vast knowledge sought the center, for that will
            stand as long as time.
            “Ancient Mystic Oriental Masonry” by Swineburn Clymer ”

            Supporting this migration tradition, Diodorus of Sicily writes: “The
            Egyptians were strangers, who, in remote times, settled on the banks of
            the Nile, bringing with them the civilization of their mother country
            [Atlantis?], the art of writing, and a polished language. They had come
            from the direction of the setting sun [the far West] and were the most
            ancient of men.” (Library of History)

          • Deeznuts

            Why would you copy someone else post. Cris Junior? why its just babble like give me hard evidence that africans had ship that were able to cross oceans. Give me evidence they had bows and arrows. They never had a bronze age. the written language was from the middle east. the first civilizations were also from there.

          • Duende Brooks

            Ass hole that’s out the book and the tablet, try doing more -better research.How do you know that Cris was the original poster ???? Cris isn’t the only one who uses that. You really not getting that we are not Africans are you? Of course not because you been indoctrinate with lies.

          • Duende Brooks

            Graduated from college with their Master’s Degree at the age of 22. Can this get acknowledged????? Both of them!!!!So much negative stuff we hear. How about something” positive”!!! Darion and Varion Walton. Darion ChurchBoy Walton Varion Walton.

          • Duende Brooks

            These Phenomenal Splendid Black Women have all Graduated from Harvard Law School!

          • Bill

            They’re part of the year’s quota. Dumbed down exams for these affirmative action ladies.

          • Duende Brooks

            We don’t need your opinion we need facts.

          • Deeznuts

            wow this is disturbing look how many spots have been taken and given to these black girls. I wonder how much lower are the standards today to keep these chimps in school.

          • Duende Brooks

            There were plenty wall streets in Americas but white people like you got jealous and demolished them. Now you bring me facts that their test standards wee lowered.

          • Deeznuts
          • Duende Brooks

            That’s not evidence, If i had time I’ll tear that to pieces like everything else you all like to bring up

          • Duende Brooks
          • Duende Brooks

            I can fill this up and never stop. We are not responsible for what the media reports and what they don’t report.

          • Deeznuts

            yea right, bullshit, there have historically no account of black genius then all of a sudden

          • Duende Brooks

            We are not responsible for what school books, TV and news promulgate to the mass.and, Oh, if you didn’t know that then you didn’t know the Indians are “black”. The ones you see on TV and the reservations are mix… or not

        • Deeznuts

          Don’t believe the hype. Its media manipulation.

          • Duende Brooks

            Yeah, that is what I am trying to tell you, Don’t believe what the media tell you, we are smarter and did more in history than what the media say.

      • Duende Brooks

        However, you don’t understand IQ.

        • trapster

          Neither do you. All your sentences are grammatically incorrect.

          • Duende Brooks

            You don’t know or you wouldn’t be throwing IQ around There are more
            than one type of intelligence and there are other things to factor in. I
            can keep going on but for what? To educate someone who think they know?

            “The anthropologists had proved there was no superior race.”
            ” there are no superior or inferior races”
            You got the point.

            English is a ordure language that’s at the bottom of the barrel. Latin didn’t come from us but we owned it.
            it was the Europeans that lower it
            (lower latin LL) and vulgarized it (Vulgarized latin VL) and down the
            line English stemmed from that, so we can rough it up however we want to- it came
            us. English is the tantamount of someone throwing ordure on the wall
            and whatever stuck on the wall it became English. You must never read
            literature if you think there is a such thing as perfect English. White people ( Europeans and their children)
            and sheep try to make English seem superior. Something that is
            constantly dropping and changing isn’t perfect. We can spell and speak
            language however we want. We can open this trash up, we can split it, we
            can remix this garbage however we want too. Anytime a melanin rich person
            speaks English just know its correct. No matter what was said or how it
            was said.

  • Lestat

    Sorry to break the news to you but the Moors were not negroid. Here is a picture of Castillian ambassadors attempting to convince Moorish Almohad king Abu Hafs Umar al-Murtada to join their alliance. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Moors#/media/File:Castillia.jpg Certainly they had negro slaves. The ancient Egyptians were definitely not negro as can be seen from this relief: http://i0.wp.com/www.ambrosekane.com/wp-content/uploads/2014/05/Egyptians-1.jpg Sub-Saharan Africans were used as slaves for heavy lifting to build monuments and pyramids. King Tutankhamen’s DNA is R1b1a2, that is rare in modern Egypt but common in western Europeans. Ancient Egyptians were not negro.

    • Uhuru War

      wtf did i read dat rite?u say negroid wtf dat? Lemme tell u sumthing u talk to me lik dat to my face bitch. I dare u!

    • DaC

      Why becuz you say so?
      You need to research why Napoleon took his weapon and defaced the Epygtian monuments thru-out his travels as qwell as many other French exhibitors.. it is daid he was disturbed to learn these DARK SKINNED africans with negroid features, were far more intelligent than so called europeans.. far more advance in everyway, the MOORS depictions in particular… but its dabatable as to why Napoleon actually did this
      The Bergers (muslims) came with many complexions mistaken as the Moors on many occasion.. from a dark to light hue complexion.
      There’s evidence all over Europe from Spain to Germany to Denmark who the Moors were upon depicted monuments acknowledging, thru paintings, several BusT showing Moor’s KINGS and QUEENS with other european diginitaries who respected the MOORS as SUCH, mainly in ROME. Plenty with negroid facial featured and wooly textured hair. Plenty of BUST all over europe especially in the museums of europe.. With MOOR history reaching well up into DENMARK.. actually BEFORE the catholic inception who tried to commit racial genoicde, to erase any and everything in history related to the MOOR EMPIRE that span for 700 years and all evidence thereafter…
      I find it very bias and suspect of you to only list as your reference, based upon your impartial bias preference. When its evident with further research, dictates overwhelmingly what I’ve stated earlier.. there’s several digital data links to this as merit fact..
      I have no need to post a link here as evidence to this on my behalf:, anyone can research the Moor Empire on their own and witness historic photos, writings located thru out Europe, duly noted in museums, etc,I know this, becuz I’ve been all over Europe and north african(Luxor) many times and witnessed such evidence depicted whom the MOORS and Egyptians actually WERE as a people., Most educated people of history KNOW the MOORS for the most part where Negroid facial featured people..an advance people who help put what is now Spain on the map by increasing Spain’s commerce thru of said era. The MOORS were feared in general a negroid people by other groups of people of said era, for their intelligence to create trade commerce, their immensed over all powerful military stance until the expansion of the Catholic Inception which brought down the MOOR Empire.
      The Egyptians were also NON european , nor arab.. again the Egyptians were very clear in stating who they were as a people found in their writings time after time This info is easily noted NOW due to digital data.. the Egyptians wrote and used terms such noting their complexion, using terms as ebony skin , hair texture soft like wool cotton (crowrows which is inherently an african cultural trait and custom commonly known and found nowhere else but with negroid people of SAID era before the Egyptians who were known for this and still after the Egyptians of said era.. I could go on and on.. but why should I? The data and reference is their UNBIASEDLY.

    • Duende Brooks

      The moors was negroid

    • Duende Brooks
    • Duende Brooks
  • Ventura67

    Negroes lack a certain gene called “FYA” which separates them from other races so some scientists still say they are a type of ape hominid.

    • Daniel

      A lot of them lack common sense too..

      • Uhuru War


        • Daniel

          Hi there I’m from Salford in UK. I would love to fly over to New York haven’t been there yet. Maybe you can show me the sights. I have always wanted to go to the Big Apple as you guys call it.

        • hal9000


    • Duende Brooks

      I guess you pull that information straight out your butt hole.

    • Dorlee KellAM

      LOL. Too funny. I guess that explains everything

    • Darlene

      No,dummy.The people of the Most High was created and sanctified by GOD. We as his Chosen People are not as you gentiles.Your own god-spell tell you who your are in Matthew 8:44; TRY READING SOME TIME!

  • Linda Rules


  • Linda Rules


  • Linda Rules


  • STU


    • Uhuru War

      PEACE UP

    • Duende Brooks

      Wrong, stop spreading them white people lies, The people they call “African Americans” are the real Indians of America

  • just this once

    oh come now, Some form of Czech or Russian, but black?

    • Uhuru War


  • A. Dent

    You only have to look at the continent of Africa to see the parity in races across the earth and how they have not developed over time. South Africa was developed and was the only place in Africa that evolved until the the end of apartheid which took away any progress. Africans in America are a scourge on cities which once flourished the Africans infest every area they colonize and cause white flight wherever they go, destroying everything that was once beautiful and efficient. History is the answer to the difference in races and no it is not just about color. Blacks have many differences physically and mentally to whites. Their bone structure, their brains are totally different. I was speaking to a surgeon friend of mine and he agrees, he says blacks are inferior in many ways and he is a brain surgeon. They are lazy, violent and unintelligent in the whole. Sure we gotta few blacks who have gotten themselves in places of power but they were put there for a reason and it was not because of merit.

    • tye

      So how do you explain Black surgeons like Ben Carson ? Or black economists like Thomas Sowell ? I would name many other self-made black intellectuals, entrepreneurs, and so on, but I realize it wouldn’t be worth it to waste my time and energy on an ignorant low intelligent fool such as yourself.

      • A. Dent

        Affirmative action anomalies.

        • tye

          Are you kidding. Black men like them would’ve attain their levels of success and position regardless, with or without the assistance of Affirmative action. It’s called hard work, intelligence, and persistence something your ignorant self doesn’t know about it.

          And you have some nerve to bring up Affirmative Action.

          Shall I remind you that – whites have been the Largest beneficiaries of State sanctioned freebies! ….From stolen land, to free dehumanizing labor all through to the Homestead Act of 1862, GI bill of 1934; handouts whose only qualification was that you were White!!
          Later segregation and Jim Crow laws to ensure that whites not only got top pickings of the land but they would have no competition for the best schools, healthcare, jobs, policing, justice and housing!

          As a result of White Affirmative Action; white households TODAY have 22 times the wealth of black households, 14 times of Latino and 8 times that of Asian households! In other words since racism has losers (minorities) it conversely has winners (whites).

          • A. Dent

            You’re only concentrating on America. If you read my first comment it clearly states that I am speaking globally over all races, not just whites, but all races, throughout history.
            Where is Africa today? Nowhere. That is the epitomy of the black race. If it wasn’t for whites some parts of Africa would not have anything. People still live in mud huts. They just have not evolved. IQ levels in people of African descent are 20-40 points below every other race on the planet. Why? Well it is genetic, and people have darn well tried to help them but if the machinery is not there then nothing can be done. Nobel Laureate, Dr James Watson was right about blacks being backward and insufficient in the brain department…even blacks agree with him. http://allafrica.com/stories/200710250639.html

          • tye

            I love how imbeciles like you always deflect the attention away and direct it towards Africa. A nation which has been economically enslaved and exploited for hundreds of years. Blacks don’t even control Africa, Africa has been bought out and raped by Central Bankers elitist for the longest. White countries get a lot of their resources from Africa. Africa literally FED the whole world, and in return it gets sucked dry by corporations leaving millions in starvation and causing millions of malnourished mother’s to conceive malnourished children with underdeveloped brains due to generations of famine which has had a generational impact on IQ.

            But whenever Africans are put in a fruitful environment conducive to advancing & learning, and education is valued. Africans like Nigerians for example, excel in academics far exceeding whites, and every other race, toe to toe with asians especially in America. This whole “black people are less intelligent” nonsense is a flawed generalization created by the very same people that rape Africa for every drip of resources they can find.

