Abraham Lincoln Was Half Black Historians Reveal

Barack Obama is the new Abraham Lincoln

WASHINGTON DC – USA – The sixteenth president of the United States of America, Abraham Lincoln has been discovered to have had a black father according to historians and scientists working for the Institute of Historical Science which is linked to Harvard university.

Records dating to February 12, 1809 officially remark that Abraham Lincoln’s parents were Thomas Lincoln and Nancy Hanks, however, there has been a new discovery which has put a new slant on the issue of parentage.

Abraham Lincoln’s mother was having an affair with a black plantation worker and new DNA evidence suggests that she somehow tricked her husband into believing that Abraham was the couples child. Secret love letters unearthed in 2003 reveal that Lincoln’s mother was conducting a clandestine affair with a slave named Iemis from a Kentucky plantation.

“We managed to attain DNA evidence from a lock of Abraham Lincoln’s hair which proves that he had a very strong African genetic link. His chromosome makeup is very specific to West African DNA patterns and this suggests that Abraham’s real father was indeed of African origin,” Dr. Alan Holdsworth, who is the chief Anthropologist on this project told National Geographic magazine.

The Obama campaign team, on hearing of the wonderful news have already started production of a short film to be aired on all networks next week.

Senator McCain’s campaign team are of course trying to refute the evidence collated by the scientific researchers as false and have demanded the team re-do the DNA analysis of Abraham Lincoln’s hair.

“Now we know why he was so vehemently opposed to slavery. Lincoln’s father was a slave. His mother, a poor white farmer’s wife had slept with a black slave and somehow concealed this fact from her husband. It’s almost like something you would see on Jerry Springer or Maury,” a reporter from the Fox News Network said.

With the prospect of another half black president on the way, America must come to terms with its past before it embraces its future.

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  • tony O

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  • Bob

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  • Nanashi Suunaku

    Lincoln did not want to free the slaves per se. It was merely a matter of strategic expediency.

  • makenzie tate

    thank you jimmy and diamond you guys are correct let the truth be told that the oldest remains of human traces on earth was located in the contenent of africa and it is highly possible that slaves knew how to write and read, frederick douglas clearly prooves this situation.

  • Twala

    I'm responding to the first set of comments on this post. As sad as it is, race is always going to matter in this world. The human race will and has judged people because of color since the beginning of time. I know the subject matter is about Abraham Lincoln's race which the average white man will have difficulty accepting. I honestly think that they are asking the DNA evidence to be thrown out and retested so that they can be given the opportunity to falsify new evidence indicating that Abraham was of the white race. But the person that indicated that everyone ultimately comes from the African race is correct. We have all originated from Africa. Most individuals of the caucasion race or influence have difficulty accepting this. It is also correct to say that throughout time, skin has become lighter due to the climates that the human race has migrated too.
    Jesus, hebrews, Egyptian Kings, Queens and all of the people that we read about in the Holy Bible are of a dark race and African descent. Read your Bible and be mindful of the