            Funny how, whenever there has been an attempt throughout history by African organizations or an African powerful leader to liberate Africa and create their “own” economic system based on their “own” resources, WITHOUT western influence involvement. These same organizations/leaders are always quickly assassinated or destabilized.

            A “Empowered” Africa has always been feared as a major threat to white nations. And it’s pretty obvious why, if you look at the massive potential of the nation.

            I will no longer entertain your ignorance.

          • A. Dent

            Africa is not a nation, it is a continent. You are obviously quite uneducated and ignorant. Your unintelligent prose and linguistic simplicity does not fare well for your argument. Again like most of your kind you want everything given to you on a platter, it is owed to you and you have the usual blameless DINDUNUFFING attitude. If it were not for the White man there would not be any asphalt roads in Africa or electricity in some places. Look at the Romans they had a highly advanced civilization 2500 years ago and whole populations still living in mud huts in today. The continent of Africa is no threat to any white nation because they’re too busy killing each other what with war, ebola and AIDS.

          • tye

            I meant “nation” as a large aggregated body of Africans/motherland of the black race. It was not supposed to be taken in literal form as “country”, since it’s obviously not-apparently you weren’t smart enough to realize that. And where did I say that we should get everything given to us ? Although White nations stealing and killing millions in the middle east isn’t any better.

            Africa is, and always has been a threat to white nations. White nations assassinating any Africans or organizations attempting to create their own “”resource based” economic system proves their fear of African empowerment because it will completely shift the power structure in the world, and America’s federal reserve ponzi scheme would collapse.

            No wonder, America’s unconstitutional agencies like the CIA have always been linked to every War, Ebola, and AIDS epidemic to suppress people of color…These western nations create the destruction of humanity. It’s hilarious to watch American media…I remember when they were blowing up the ebola situation completely out of proportion, to put fear in stupid Americans and further dehumanize Africa..then all sudden that hype of Ebola disappeared overnight from the media “poof” vanish..lmfao..talk about man-made creation “to control”. It’s hilarious to see how easily white Americans get brainwashed by their controlled media. Ebola, AIDS, etc..All White Western biological controlled weapons, using Africa as a test experiment. Even white scientists have attest to this…

            I’ll seriously leave you alone now ! The more I respond back to your comments, the more I realize how delusional and ignorant you truly are.

          • A. Dent

            Please show solid proof that the CIA were the cause of AIDS, Ebola etc? That is a very serious accusation so you should back it up.

          • aldrin

            Yeah we got proof look in yo a$$ hole!

          • Lestat

            White people are afraid to report black crimes because they’re called racists. Blacks can do what they want in jobs because no one can say anything against them or its racist. White teachers in schools cannot reprimand black kids for bad behavior because it’s called racist.

          • tye

            That has nothing to do with what I said. And crime is a crime, despite race, most of the time it’s always reported especially if it involves blacks. So don’t give me that “blacks can do whatever they want” BS..Because blacks get violated more than any other race in America. You should see how much the spoiled white suburban kids get away with in my neighborhood. I won’t respond back to you, because then you’ll bring up a completely separate topic.

    • Madeline Brashear

      Wow A. Dent! What a story you tell! A brain surgeon says that the black brain is different than the white brain? That must present one heck of a problem for him as brain surgeon. The bone structure? You mean the fact that they dominate in every sport they enter. Must be those bones. Your brain surgeon friend should study the ancient Egyptians who were black people with a civilization so advanced that no nation to this day has equaled it but has stolen and borrowed from it and claimed it for their own. They were the first in science, medicine, mathematics, and just about everything else. People came from all over to be educated in ancient Egypt. They were the architechts of the pyramids. They built sea worthy boats without nails, glue, mortar, screws or nuts and bolts. Now how would your brain surgeon friend account for that when they were black people? There’s no inferiority there but a genius that to this day no other people have achieved,relatively speaking, including whites. I’d like to hear his story but he would have to resort to revisionist history and archaeology and then claim they weren’t black at all, that they were white. Sorry, he would be wrong. And while we’re on this so often misrepresented subject, the white race came from the black race. Where else do you think you came from? God made a man and a woman but he never made different shades of men and women. Those different shades all came from those original people that God made. Genetics will prove that a white man and woman can only produce a white offspring and nothing else. So you know black people certainly didn’t come from white folks. But white people can and did come from black folks because the black man supplied the genetic make up for every person on the earth. And the black man populated the entire earth in the beginning. The white man came along eons after the black man and is a mutation of the black man. He’s a Johnny Come Lately and he stole everything he’s got. Your brain surgeon friend is operating on principles discovered and used by the black ancient Egyptians thousands of years ago and he’s dull witted enough to say that black people are inferior when much of what he’s learned in medicine originated with them. Now who’s inferior? As far as being violent, the white man is unsurpassed in violence. Everywhere his foot has set down he’s wrecked havoc, destruction, chaos and death. That’s all a matter of history. The intelligence item you mention speaks for itself; res ipsa loquitor. Lazy? This country was built on their labor, wasn’t it? Again, res ipsa loquitor. And you fought a war trying to keep that labor, didn’t’ you? You’ve got a black president, don’t you, twice elected? You’ve got a black attorney general, don’t you? Not there by merit? Surely you jest! So you’re going to have to go back and retract everything you said about black people and find some other reason for all the things you cite other than the color of their skin. I have proven that the ancient black Egyptians are unrivaled to this day. Check it out! You really should change you attitude because, it stinks.

      • A. Dent

        Ancient Egyptians were not Negroid.

        In 1975, the mummy of Ramesses II was taken to France for preservation. The mummy was also forensically tested by Professor Pierre-Fernand Ceccaldi, the chief forensic scientist at the Criminal Identification Laboratory of Paris. Professor Ceccaldi determined that: “Hair, astonishingly preserved, showed some complementary data – especially about pigmentation: Ramses II was a Red haired ‘cymnotricheleucoderma’.” The description given here refers to a fair-skinned person with wavy Red hair.

        • Uhuru War

          Next u be sayin Jesus wuz not black. Well Jesus wuz black fool and u betta blieve it. He did not have blonde hair and blue eyes like u crackaz paint it. He wuz dark wit nigga hair. Stop yo lies ancient Egyptins were dark as night black beautiful color. Go fck ur lies bitch. Ima tellin it how it wuz da truth !

    • Uhuru War


  • Mike

    You can’t turn a discussion about the race of one man into the discussion of religion and intelligence. Being “black” has to do with pigmentation of the skin, nothing at all to do with the brain. Melanin is the protein that results in pigmentation. Evolution can only explain the reasons some might have a higher concentration of melanin than others. To be honest though, whites tan in order to become closer to the race they believe is “inferior”

  • Nice of you

    No race is inferior or superior to another. How we learn and grow depends upon many factors. Environment, resources to information, parenting etc. Every person is not exposed to the same things which makes “experience”an endless journey. Comments such as the black persons brain capacity not expanding is very untrue if not stupid.There are 8 yr old children around the world that are smarter then a lot of white adults, does that make white people as a whole inferior to that child, no. Racism is social construct that is taught from generation to generation no one is better then the other and we all have bad apples within our cultures. Also Africa is not some giant waste land that people make it out to be with all the feed the hungry commercials. It’s rich in minerals has regular civilization like the U.S it’s just different customs from the U.S but similar to the U.S when you are in a small town or non heavily populated area(rural) there is not one fucking thing around, store, theaters, nothing.

  • jinks

    What I don’t understand please tell me anyone knows science. How come black people did not evolve? Whites have got blond hair blue eyes with pale skin and evolved intelligence. We’re all human right? So how come blacks stayed the same as millions of years ago? Why did they not evolve like whites did? This is not racist I got black friends who ask the same question. Anyone who knows science or anthropology please answer? Can’t find anything on google.

    • Kareemms

      Reread your stupid question. If blond hair blue eyes and pale skin is a process of evolution, then what did you look like before? once you realize how vitamin D is made, you will then understand that pale skin is not evolutionary. Then there is the eyes. Many of you either can’t see color to well or not at all. Many of you can’t reproduce without some drug. I can go on about the nonstop issues of the se called evolved race, but I like Google, don’t have time for the insecurities of a racist. The issues of “blacks” are non genetic. The issues are either self inflicted or imposition of another group of people, usually a barbaric species claiming to be something they are not.

      The questions you ask, especially to your “black” friends, implies that there may be something wrong with them. The funny part is you are the one who needed change. How much longer must we wait for the mind of you and yours to evolve.

      Also, if you pay enough attention you will notice that not all members of a group are the same. Divide and conquer may be deeper than you know. In other words grouping people based on the color of there skin may be incorrect and intentional with an intent to divide.

  • Lavradov

    Is there a genetic and cranial difference between Africans and Europeans?

    • Ballard C

      This is a very touchy, tricky question because many say it is racist to even study it. There have been a few who have dared to research the subject and their conclusions were panned simply because their research showed that anyone with African genes has a different brain size to other races.

      The brain is the most important organ in the human body. It comprises
      only 2% of our total body weight but uses 25% of all the calories we
      consume. The brain never sleeps; it works around the clock keeping the
      body functioning. Besides the thinking process, it operates the heart,
      respiratory and digestive systems, and directs the body’s resistance to

      In his epic book The Story of Man, Professor Carleton S. Coon (former
      President of the American Association of Anthropologists) wrote that the
      weight of the average Black brain is 1249 grams, compared to the weight
      of 1380 grams of the average White brain, and that the average cubic
      capacity of the Black brain is 1316 cubic centimeters, and was 1481
      cubic centimeters in the White Man. He also found that brain weight and
      size is greatest in Whites, with Orientals second, Blacks third, and
      Australian aborigines last.

      The differences in brain size between the races is in large part due to
      the differing sizes and shapes of the skull. Any anatomist, for example,
      can look at a skull and instantly tell you if it belongs to the White
      or Black race, and this is borne out by the fact that when a person’s
      body is found, that person’s race can be determined even if it is
      completely decomposed and only the skeleton is remaining.

      The Black skull is narrow with a low forehead. It is not only smaller
      but is thicker than that of the average White. The hardness and
      thickness of the Black skull has much to do with their success as
      boxers, for they can generally absorb more blows to the head than their
      White counterparts. The area of the brain termed the cerebral cortex is
      the most recently evolved and most complex part of the brain. It governs
      the most advanced types of mental activity, such as mathematical
      ability and other forms of abstract reasoning.

      Dr. Coon wrote that there is a considerable difference between the Black
      brain and the White. The frontal lobe of the Black forebrain is less
      developed than that of the White. Thus, their ability in the performance
      of thinking, planning, communication, and behavior is more limited than
      in Whites.

      Professor Coon also found that this area of the Black brain is thinner
      and less grooved on the outer surface than in that of a White person,
      and that the development of this part of the brain ceases at an earlier
      age in the Black, thus limiting further intellectual advancement. Nor is
      Dr. Coon alone in his conclusions.

      The following researchers, in the listed years, using different
      procedures, showed the differences to run from 2.6 to 7.9% in favor of
      Whites: Todd (1923), Pearl (1934), Simmons (1942), and Connolly (1950).
      In 1980, Khang-cheng Ho and associates, working at the Case Western
      Institute of Pathology, determined that White men had brains 8.2% larger
      than those of Black men, while White women had brains 8.1% larger than
      those of Black women. (Women’s brains are smaller than men’s if measured
      absolutely, but larger in proportion to their body size).

      Even more important than brain size are differences in brain shape,
      fissuration, the number of pyramidal neurons, and supra-grandular layer
      thickness. It has long been known that the depth of fissuration is
      related to superior intelligence, and the brains of Whites have deeper
      fissures in the frontal and occipital regions. In 1932 and 1934, studies
      by F.W. Vint showed that the supra-grandular layer of Black brains is
      16% smaller than it is for White brains.

      Black infants mature faster than White infants. Their motor skills
      develop earlier, along with their mental alertness, but they later start
      falling behind, so that by the age of five, Whites have not only caught
      up, but have developed a 15 point I.Q. advantage. By age six, the
      larger brain size of young Whites is clearly evident. (Of all the I.Q.
      tests that have ever been given, most show the I.Q. differences to run
      from 15% to 23% with 15% being the more common).

      Studies by Todd (1923), Vint (1932 & 1934), Pearl (1934), Simmons
      (1942), Connolly (1950), and Ho (1980 & 1981) showed major
      differences between the races in both brain size and development, and
      hundreds of psychometric experiments have again and again confirmed the
      15 point average I.Q. advantage that Whites hold over Blacks. However,
      such studies are very much discouraged today and there would be a
      frenzied effort to suppress them if they did take place.

      Indeed, studying the biological differences between the races seems to
      be one of the only topics in our country that is “off limits” to talk
      about. The findings of Professor Audrey Shuey, in a monumental
      compendium of 50 years of I.Q. tests entitled, The Testing of Negro
      Intelligence, are that the Black, on the average, scores 15 to 20 points
      lower than Whites. This research has recently been confirmed by the
      bestseller, The Bell Curve.

      The average overlap (in which exceptional Blacks score the same as
      Whites) is only 11%. Equality would require a 50% overlap. According to
      Professor Henry Garrett, author of Children: Black and White, for every
      one gifted Black, there are 7 to 8 gifted Whites. He also states that
      80% of gifted Blacks are of mixed blood. In addition, the researchers
      Baker, Eyseneck, Jensen, Peterson, Garrett, Pinter, Shuey, Tyler, and
      Yerkes all agree that Blacks are inferior in reasoning and abstract
      thought, numerical calculation and conceptual memory.

      It should also be noted that those of mixed blood score higher than
      those of pure Black ancestry but lower than those of pure White
      ancestry. This explains why light-skinned Blacks are almost always more
      intelligent than dark-skinned. An easy way for you to examine whether
      this is true or not is to look at the “Blacks” on television,
      particularly on news programs. Many of them have as much or more White
      blood than Black, and as a result, are more capable of communication
      more on a par with Whites.

      The argument has been made that I.Q. tests are somehow “culturally
      biased.” However, this can be easily refuted by the fact Asians right
      off the boat from Asia, totally unaccustomed to our culture (which
      certainly cannot be said of American Blacks), outperform Blacks on these
      tests. Also, American Indians, who clearly are the most socially
      disadvantaged group in America, also outperform Blacks. Lastly, poor
      Whites with few advantages still outperform upper class Blacks who have
      been thoroughly integrated into our culture.

      Furthermore, every I.Q. test which has been given by the U.S. Dept. of
      Education, all branches of the Armed Forces, state, county, and city
      boards of education, have always found that Blacks test on an average of
      15 points lower than White children. If the tests were culturally
      biased, it would be practically impossible that each test, which
      contains a great variety of questions, could possibly be biased to such a
      precise degree.

      The chart below from the Society for Research on Child Development
      demonstrates that the vast majority of Black children score in the lower
      range on I.Q. tests.

      As an I.Q. of 85 to 115 is considered normal, it can be seen that the
      majority of Black children fall below this. It can also be seen that
      many more White children than Black have I.Q.’s of more than 100.

      The difference in raw brainpower is not the only mental difference
      between Whites and Blacks. According to J.P. Rushton’s analysis, Blacks
      are more excitable, more violent, less sexually restrained, more
      impulsive, more prone to crime, less altruistic, less inclined to follow
      rules, and less cooperative. The crime statistics, the impulsive and
      violent nature of most crimes that Blacks commit, the fact that
      integrated schools require more discipline and oftentimes the presence
      of police than do all-white schools, and the more willingness on the
      part of Blacks to participate in riots would all seem to confirm Mr.
      Rushton’s observations.

      • BB

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      • Azealia tru

        FUK U !

        Niggaz is mo clever then u will eva no !

        ur boring

      • joe_bob_gonzales

        carleton s. COON? seriously?

      • True N*g*a

        White people talkin about blacks are inherently violent, who killed off most Native Americans, who killed off most Aborigines, who creates most of the guns in the world, who kept blacks as slaves because they were blacks, which country has the most weapons, which continent steals resources from Africa and has paid for rebellions against African leaders, which continent was the majority of both World War’s in, which country dropped nuclear bombs on Japan.

        Fuckin crackers. Can’t tell them the truth because they might kill you, even when you a peaceful brother, ask Martin Luther King.

        • jinks

          White people had the brains to design and engineer better weapons. Don’t hold that against whites……
          blacks only made a spear in Africa. Sure you’re gonna kill more people with guns. But don’t let us hold up on that blacks are catching up and they learned to use a gun since US prisons filled with them. 80% population of US prisons are black.

      • da truf
      • Turtle

        Blacks are genetically different to whites. Genetic makeup and DNA are large factor in intelligence. Everyone has seen the Bell Curve and that is one scientific indication that blacks just do not have the genetic capacity for intelligence that whites do. You are certainly correct that it is not PC to discuss this subject.

        This is an interesting link where a teacher at a predominantly black school discusses what it is like teaching black kids. Many of his assumptions are true as I have myself taught blacks in public schools and what he writes detail my exact experiences.


    • Azealia tru

      Godam nazi!

      • joe_bob_gonzales

        check your history. the nazis took much of their eugenics work from laws and work done in CALifornia earlier in the 20th century.

        so……..goddamn DemoncRats!

    • Lestat

      Blacks have different bone structures to other races. Their skulls are more pronounced and elongated to Caucasians. Here is a diagram of the skull: https://likeawhisper.files.wordpress.com/2009/02/camper1.gif

      • Duende Brooks

        This “Out of Africa” theory is a product of eugenics and scientific
        racism where Whites believe they evolved from the “Ape man” to become
        more superior than it.And that it was pretty much promoting.

  • Lisa

    Color does not really matter. What matters is history. John Hanson was president way before Washington ever was. He is the reason for Thanksgiving. The reason for the stamp the officials in congress. First president of the Continual US AND HE WAS BLACK. HE IS ALSO ON THE BACK OF THE 2 DOLLAR, HES THE BLACK GUY IN THE MIDDLE. There are several Presidents after Hanson that were part black Lincoln being one of them with Ethiopian grandma, now go figure. Look it all up.

    • emw

      this is a common misconception, you’re referring to another political man named john hanson

    • Lestat

      You’re thinking of a different John Hansen. The one who was first president, albeit only for a year, was English.

  • Luminax

    I just want to say one thing. Okay it does not matter. When it comes down to the crunch all that matters is we’re on this planet. Don’t matter if you’re red, green or blue. Ignorance and greed, thirst for power go to hell. Religious idiots go to hell. You don’t exist because everything is in TIME. When you pass on to the next stage you will understand.

    • Brundle. J

      Yeh but black ppl have their brains wired differently. That’s why they still live in huts and play in dirt in Africa even today 2015.

      • elijah

        and you’re basing that off… what science or evidence? i hope you are trolling

  • Andre6

    Imma tell u now some thruths. See if there wernt any black people there would not b any white people. U see where Imma coming from? Blacks made u. When u look inda mirror u see white huh well underneath that white is black blood from Africa. U owe us. U owe da black nation of Africa. So come on nigga give us some RESPECT. ..Git down on yo knee and kiss ma black azz!

    • Brundle. J

      First learn to read and write with proper grammar. I didn’t understand much of what you wrote there son but I feel you’re two kegs short of a barrel.

    • Chweeple

      Frunkle chreegle

    • White’s don’t get sickle cell.

  • gray

    Agree. It’s SO sad. I hate it. So stupid. On both sides, it makes me literally sick. Our heavenly father lives us ALL, and our earthy bodies do not define our souls.

  • Ariana

    You guys need to read the Black Roots Science and a few other ancient truths that have been hidden for years!! email me locabonitabella AT gmail DOT com

    • G.Hawk

      Mumbo jumbo aint worth much in a civilized nation.

    • Brundle. J

      Anything written by a colored person is against whitey. That’s why only a few people read that sh1t.

  • shawn

    I wants 2 write about Moses. See in da new film he white. I ax my preacher and he csay Moses was negro. Egyptians are black. We built da pyramids and all dat stuff so whut is Hollywood doin puttin a white boy in as Moses and whites as Egyptians?

    • bpr1122

      r u trying to be funny?

    • Andre6

      Moses was black he had negroid hiare. Dont let da movies lie to u.

  • Sage

    Africans and blacks are different they are not the same retards read Babylon Timbuktu it’ll tell you over 100,000,000 Black Jews fled to Africa. Those so called Jewish people in Israel are not the real Jews. Revelations Ch 2 Verse 9 says so and why are they called Jewish do you know what ISH MEANSS? this is for the blacks cause blacks are of Tribe of Judah and Mexicans are tribe of Issachar ect the heroes in bible are all black Jesus black Revelations Ch 1 Verse 15-17. King Solomon is black- Songs of Solomon Ch 1 Verse 1-3 lol they lied to u all and Jesus only died for Israel that’s it he didn’t deal with other nations he divided the nations but dumb white man reunited them that’s why we have no peaceee Asians Whites & Arabs had there part in the slave trade that’s why blacks saying ohh I’m Muslim ect Muslim came from Arabians lol Religion is man made God said do not follow the philosophy of man so who you gonna believe God or a Man???

    • Djehuty

      “From Babylon to Timbuktu”

    • Fay Lind

      Blacks and Africans are different? Don’t think so. All life began in Africa and every man, woman, and child has some black blood in their DNA. EVERY ONE OF US. Of course, some have much more than others but we all came from the black man in Africa where life began. Now, you don’t have to believe me, but you get your DNA tested and you will find out I am right. All that bible crap be dammed. The bible was written by a different men then compiled by a bunch of bishops. Then revised again under King James. It is mostly from Pagan beliefs if you do your research. It is why the same stories are written in the bible you can find in the koran, just different names and places and names. The same stories handed down from the pagans and other earlier religions then picked over and chosen for the bible and other religious books. First off, all of you need to realize we came from the same place, we are ALL part of the same ancestors which you can believe from some god or through evolution which I definitely believe in. But, either way, we are all connected as humans no matter what color we are. I have known very good and very bad in many races, I will just take the good as friends, no matter what color their skin, hair or eyes are. I have friends who are straight and who are gay. Who gives a rat’s behind. WE ARE ALL HUMAN BEINGS, JUDGE THEM ON THAT ALONE. What kind of person are they, good or bad? All the rest doesn’t matter.

      Do you choose your friends because they have blue eyes only? Then why do you choose your friends because of the color of their skin? Racism and bigotry are signs of ignorance and some of you here sure are ignorant from some of these comments.

  • Sage

    First off Black Hispanics & West Native Indians are of the 12 tribes of Israel 2) whites are not human they are man kind that’s why when the white man landed on the moon he said he took his step as man kind- something like that- prefix of human is Hue meaning of color when God comes whites going into slavery read yo bible end times are near that so called fire ball was not a fire ball it was a sign and there’s a reason black people dying the bible has the history and why so repent Israelite’s and whites Asians Arabs you not of the tribe shalom

  • Luke

    How ignorant. The slave age was never abolished but made to include everyone. There is more racism and discrimination today then any other time in history(it repeats itself). This will be the anarchy and revolution to unite in freedom against all forms of suppression.

    • Thunderboy1

      There will never be a time when there is no racism or suppression. Once a group gets in control, it suppresses the will of the minority. That’s why Anglos are in danger. The population of people of color is going to eventually over power the population of Anglos. And when it does, people of color will be every bit as cruel and inhumane to anglos as they think anglos were to people of color in times past. The problem with this population over turn is that people of color are notorious for turning a perfectly functional and working society in to a sh1thole in very little time. Remember this conversation. It is coming soon to a neighborhood near you.

  • HJ

    All u racisses need to respect us cuz we better then u. Black skin is higher then white skin so respect that. So ur racis so what I don’t care. It don mean nothin nada zilch . Yeah say it to ma face or any other brother or sista. U can’t say it to our face so ur coward. We gon see in Ferguson what happens to raciss. Just wait. U days numbered whitey.

    • Leandra

      Hi, are you talking about racism?

    • gray

      Hello. Did someone teach you to hate ALL white people? You sound just as bad as a the kkk. 🙁 we are ALL living breathing children of God. I pray you change this way of thinking and DON’T pass it down another generation.

  • pot32

    How come some africans still live in mud huts in the year 2014?

    • gonzales27

      Waiting for USA to send more aid so they can move up. Obama needs to raise taxes to support this

    • Luke

      Does it really matter? Get over it

    • elijah

      how come some white anarchists live in remote mountain ranges killing squirrels and carving swastikas on their guns? everything can sound bad if you make it sound bad.

  • Kameron Green

    lol so true though…

  • Every day a black kid is shot! Every day a black is jailed. Every day we get indiscrimination. Every day someone fires a black person from their job. Why? Because we’re black. Our skin is dark and I say to you brothers and sisters it is time to take back our rights, our jobs and livelihood. We got to stand tall we need to stand together to get organized to reach out to communities and we need to train ourselves to support our families. No more white this white that. It finished. Never happened.

    • Real Talk

      Every day the same things happen to white, hispanic, middle eastern, asian and anything else you can think of…

    • gonzales27

      Only one every day? There are that many in Chicago alone,

    • Mike White

      You know where I bet no one would care about your color? Africa…

      • gray

        What? Wait. WHAT? Are you a kid? Who says that?

      • j.mitch27

        That is always the white mans uneducated answer. If the blacks went back to Africa, where would you go? Nowhere, because every place the whites laid claim to they either took it by force or manipulation. Nothing good has every come from you guys, just look at how the poor American Indians fared with the white settlers: small poxs, deception and murder. The judgement of God will find you all.

    • j.mitch27

      I agree with your statement. Minister Farrakhan has been right all along. We need to do for ourselves and stop looking for handouts from white people. We have trillions of dollars flowing through the black community and it doesn’t circulate within the communities for 1 day. We need our own businesses, banks and schools. Let us continue to dialog about this issue and maybe it will awaken the sleeping lion in Judah (black people).

  • gonzales27

    Tell that to Jackson and Sharpton that is their livehood

    • Two heroes fighting for our rights. 40 years ago blacks were still being lynched, dragged through streets!!! Blacks had to eat and drink seperate go to black schools travel in black busses. Now if it was not for leaders like Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson the white Devil would kill us all. Get yo pink ass outta here. White folk dont understand.

      • Real Talk

        You’re an idiot. Greeks were massacred and enslaved by their own people/treated like live stock. I understand a tremendous amount and I’m considered by society as white. Ethnicity has nothing to do with intelligence, but honestly, though I’m very knowledgeable about history, one can’t truly understand what anyone in the past has gone through without having gone through it themselves. Next time think about other people before opening your stupid mouth because you just made yourself look like an ignorant asshole.

        • William Golding

          Greek people are originally from negro stock. You need to read the book Black Athena by Martin Bernal. He outlines how Ancient Greeks came from Africa and the East to settle in the Greek mainland and Isles.


          Most real greeks still have frizzy hair and dark skin even today although some mixed with Europeans later.

          • Real Talk

            Yes I’m well aware of it, I too have curly hair and tanned skin. My people came from ethiopia 70,000 years ago.

          • Real Talk

            Another thing, what is your point? Are you calling me black lol? (I’m not offended, just confused)

          • U Y T


        • U Y T


      • Thunderboy1

        The wealthiest slave owner in America was a freed African slave named William Ellison. At the time he died, he owned 40 slaves and had a thousand acres of land.
        If you consider Sharpton and Jackson “heroes”, then you need to look up the definition of ‘hero’. Those two dudes are leaches who prey on society. Sharpton is a shakedown king. Jackson is just a dude who was smarter than the average black and told the blacks they were victims when they weren’t. Then they paid him to fight for them in a fight that didn’t exist. Still today, were it not for racebaiters stirring the pot, the pot would have settled clear. But as long as racebaiting bigoted racists like Sharpton and Jackson are alive, so will be racism.

      • Nanashi

        Are we talking about the two race baiters who have never found an incident involving Black people that they could not profit from? Tawana Brawley much?

    • U Y T


      • Thunderboy1

        Nobody sees that, because it isn’t happening. Stop getting your news from MSNBC and start looking at some statistics. You blacks are so freaking stupid. And you wonder why every other race looks down on you. It’s because YOU put yourself down there. YOU are the one taking a little misinformation and running with it as if it was the word of God. Truth be told, cops killing ANYONE, even blacks, is rare in the American population. Less than 1% of American police officers kill someone in the line of duty every year. And more killed by police are Anglo than black. Try teaching your kids to obey the law and respect the people trying to keep you safe. Then maybe you wouldn’t have so much to whine about. And while you’re at it, you should also research the origins of the African slave trade. You might find that instead of being angry at whitey all the time, you should be directing your anger at the African man. Especially considering that whitey already outlawed slavery, but Africans are still practicing it.

      • Nanashi

        I could understand your screaming if it was not for the fact that 90% of our Black people are killed by Black people who are NOT police officers. Also, if cops were “slaughtering” us en masse, as you say, then the treated as gospel notion of Black disarmament, supported by Blacks and liberals in general, has no place as we are under siege and need those guns to fight. The truth of the matter is we see the overwhelming majority of our deaths in the drug trade and gang warfare. At least 80% are accounted for with those 2 alone. Not White supremacy, racism, or oppression but drugs and gangs. Why does that happen? Poor choices and an endless supply of people willing to make excuses and conjure sadly pathetic reasons as to why these poor choices are made into perpetuity. Child parents who have no grasp on the idea of tomorrow, and with a vision no further than their nose, will always raise stunted children due to their own intellectual inadequacies and inabilities. While our children, and I could care less what the next man’s child does, are willing to squander away every opportunity afforded them in the name of being cool and only willing to work towards a lottery of some sort (sports and entertainment) the rest of the world passes us by. We did this. We need to fix it. If there is a leak in our roof why are we so quick to blame the people across the street all the while not fixing the problem and only crying about it?

  • Sabri

    White peple came from Africa. We original humans not whites. Y’all cant stand it that president Obama is smarter from you. We got original human blood you aint you got something else.

    • Lallondra

      Obama using white ppl against themselves. The White Devil finally get what they deserve,

      • NATHAN


        • Real Talk

          I hope you’re joking.

        • U Y T

          All this have I seen, and applied my heart unto every work that is done under the sun: there is a time wherein one man ruleth over another to his own hurt. ECCLESIASTES 8:9

      • Real Talk

        You can’t be serious… Obama is half white.. smfh

        • Tricky

          Obama moms hated whites.

          • Real Talk

            His mom is white…

    • gonzales27

      we got the hispanics ha ha

    • Real Talk

      Everyone came from Pangaea, there is no original humans because if there were they would be hundreds of thousands, if not millions of years old. Obama is very smart yes, but not smarter than, what you claim, every “white person”. Every has a trace of “original human blood” because we’re all distantly related and come from the same origins, way back. Lastly, please refrain from anything racey or controversial because you are a complete retard.

      • U Y T


    • Mike White

      Hahahahaha!, you don’t know how evolution works do you?

      • U Y T


  • Becky Maldonado

    For so many years I’ve always wonder if he was black or half. Because of his hair he did look some what black. I’m so happy what ever I felt it turn out to be true..Yay!

  • Jim Sams
    • Fared

      This is not true. Blacks are cleverer then whites. Give me one example that their not better. We are superior in all things.

      • U Y T


  • Wow


  • Lincoln is a second cousin through his Great Grandfather Virginia John Lincoln. I myself wanted to know and even went so far as to sign up with the DNA company and all that. I cannot vouch for Lincoln’s Father or his Grandfather, only his Great Grandfather but I can tell you that the higher then average percent of North European Mesolithic DNA showed up in my DNA pie chart. If you look it up you will find that it contributes to dark skin, light eyes and Hunter-Gatherer features. Everything Lincoln had. His ancestry also includes Welsh and Irish Kings all the way back to King Niall. In regards to hair? I have that crazy hair too. It’s the worst hair in the world. It can’t decide what it wants to be so it is everything all one head. This is only one part of the puzzle though but it makes sense that Lincoln may just have a high percentage of North European Mesolithic DNA. If or when they ever decide to put the issue to rest and investigate all we can do it debate it. That’s my two cents. Thank you.

    • Modou Djite

      U are not making sense to me.

      • Lincoln did have dark skin, unruly hair and light eyes.. Many people did associate this with this possibility of African Heritage. There is a very rare haplogroup recently discovered that can account for this unusual combination. It is called La-Brana-1. Lincoln and I Share the same bloodline through his Great Grandfather Virginia John Lincoln. I seem to have a higher then average amount of La-Brana-1 according to my DNA Eurogenes. If you trace Lincoln’s Bloodline through the Male side, it goes all the way back to King Niall. My Grandmother mentioned the word “Black Irish”. For the longest time I did not know what that meant and read up on it. The other term was “Black Dutch”. This dark skin, light eye combination show’s up randomly in our family. Lincoln’s position on slavery had nothing to do with his skin color. Lincoln was deeply connected with the German people and had Irish Ancestor’s as well. Slavery was wrong. To have a person work for you and treat them that way, to not pay them a living wage is wrong. I think Patrick Young’s blog says it best in regards to the influence of abolishing slavery. http://www.longislandwins.com/columns/detail/lincolns_germans_and_the_election_of_1864 Our Ancestors’ were creating a new world in America and they DID NOT want that new world to include slavery. The Germans were sick of it, the Irish were sick of it and it was happening in real time again with African Slavery. But before African Slavery even existed in America, the Irish Slave trade existed before that. The decision to abolish slavery was not based on skin color or race. It was to end it for all people in America. Miss Kim, your response is off topic. Respectfully. The topic was in regard to Lincoln possibly being half black. From a scientific viewpoint, I think he was La-Brana-1, A combination of Ancient Irish, Spanish and probably some Dutch. Science is not ignorance. Respectfully, Miss Kim, thank you for the Love.

        • U Y T


        • U Y T


  • KIM

    I can’t believe This “Niles” attempted to get on here trying to enrich the world through ignorance. If this is your attempt at enlightening everyone about the son of God, his skin color would be an insignificant topic. Skin color and his IQ, that is the “Most Important thing” about who Jesus Christ was, are you serious or just bored! Doesn’t matter if he was pink! Your Obviously not embracing his love everyone and judge no one policy. I’m sure all of his disciples didn’t have scholarly degrees and yet they still did the work of God. Grow up and get some business.

    • Niles

      Hey lets face it honey black people have a median IQ of 80. Check out the stats. Now that’s borderline retarded. In Africa they all have low IQ and even in America African Americans barely push the envelope at 85. I don’t think Jesus would have such a low IQ because if you’re the son of God you’re not gonna be a dumbass. That proves my point that Jesus was not black.

      • honz67

        Black people do not have low IQ. Some of the cleverest ppl in the world are black so thats bs.

        • JJ

          Negroes have the lowest iq of any race. Compared to other races they’re borderline retarded. That’s just the fact of the matter countless studies have been done and believe me people have tried to help them but nothing can be done. Shame.

          • UnitedAfrica

            Those test never really show exactly who they are testing. If i go to a poor village and test the people then go to a middle class neighborhood in the US and do the same test there will be a difference in IQ score no matter who made the test verbal or not but if i test homeless people in the US and then go to a private school in Africa and do the same IQ test there is going to a difference between the two.

          • J-DAMM


          • SL

            Tell that to people like astrophysicist Dr. Neil deGrasse Tyson.

          • Lemmetellya

            One or two blacks out of billions ain’t nothing much. Besides that guy is just a fame whore he’s not a real scientist.

          • Modou Djite

            Why all this racist talks, JJ ?

          • Doc Summers

            Medical and scientific facts are not racist. They just report what is an actuality.

          • Sabri

            You wrote what? Thas sum mean spirited shit. You got no cause for that. Where proof at?

          • Ausar
      • Cynthia Ward


        • Hang tough sister.

        • j.mitch27

          No my sister Mylin sheeth covers the brain and your nerves. Melanin is involved in pigmentation which gives us our skin color: I’M BLACK AND I’M PROUD.

      • Barbara

        You oNly prove who actually has the low IQ.

        • U Y T


      • U Y T


      • j.mitch27

        Since the original Egyptians were black and responsible for building the pyramids and much of math and science as we know it today. For me could you explain why even our smartest engineers can’t figure out how to build a pyramid like the blacks in Egypt did thousands of years ago without all of the modern equipment that we have today? That sleeping lion in Judah will some day awaken and you will see the intelligence of the black race. One more example: Have you ever heard of Black Wall Street? This was a thriving establishment of blacks that had carved out a niche in America that was very successful and self sufficient and because of that the entire town was deliberately destroyed by the KKK. So hey don’t humor us with IQ mumbo jumbo we all know the stats can easily be manipulated by the statistician.

    • U Y T


  • Niles

    Anyone who is saying Jesus was black is dumb imho. You’re saying Jesus had a low IQ. I don’t buy that Jesus had a low IQ you see he was damn clever. So stop with this nonsense about Jesus being black. No way in God’s heaven would someone be cursed with that and be the Son of God.

    • UnitedAfrica

      If you look at history it tells you the facts… Jesus couldn’t have been white. The original Jews were not white. They were of color… thats why Jewish people still have afros which is of africa decent lol Give me facts supporting “white Jesus”

    • Cynthia Ward


  • sharpclippers

    @ O every where that anglos have gone in the world there has been murder destruction diease exhaustion of natural resources , need i go on the white man has been the most violent least cultured race under the sun. They have stolen from every other culture there is bothing original about the white man. Study your own history . The black man is always been perpetrated as violent and worthless in america because the powers that be used the media tv movies and blacks who don’t have knowledge of self to send this message. But if you study true history the blacks have invented more . Where builder’s sailors the first city erected was build by a black man Nimrod .i can go on and on but what you need to do is pick up a book before you open you ignorant mouthpiece

  • Angie

    First learn to spell and write proper English before you write your complete nonsense.

  • O

    O?ama has made negroes the most hated ppl on earth. I never used to care about them but now I hate them with all my might. Every city they infiltrate the ruin, every country they go to their a problem. If I see one I hate and cuss under my breath. Obama your to blame.

    • GZA


      • Angie

        You must be writing that from your prison cell

  • tony O

    And we cant get a lock of hair from the fraud in the white house. white house not capitalized due to who lives in it…

  • Bob

    Jesus could have looked semitic white like Arafat, Danny Thomas or Ralph Nader.

    • Elohim Africa

      I disagree Jesus was negroid. He had long flowing rasta hair and black skin. The Son of God was black and you kno what that means—–) So is GOD!

      • Lashona Tiquanta

        Nigga u crazay! Jesus had an affro..u knw it makes sense…X

      • tony O

        Wow what will a racist think of next?

  • Nanashi Suunaku

    Lincoln did not want to free the slaves per se. It was merely a matter of strategic expediency.

  • makenzie tate

    thank you jimmy and diamond you guys are correct let the truth be told that the oldest remains of human traces on earth was located in the contenent of africa and it is highly possible that slaves knew how to write and read, frederick douglas clearly prooves this situation.

  • Twala

    I'm responding to the first set of comments on this post. As sad as it is, race is always going to matter in this world. The human race will and has judged people because of color since the beginning of time. I know the subject matter is about Abraham Lincoln's race which the average white man will have difficulty accepting. I honestly think that they are asking the DNA evidence to be thrown out and retested so that they can be given the opportunity to falsify new evidence indicating that Abraham was of the white race. But the person that indicated that everyone ultimately comes from the African race is correct. We have all originated from Africa. Most individuals of the caucasion race or influence have difficulty accepting this. It is also correct to say that throughout time, skin has become lighter due to the climates that the human race has migrated too.
    Jesus, hebrews, Egyptian Kings, Queens and all of the people that we read about in the Holy Bible are of a dark race and African descent. Read your Bible and be mindful of the words that you read and it will tell you this.

  • Diamond Meness

    Not all slaves were illiterate. Many of them were taught in secret how to read and write. Deal with it.

    • tony O

      so what?

  • Alistair Crones

    Abraham Lincoln was Chinese

  • Eva

    I thought slaves at that time were illiterate.That being true, how the hell could the slave write a love letter?

    • aleximaq

      He wrote in braille….dumbass

  • guest

    lol but guess what …We's free now!!!!!!!!

  • bj

    if it didnt matter than why in the u.s. all the pics we see is that of a white dude, when in fact everyone knows there was no blonde hair blue eyed ppl in the place he originated from??? from a spititual perspective it doesnt matter, but from a psychlogical perspective of control and superiority it does matter..

  • Bubs

    Jesus Christ was black, Macka B tells you so: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5jMU2iawSPQ







    • calawitch

      why say whitey?? If i were to say blacky everyone would throw a fit. I am caucasian, just like u r black…got it blackyboy.

    • tony O

      no where not

      • longlivethecaine

        Yeah we are. A little something called human dino ribonucleic acid and x&y chromosomes.

    • Paul

      WRONG this is just propaganda….stop the stinkin propaganda..

    • Thunderboy1

      Cite your sources, barely passing public school plebe.

  • boss lady

    first off whoever you are you need to shut the f***k up and deal with the fact that we have a black president white people had all the presidents its about time that black people got one to .and for the record Jesus is black so suck it !!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Yosef

    There is only one big problem…
    If you are talking about the Mashiach (Messiah) Melekh Melākhīm (King of Kings) Melekh of Yisrael,
    Jesus is not his name, that is the name of Greek god
    The name for the Melekh Melākhīm (King of Kings) is Yahushua, which means Yah (Yahuwah-YHWH)
    is my Redeemer.
    What does the name Jesus means?
    Nothing important in Hebrew, just a greek name.
    My redeemer's name Is Yahushua the son of the Living Elohim, Yahuwah El Shaddai (The Almighty)

  • Eric Mangum


  • Jonas Belay

    @Kimberly Dawn: Revelations Chapter 1 Verse's 14 & 15 – hair of wool( Negroid Hair) and feet like fine brass burned in a furnace( Really Dark!). How much more descriptive would you need it to be -_- .

    • researchB4uPost

      Revelation 1:14-18

      14 His head and hair were white like wool, as white as snow, and His eyes like a flame of fire;

      15 His feet were like fine brass, as if refined in a furnace, and His voice as the sound of many waters;

      16 He had in His right hand seven stars, out of His mouth went a sharp two-edged sword, and His countenance was like the sun shining in its strength.

      17 And when I saw Him, I fell at His feet as dead. But He laid His right hand on me, saying to me,[a] “Do not be afraid; I am the First and the Last.

      18 I am He who lives, and was dead, and behold, I am alive forevermore. Amen. And I have the keys of Hades and of Death.

  • The Judas Goat

    Abraham Lincoln did not free the slaves to do them a favor. He freed them to keep from getting sued by the south slaveowners. Read the Emancipation Proclamation and the purpose of it and not believe everything people tell you. He did it as a strategy, not that he gave a damn about freeing slaves.
    The more you know.

  • jamall

    im the jamal im black

  • sylvia baldwin

    kimberly dawn,,
    i have been looking for kimberly dawn pryor for a long time. shewas our foster daughter when she was a baby. her birthday was june 1985. please let me know ifyou are her..

  • Anonymous

    First off, if this were to be true, Lincoln and Obama would be half black. But for the sake of my arguement, half black it too much black! You people are stupid for thinking Jesus was black. You give the black race and inch "the Presidency" and then they take a mile! The slaves were granted 40 acres when they were set free. What much more do you want?

    • aleximaq

      For your creator, satan, to come and remove you from this earth….taking up good air…..

    • Peoplrdumb

      ~granted and given are vastly different

  • Okay…

    People mix now because we have developed the technology to move around the world and integrate with other people. Before, when humans evolved the ethnic diversity of multiple skin colors, they did not have such means of transport. Primitive people would only expand their territory to survive as populations grew and climates changed. For the most part, populations would stay in one area and only interbreed with each other. They might travel a great distance, but they wouldn't travel back and forth. They would travel to survive, find a new place, and stay there. Large bodies of water, mountain ranges, deserts etc. caused the peoples to become isolated from each other. This isolation caused primitive humans to slowly evolve more genetic and physical diversity without reintegrating those changes. So, each isolated society grew to have very different physical and genetic features.

    Today's standard of interbreeding is very novel from a historical perspective, and it is slowly leading to less drastic physical differences between people. Please try to read up on a subject before creating a ridiculous strawman version of the subject and attacking that.

  • wileecoyote

    Jesus was fair and golden haired. Have you not read Pontius Pilate's account (to Tiberius Caesar) of the crucifixon of Jesus? It can be found in The Archko Volume, or, The Archeological Writings of the Sanhedrin and Talmuds of the Jews. It was entered into the Congressional Record in the year 1887. It was also republished in 1975 by Keats Publishing Inc., 27 Pine Street, New Canaan, Conn. 06840,
    USA. The truth is out there, you can just google it.

    • Weltschmerz

      I will have to check out the historical records of Pontius Pilate.

      I mentioned the below to another commenter, that you might find interesting.

      Half of the Egyptian mummies have been found to have red or blonde hair when analysed. They could be argued to have been African as they were born in the continent but probably had a complexion that is now considered white.

      Jesus could have had blonde or red hair – genetically, many jews have an rh negative blood type and 85% of rh negative people are blond or red haired.
      The rh negative gene is essentially not seen in Africans with black skin.




    • King Prolific

      As long as white people believe in lies the world will continue to suffer! The planet needs you to wake up

      • Cynthia Ward


  • Call Of Duty Black Ops II

    The Daily Squib is the British Onion..brilliant!

  • afromatic

    the bible doesn't tell you these things coz the bible is not a true account of times and people of that day and age check the council niceaa, under the rule constatine they selected what was to in amke the bible….meaning its not a true source of reliable accounts. furthermore constatine was a tyrant who killed so many and only devised uniting people to further control them its like if hitler changed Christianity to better suit his ends to mean. think more freely to see what you might not notice.

  • red

    Jesus was/is painted as white because he was painted by white painters for white society. He was probably of 'middle eastern appearance'.

  • dread lock

    go eat some kfc bitch ass lazy bitch

    • King Prolific

      “Go eat some KFC lazy bitch”? Nazis always talking shit! I’m glad most of them are dead

  • Sista

    Kim, If there is no evidence in the Bible about the physical appearance of Jesus why is he painted as white? Revelations 1:14-16 states how his hair was like wool and feet like fine brass. This doesn't sound like a man of European descent. Whites have always used religion and the white god to instill superiority and fear in people of color.

  • Mellow

    >the bible

  • Kimberly Dawn

    Alot of you need to study your bible! There is nothing in the bible thats tells what Jesus looks like. It describes his cloths not his color. It describes him as a bright glowing light NOT black white or anything else.

    • King Prolific

      No! Hair of wool and feet of bronze is a description.

  • swagg boi

    I don't know if abraham lincoln was really black or not but he was a great man who freed slaves if fought for independce for slaves because without him america would be a bad place and the fourteenth amendement was good

    • King Prolific

      Now that is better. He wasn’t a great man, but I will take what he did put forth

  • Dee

    Correctly stated would be, "You're black." "You're" as in "You ARE." So before you hurl an insult, at least build your vocabulary and understanding of the English language.

    Reading is fundamental and a mind is a terrible thing to waste.

  • montage

    For Jefferson's utter lust for his black slaves, as well as all plantation owners, read William Wells Brown's Clotel; or the President's Daughter. Every Euro-American involved in the slave trade had sex with, lusted after, raped black women. Then they came with miscegenation laws after "manumission" stating this how blacks viewed/what they wanted to do with Euro-American women; maybe that was just their guilt taking over.

  • Bryan S

    Unknown Patriot:

    What Bible have you been reading?
    I've read the Bible from Genesis to Revelations, and the Word of God implies no such thing.
    In fact, if you read the Bible it doesn't discuss RACE not ONCE!
    You no where racial discrimination comes from? the seeds of satan.

    Bye Bye

  • jamaal



    FYI: The white image of Jesus that you see today is a portrait of Cesare Borgia. Cesare Borgia was a murderer, homosexual, and incestuous. Cesare Borgia also had sexual relations with Leonardo D Vinci; of which is the painter of the the White image of Jesus Christ that you see with Cesare Borgia.

    "1492 goes down as the year that the entire planet was hoodwinked by the Roman Catholic Church. During Alexander VI's term the Christians were fighting the Holy Crusades against the so called infidels. The enemy that the church was fighting was the northward movement of Islam as far up into Europe as Germany. These Middle Eastern Islamics took control of Constantinopole in Turkey and threatened the stronghold that the Roman Empire and in turn the church had on the world at the time. Pope Alexander used the age old tactic of discrediting an opponent to weaken his position. One major obstacle that faced Alexander and the church was the fact that Jesus, who their entire religion was based on was physically the same as the Islamics that they were fighting against. He was represented in all paintings, carvings and sculptures as the dark skinned man of Middle Eastern origin that he was. Nazareth certainly was in the Middle Eastern area that later came under the influence of Islam. How could they possibly convince their constituency of the wickedness of the enemy when their own messiah looked like them? Although the original Christians were certainly Middle Eastern people of color, by the time Alexander ascended to the papacy, Europeans had long taken control of the church. Pope Alexander VI's solution was to have every image of the real Jesus destroyed and literally had the Vatican gutted and redone. He commissioned Leonardo Di Vinci to recast Jesus in the image of his son Cesare Borgia with the express intent of passing off historical Jesus as European in appearance. To this day, there are armed guards stationed around the clock at the entrances of the catacombs to keep anyone from viewing the original wall carvings of Jesus in his legitimate ethnic representation."

    Don't Christians realize that the images they have in their chuches and homes are portraits of Cesare Borgia?

  • common sense

    "Hmmm, maybe all our ancestors 1000 years ago were black and became whitened as we moved into cooler regions and didnt need protection from the sun as much."

    Marlio, the thought that people change color over time is ridiculous. That lie was perpetrated by the biggest piece of colonial racist propaganda, "The Theory of Evolution By Charles Darwin". People didn't change color due to the climate or develop different nose shapes due to their location. People back then were like people now, they moved around from place to place and intermixed with people of varying ethnicities. The mixing of different people brought about a change in physical features.

    The lie that people changed over time from being in a new environment is the stupidest thing that I've ever heard. The only reason why his books were selling so quickly and so well received was because the helped the STORY that white men were at the top of the evolutionary chain. That somehow they were black a loooooooooooonnnnnnnnnnnnnngggggggggggg time ago, but magically turned white over the years and deserve to reign as the supreme beings. *eye roll* That book was a giant ego trip and a lie.

    Now, don't get me wrong…"evolution" (notice the lowercase 'e') is real. We had simple bacteria, now we have evolved, vaccine resistant viruses. Some butterflies had spots, now they're striped. But humans DID NOT come from apes or any ape-like beings and we DO NOT share a common ancestor (this is from 'The Theory of Evolution By Charles Darwin'). People use evolution these days to interchangeably denote both the scientific phenomenon and the racist propaganda. They are not one and the same.

    If you don't believe me about people mixing with other ethnic groups, ask your asian grandfather, arab uncle, german mother, black irish dad. (I don't know if any of those ethnic groups apply to you, it's just to illustrate that in THIS VERY DAY AND AGE we are a product of ethnic mixing, so why would the people before us be any different?).

    I just can't wait to see what lies the people come up with 200 years from now about the primitive people we were waaaaayyyyy back in 2012. Hah!

  • B

    The curse of Cain is NOT..I repeat NOT the curse the blacks in this country are serving today. We are the Israelites from the seed of Jacob.The Israelites broke the rules and started following other Gods and angered God..so he sent a curse on his chosen people.Have them ''forced'' from their land into a slavery that would last 400 years while suffering many cruel punishments and hatred in the mist of a foreign land they knew not..this is also in the old testament.See ''deut 28''

  • crystalRadiant

    Black is powerful and beautiful, we love nature and people. White people are always in conflict with black race because they know the truth. Without the black race, white people can't make it. All the problem is , they want black people to feel inferior and nothing. What all about this hypocricy. Iam black and i feel blessed and confident. Iam blessed through Christ Jesus. Proud being African, proud being Ashanti and nothing else. Amen.

    • King Prolific

      There you go!

  • Marty

    I watched Dr. Gates' series on PBS and found it quite enlightening. More than the research itself, I enjoyed seeing how people reacted to finding out they were not what they thought they were. It helps people realize that they are people first and then black, white or Heinz 57s second.

  • Dave

    So was he the real first black President and not Bill Clinton or Obama?

  • Tanya

    @Jess, it appears that several great white people have been attached to black descent in modern times because your previously taught high school history was whitewashed and incorrect. The truths are now being told because people have the freedom to not only tell the truth but DNA and uncovered and hidden stories are being revealed.

    You don't want to believe it but you would faint at the idea that George Washington had a biracial son with his slave Venus. Jefferson had a beautiful family with his slave Sally Heming. That President Warren Harding came from a mixed race family with blacks on both sides. You see, those powerful people back then were having sex, raped, and/or in relationships, surely creating children.
    When you start hearing stories about there being relatives of color somewhere there's an oral history and you better start researching it because it is probably true.

    There were black people in North America a thousand years before Columbus arrived so interracial marriages meant absolutely nothing back then. People intermarried, had families and lived fine. It wasn't until the Brits came over and wanted to oppress everybody who wasn't white to steal what they wanted. I'd recommend you find some true history books by Dr. James W. Loewen or historian J.A. Rogers. Or watch some of the documentaries put out by Dr. Henry Louis Gates, who's bringing the world of races together like never before.

  • Bea

    Jesus was not a jew..he was a Hebrew….Jews are Europeans who were converted to Judaism….Hebrews are the chosen ones….Jesus did not have long hair…read the book of revelations.

  • Jae

    Um no Christian describes Jesus as this. Jesus was Jewish. He had very dark skin and long brown hair/long brown beard.

  • aysianna

    wow it interesting that obama was not the acttully the firt black president of the united states of amercia. and i cant belive that abraham lincoln father could not tell . Back then women where sneeky .

    * Have u ever notice that the penny is faceing the right and the quater , nickle , and dime are facing the right . and the color of the penny is closer to the color of afcian amercians. and the color the the quater, nickle ,and the dime are closer to the the color of white people

  • (^_^) Unknown Patriot


    At what length will the black man go to create an honorable/Important image for himself, it's sad, but true, the black man will never yield a crop, his destiny is already planed for him, it's revealed in the Old Testament, " The Sin Of Cain Against His Brother Able ", "The Cursed Race" !


    PS – But I have no doubt that Abraham Lincoln was half black, "Lincoln" didn't yield a crop either, just look at the moral damage to our nation that he helped to create !

  • Maaya

    All life began in Africa. It is known in history that all the continents broke off from Mother Africa, over time gravitating to where they are now.. The old testament speaks of darker skin natives of all cultures; not just the african look, but looks of egyptian, arabic, and hebrew descent. All race's come from the heritage of the african culture. Over time they have become lighter in complextion, or migration to other countries. The old testament is clear of this in all its books written within it. The belief is that blacks are the chosen race, gentiles:) Not the Jews. Yes, we can argue the fact that Jesus was not black, but when you look into history deeper you will see the signs of his appearnce through cultural ethnicity, other than the caucasion race

  • Donnie Elohim

    Jesus of Nazareth was black too. He had negroid hair and dark dark skin NOT like how the whites interpret him as weith blond hair blue eyes with fair white skin. In those days people were dark. So were the Egyptian pharoahs they were negros and also the ancient Greeks.

  • lynn scott

    This is not new information to most African-Americans – it has comes down through the generations that Abraham Lincoln was Black. In time more scientist and antropologist will admit that the Old Testament is about Black ancient history and that the Hebrews were and are Black. However, the White Jews in Israel are true Jews, but not from Abraham, Issac and Jacob, but through conversion.

  • Anonymous

    I can tell when a person is mixed I am mixed myself and where I live they apparently go by skin color I am very light so yes I get judged

  • DazednConfused

    .Oy Vey!

  • Anonymous

    It's You're not your dumbasss!!!!

  • Gerald

    If you really want to know, most so called African Americans are actually Hebrew (the true Israelites) who fled the Roman general Titus in 70 AD when he sacked Jerusalem. The Hebrews fled south into west Africa and were eventually sold in the 1600s by Africans and Arabs to Europeans and Ashkenazi jews who brought them through what is called the middle passage with great loss of life, 100,000,000. Read the bible Deut 28, and Lev 26 and see the curses that the Almighty put on the Hebrews that were disobedient and you will find that no other race of people on this earth who has suffered those curses except the so called African American-Negro. If you apply the preponderance of the evidence you will see no other people have suffered all of the curses except the so called negro the Hebrews of the bible.

  • Maggie

    We are from Africa.
    Adam plus Eve plus Ethiopia equals AFRICA
    We are their descendents thus Africa.

  • arvella greig

    Lets go for it all, let our knowledge be heard and tested.

  • Lady L

    WELL SAID!!!!

  • Chris

    Tired response….

  • marlio

    I find this fascinating and always thought, for the last 10 years, that lincoln was really black but now I see he is half black. Even England had a Black King, that being King Charles Stuart II, which I was surprised to find out. Hmmm, maybe all our ancestors 1000 years ago were black and became whitened as we moved into cooler regions and didnt need protection from the sun as much. Just a thought..I imagine LIncoln was more intelligent than OUR American leader.

  • jeremy

    its said we all originated out of what is now turkey…i don't think we all came from africa just like i don't believe we evolved from apes

  • just saying

    Ahhh, and the true racism comes out. By saying that the earliest 'humans' originated in Africa, then went to Asia and then to Europe, you're basically saying, Africans are the remaining descendants of the original earliest 'humans', with Asians being the next level of evolved 'humans', with Europeans (whites) being the most/highest level of evolved 'humans. So, basically, whites are the most evolved form of man. Bollocks.

    History disproves this. What history shows is that while Africa and the East had kings, emperors, universities, hygiene, advanced technology, libraries, advanced mathematics and science, what would become Europe had a bunch of wild, uneducated, nomadic tribes living beyond Hespasian's wall – determined to socially, economically and educationally the end of the civilized world.

    While Rome was still a mud village along the river Tiber, Persian, Mede, Jewish, and African kings, pharoahs, emperors and empires had been the main source of enlightenment in the world. The tribes making up Europe were an ignored joke. Ever notice none of these other cultures ever had a 'Dark Ages'? Ever notice that none of these other cultures had 1/3 of their population die of from a 'black plague' – a plague that could've been avoided simply by bathing and properly disposing of human and animal waste?

    The aforementioned cultures had public works, plumbing, quarantine of the sick and dead. The aforementioned cultures had universities respected the world over. The aforementioned cultures gave the world Algebra, and an understanding of engineering that still can't be surpassed (modern nations still can't replicate a pyramid @ Giza).

    And, the list goes on and on. So, no offense, man didn't evolve and move towards Europe. If anything, Europe took forever to catch up to what the rest of the world had already been doing for centuries – including those in Africa and Asia.

  • CiErra Liggins

    What's the point of changing history? Better yet what's the point of studying history? Or even better question than both why make discoveries in history and than say that history doesn't matter? We all came from Africa but slavery, Jim crow era, has left a huge impact on people who closer to African decent than most and this constant covering of history and downplaying it when we do figure out that hey we weren't just savages we did do something is the reason why we have so many incarcerated so many deaths so many drop outs.

  • jd

    We all came out of Africa some 50,000 yrs ago, so whats your point?

  • ls

    actually the term "cracker" came from the slave masters who actually did the whippin of the slaves who "cracked" the whip and it made a "cracking" sound at contact so its not really racist if you doingit, its a title..for example i style hair therefore im a hair stylist. right …#ijs ..and to the girl Jess on top actually its white people who take all black people and change them to be white so that black people have no history to look up to ie cleopatra,nephertiti, moses, jesus, the jews and everything else that came out of africa…. all who were originally black so what u sayin babygirl, do your history, not just want mommy and daddy tell u research and study you history its all there if u simply look but many people dont wanna know the truth sometimes

  • Jess

    It seems that every great person in history whom is white, is made out to be of African American descent. This is because many African Americans believe that White people are not capable of being "good." To me, that is racism. White people are all bad and racists, while all black people are good and not racist!? That seems to be the way many narrow minded people think these days. People need to read on American history. Not everyone was for slavery and had slaves. Plus, Africans sold their own people into slavery.
    Throughout history, slavery has always existed. White people have been slaves too. Many white slaves came here during early colonial periods. People need to stop generalizing and see each individual for who they are instead of judging them based on their skin color. It's ignorant and ridiculous. Women have been oppressed throughout history and still don't have the same rights or same respect as men. However, most of us aren't dwelling on it. If life is unfair, then do something about it, instead of learning to be helpless.

  • Nicole

    I certainly hope the slave owners who raped their slaves get what they deserve in the afterlife, but do you really have to bring out a racist term like "cracker"?

  • Nae

    This is old news!! I first heard this back in the 1980's at a seminar for African American History Month. The speaker even showed a picture They are wrong though! It was his Grandmother! He looked JUST like her but you could tell that likely her mother was black (White men loved knocking up slaves keeping production up….Crackers!!) It's just sad that no one has posted the picture of this woman on line…. but, It does exist!!

  • jordon

    obamaham lincoln

  • arlene

    If u don't care about Abraham and Jesus Christ and even the slave (Statue of Liberty) being black then why do whites always try to make them look white????????????

  • Man

    He did great things huh? Well, lets see… He helped kill the 13th amendment, and gave us the 14th instead. Voluntary slavery, by deception. The 13th amendment made holding public office unlawful for lawyers, because they are members of the British Accreditation Registry (BAR). Lincoln was a lawyer, and he was one of the worst people that ever held office. He also gave us martial law and the civil war. He was instrumental in killing millions of people, while the southern states succeeded from the union by RIGHT. Generally, what they teach is school is the opposite of the truth. The history books have been telling lies for years, and the idea of Abe being honest is one of many.

  • morgan shelby adry

    Go home!!!! YOUR BLACK!!!

  • Harold

    Hmm Hmm

  • Kochenheimer

    The truth is the truth, short-attention-span Bruise!

  • jim

    idk why anybody rlly cares that much. hes a guy who has been dead for however many years and he did great things for this country. i dont care if he was white, black, red, purple, green or pink. He was a great leader and a great man. So dont argue about stupid stuff like this

  • Ced o

    God loves us all the same no matter what color you are

  • Ashlie

    Killuminati, are you an idiot?! Have you never seen mixed children before? They can look white or black. I have seen children who are mixed that look very white and I have seen mixed children who look very dark. Of course they didn't do genetics back then! The article states that they did the DNA test in 2003. They probably had some of his hair in a museum or something like that. They wouldn't have gone down into his grave to get it. And are you kidding me?! A man makes up half of the child's DNA so how do they not contribute in the DNA scientifically? You made absolutely no sense in what you wrote and probably shouldn't have said anything in the first place.

  • pastor rhymer

    God sd whats in the dark wll come into the light .

  • mary young

    I agree bob you sound like a A** hole.

  • MedStudent

    No one can say what anyone would have looked like or what origin they are due to skin color back in those days or now. Although your response comes off as I'm so smart and I know what I speak of, you can also be clearly wrong knowing not what you speak. It sickens me how when people say anyone of stature is part African/ African American it is disputed, as if being black is a terrible thing. If Science says he is then guess what he is, and if his mom slept with a slave, then she slept with a slave, none of us were there but DNA always was and still is. Yes, today I can and will say we had two President's who have non African descent mothers and African descent father's. At the end of the day we are all human, so who wants to dispute that….

  • Bruce

    Nice try.come up with something different next time.
    Obama=worst president ever. Hell,even Jimmy Carter is jumping for joy knowing he won't be remembered as that.

  • Pandora

    In a way you're right if science is your higher power. We all know we had common ancestors with monkeys but did you know the earliest "humans" originated from Africa? Yes. They eventually traveled north into what we now call Asia then to what we call Europe. Then obviously they have spread all over the place and evolved into what we are today.
    However, we still aren't considered as Africans.

  • Papermoon

    LOL You never know. History is full of those who are half black or part black passing as white and entering white society especially back then when being black was almost a death sentence. So who knows? If he was I could see why he or his mom would try to cover it up considering the times they lived in with slavery going on, today it wouldn't be such a coverup but back then everything was covered up. Black and White Americans were not as seperate as most people think we all have mingled and mixed bloodlines who knows who any of us is really related to.

  • mr. man

    The term "arab" you are reffering to is a language, not a race of people….know you're history fucker

  • Correct

    That is ridiculously stupid! there lots of hues of black people, light and dark and no they are not decedents of slaves. I'm taking about 100% africans! please get it together.

  • tyana

    i hnstoly think this is true but my social studies teacher wont even let me tell the class about it i think is very true!

  • Blackie

    Actually, her lips are bigger than mine. I'd say she'd been hit w/a bit of the "tarbrush".

  • toni

    blacks can tell in a minute when some one has black blood but whites struggle with this lol

  • cereena jones

    i agree totally.

  • cody dickey

    what are you a racist everyone has some black in them you are aroggant!!!!!!!1

  • Anonymous

    There is such a thing as a light skin black person maybe not a dark skin white person (naturally). Not many black people are truely black nor whites truely white. Back in those according to history there were numerous affairs going on and children of multi races being born. The lighter blacks ofyen worked inside the home and maybe far few and inbetween there are times when whites can appear to be black and blacks white maybe their immediate parents do not know and are not aware they are mixed therefore the child does not know but ultimately and the end of the day how many people gruely are of one descent?

  • Brandy Brandenburg

    Next thing you will be saying is Elenore Roosevelt has black ancestors.

  • Vicki Lucas-Welborn

    The fact that this is "new" news is what is hilarious. If you research and review photos of Lincoln's mother and his father in comparison to that of Father Abe, you will subconsciously hear the resounding voice of Maury Povich echoing, "You are NOT the father!." One of the biggest misconceptions about Lincoln's birth is that he was born in Kentucky. However, research and historical documents have revealed that Lincoln's mother gave birth to little Abe in North Carolina. It wasn't until she returned home to Kentucky after having already given birth to the 16th President of the United States that she married Lincoln's "father."

  • Liz

    I love the Daily Squib.

  • mixedandeducated

    I truly doubt that Pres. Lincoln was black or mixed black. Especially back in those days. Black was black and white was white. It would have been obvious in physical appearance. Even now days with the new age black americans (meaning mostly mixed) it is still obvious when they have children with white people. However, Lincoln may have been dark with dark hair. Back in those days it white people didn't have dark skin and dark hair. They would have been from a latin, middle eastern ect… descendant. Lincoln's ancestory came from Great Britain, which by the way was conquered througout way back history by non white, non black nations. So, having dark skin and dark hair more than likely came from that. Whites and Blacks are two races that can easily be identified by having another race in them. Unless there is a medical explanation there is no such thing as "light skinned" black people or "dark skinned" white people. People aren't normally born lighter or darker without having been mixed with something. Too many people put blinders on these days and let ignorance take over. I would be glad when one day the world is all mixed to the point that no racism can be discussed.

  • dgray

    My step daughter has blonde hair blue eyes and by looking at her you would say she has two white parents…..the fact is her father is as black as nite. My own daughter has strawberry blond" whitepeople hair and is fair skinned…she could also be mistaken for white and I am dark. I can find truth in the story that lincoln could have had a black father

  • Phillip Squires

    PRESIDENT OBAMA, is viewed as the worse president of our nation only because he is trying to clean up the mess those JACK A.. bushs left our nation in.

  • Ashley

    What u fail.to realize is that when your mixd u can look white, black, or mixed. Genetics change when u mix. Look white with black ppl hair mixd color with white ppl hair so on I say hell yea to his mom she was getn aye!! Guess white women still loved them some good black men back in the day too!! Society hasn't changed much! I love it!!!

  • Jil Breadon

    You don't know Jack about slavery in the United States and mixing for hundreds of years of African slaves with whites. The child in most of those white men/ black slave women unions remained slaves, so there were many "light skin", "high yellow", even "white skin" black slaves. Abraham Lincoln looks more "ethnic" than most of my family. Sorry, but so many white people are clueless of just how prevalent racial mixing was and still is. I have pictures of family, for generations, who you would never guess were the one drop rule of black, not to mention all of those who went on to "pass," after Jim Crow. With new advances with DNA, we are going to continually be surprised. Look up Watson/Crick surprise black ancester. And Thomas Jefferson and Sally Hemmings offspring. As they say, race is a social construct but a DNA reality.

  • Aaron Price

    If Abraham Lincoln is half black, then I'm a half Chinese, Black Australian 😛 and just to let everyone know I'm an English Welsh born white guy. However looking at his pictures there is no way he has African in his blood.

    However I do know his distant family were related to Welsh relations through reading up on the history of the man. Sounds like a stupid story, just look at some of the photo's you can see there is no African in his blood. If his mother was white and his father was black, his features would be mixed similar to Obama. I say this report is a load of dogs b0llocks!

  • CottonMouthQueen

    WOW! So Obummers not the first half black half white prez! Nice ! cuz he's ruining it for everyone. If he's what we want to repersent America we f'ed up and put the worst molotto in charge. Now we can get past this and moved on to the future… The first women President!! That's history right there. Obummer will be remembered as the worst prez in history!!!

  • Of course he was half-black! There were political cartoons calling him the mulatto president – look at the woodcuts. This should be shouted from the rooftops as well as the significant evidence that Jefferson, Jackson, Harding, and Coolidge were ALL more black than Barack Obama, who is 6.25%. He is 43.75 Arab. Once people realize that Barack Obama is not the first Black president, and that in fact he is not even Black, they will get off the :"historical" kick and simply realize he was hopelessly unqualified tobe president through experience and ideology and foreign birth. We HAVE had wonderful presidents of color, which simply does not fit the revisionist garbage that our nation was always racist. Darwin and his racist theory did more to cause the modern divide than anything. The GOP is clueless about confronting the lies of the left. Yikes, they have YET to challenge Obama's absurd statements about it all being Bush's fault when the Dem Congress elected in 2006 quintupled the deficit, oversaw the Real Estate and unemployment disasters et al. The MSM covers for the left yet the GOP folks let things go unchallenged. 37% of Americans in a recent poll believe Obama's lie. Could you imagine the IMMEDIATE change that would come when the truth was common knowledge???

  • Mark Omeric

    I typed 'Obama the black Lincoln' into google images and this site offered this pic… pretty much just what I was imagining!

  • Anonymous

    Once you have black in u no matter if your skin is white you are consider black.

  • simon

    Ur an idiot. Consider picking up a histury book

  • T. Walker

    to bob s…..you make no sense, but you reveal how ignorant you are. Obama was NOT born in Kenya, his father was….Obama was born in the U.S.A. and ONLY a US Citizen can run for president you moron!

  • Aaron

    Im here only you have been decieved into not being able to see me. Too see is too understand and to understand is to see. You are not a sheep you are man (man being: man, woman,and child). See past your physical, fore man is mind(not brain). Mind is the thinker! Research for self, test all data, hold on to the best for yourself.
    -Peace Kris Parker

  • cali

    ooh, you got a point. He's saying that everyone should go to hell, but if you're waiting for christ however, and you act devilish….what makes you any better? Good point.

  • unknown

    Lets see you say this when christ comes but and send you to hell to workship your created the DEVIL. If you deny the father and the son he will deny you…. Tansform your mind thinking.. and get your heart right

  • Khris Parker

    When Christ come back you need 2 have yo house in order Bob S

  • Real

    i never look at it like that…
    there is a reason for all action and looking at the events around this matter.
    you may be on something here.

  • Duckman

    Yall still believe that some pie in the sky is going to save humanity? Well, good for you! Shit in one hand and wish in the other see which one gets filled first.

  • Bob S

    Who really cares whether Lincoln was black, white or mixed?
    However, n-obama is not a president of nothing but in his own mind because he was born in kenya, PERIOD.
    I don't trust him,his handlers or any of the other corrupt crimminals that call themselves politicians, nor do I trust or believe the media. They can all go to hell & pound salt.
    Black, white, red, yellow, olive or whatever the color,,,I could care less. I would just like to see some good people in office & give our country back to the people.
    We won't see this happen because evil & trechery is in all forms of government in our country today. Only when Christ comes back will we be free & have decent lives!

  • Victor

    Bro come on get real i know its hard to come to grips with but unfortunatley he is dna doesnt lie and he isnt the first black president sir maybe like the 3rd John Hanson a black man was the 1st president of USA! do the research he's on the back of the 2 dollar bill a bill that is almost out of circulation nowadays and why is Lincolns coin copper when everyone else's is silver or nickel and he is facing different from everyone else the USA knew this way back then and that's why he was assasinated for that reason alone!

  • andrae

    omg ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha lol

  • eddie

    thats funny because you can tell someones ethnicity threw dna she might of had an affair but he is not black sorry folks……………….he a whitey

  • Che

    Wake Up! There are black, mulatto, aboriginal, etc (i.e darkskinned) people on every continent. Way before Europeans thought to colonize/steal what they thought was a New Land; Moors and Natives was here. Everyone thinks its a ploy to discredit Obama, but as someone who voted for him–its clear to see what side he is on. From his Nazi style healthcare, to his choice of Cabinet (bankers), and of course his billion dollar bailout to the bankers. (lobbyists).
    The same puppetmasters (secret societies) that control him, controlled the other six black presidents but made them surppress their heritage. You gotta remember the nation was still forming. To have a black man as President is powerful because it was not too late to start giving land and money back to the families of the original

  • Tredzwater

    Bat Guano! This is the most unmitigated bovine feces I have ever read! Sincerely.

    Abraham Lincoln’s father, Thomas, has been documented through physical documents (mortgages, land leases, tax assessments & payments etc.) for many years before Lincoln’s birth. Additionally, Thomas was raised Quaker. Although opposing slavery, early Quakers did not allow blacks church membership and, also, Thomas’ parents were Quakers from a long line of Quakers.

    Additionally, political mudslinging was as strong then as now and there is ZERO possibility that a black man could have been elected dogcatcher in the antebellum US.

  • liyuwork mekonnen

    that is wonderful discovery that lincon is half ethiopian (black) . this discovery is great in revealing truth about blacks that we have many great histories that are hidden for centuries not only this we expect many truths about our greatness.hidden things are revealed and will be revealed .not only lincon ,all human races originated from ethiopia

  • Robert

    People wake up you have been lied to about the history of this country for a long time. There were 7 presidents before Washington and John Hanson a Moor from Europe was the third and he was black start reseaching because history has been changed to keep you down and quit useing the race card to help the evil ones gain more control. It helps that you realize what the government has been up too.

  • farr

    first of all when i first read it i didn’t believe it..but i did some more research on it and behold its true… just like john hanson was the first black president,they dont teach us that, in school thats why its called his story… it is what it is whether people like or not.

  • ricardo

    abe was a whitey ! his mama was white, he was white, you racist dumbasses!



  • bsnow

    I alwayes knew Lincoln kind of looked black. It’s incredible that all those years ago America had a negro as a president. jUST GODAM INCREDIBLE!

  • randompersonfromaplacefafarawayinalandoffairytales

    yo yo yo abrahayyyuuumm’s black…

    abrahayyyuum’s black!

  • Jane

    Don’t know if this article is true or not, but Lincoln looks black to me. It strikes me every time I see a photo of him.

  • persephoneshate

    …Please actually open a history book before you start making ludicrous claims. First of all Killuminati, we get half…yes HALF of our DNA from our fathers. Sorry to burst your bubble, but it’s true. Secondly, Nancy Hanks heritage is simply not known. She was born out of wedlock and never knew her father. She was born in a region of Virginia, which later became West Virginia, which was reported to have Melungeons (or people of tri-racial descent). However, it is simply not known whether or not her family (and we must rely on Nancy Hanks’ maternal side) was one of these Melungeon families. If you actually look at a portrait of Nancy Hanks Lincoln, she looks white, but that isn’t too much of proof positive of being Caucasian if she came from tri-racial stock. Thirdly, if Nancy

  • Rebecca

    Don’t whether to believe it or not and would have to hear that they proved it, but if people had known that he was mixed back then he would have never been president. So, thank goodness no one gossipped as much back then. Our history would have been written differently. What would the world have been like if Abraham Lincoln had not been president?! Can’t even imagine. If it’s true, I just say to his mom in her grave…your son was a great man.

  • Killuminati

    First of all if you look at Lincoln’s pictures his hair is straight not curly at all. Secondly how could they get a strand of hair from someone that died over 100 years ago also he’s buried under concrete so its no way to get his body out or get a strand unless bulldozing the whole grave & i highly doubt 100 years ago they did DNA studies. Even if so called his father was black don’t mean he’s black because you come from your mothers gene pool men don’t have nothing really to do with creation of a baby scientifically.

  • kenton higgins

    i love the republic.

  • james

    Well here comes the racism from the black race again. Number one lincoln didnt really oppose slavery. Number two oboma is mixed dumbass, its not that whity is trying to take everything over. Deal with the facts you racist prick.

  • Donna

    It is a known fact in the history books that Lincoln was of black ancestory. Not on his father’s side, but on his mothers. Little is known of Lincolns mother, but pictures, and the fact that his father met her working as a seamstress at a plantaion, suggest that she is of mixed race. Possibily the daughter of the person she was working for and his slave. Lincoln is also known for having kinky, unruly hair, for his step mother alwasy complained of how unruly it was. Lincoln was probably assassinated for this coming out, after his son attended the same school as the person’s relative that killed him. Lincoln’s oldest son’s skin color and ethnic traits give that away. Mabe that is

  • d


  • trev

    Obam is not a Black His Mather was a white so he is Mixed race and therefore not Black at all.

    Also he doesnt have a track record and i would say that he is inexperienced and not suitable to be PRES!

  • Shanae

    LOL… Abraham Lincoln was not blak… LOL… just want to take the glory away from af-american… dang… cant have ANYTHING with out whites trying to take over… HE WAS WHITE AND OBAMA IS BLACK


  • alouida malbrough

    if indeed this is a true proven fact then please publish it to the world . I think he should have the honor of being the first african american to be appointed president. why should obahama get that priviledge. he hasn’t done anything for us yet. give credit where credit is due.

  • goins

    you commentors who state some facts that abraham lincoln was moderately opposed to slavery, probably did your research from your ancestors history books. most of us who think we are intelligent, should be intelligent enought to realize that REAL history has not been rendered to the american population. in addition, you will only see history the way you want to see history. Obama is in fact not the first black president. he is the first recognized black president. are you will to see that he is black, or are you intelligent historians claiming that lincoln was not black or not opposed to slavery, now going to find a way to claim that obama is not black… ?

  • Gayle Alstrom

    I think this article is ridiculous. Abraham Lincoln was not Vehemently opposed to slavery. He was only a moderate and didn’t even want to be identified with abolishionists. He thought that freeing the slaves would help the north win the civil war, because they wouldn’t be able to be used to help the South and could be recruited to fight for the North. He vehemently stated that he didn’t think blacks and whites were equal and wanted to colonize blacks to some place in Central America, until he found out they didn’t want to do that.

  • Sheryl

    How did someone get a lock of abraham’s hair if his body is buried under a gate and 10ft of concrete? I know that back in 1901 they did not have DNA knowledge, and would a strand of hair survive over 100yrs in the open? Just wondering.

  • tulip

    now lookey hea, there may be sum trufs to da matta afta aw now

  • Easrl

    dang that’s not wot they taught me at hischool?!?!? We been lied to by whitey for way too long. I ax my teacher an she say this story ain’t tue but she would say that cuz da bitch is white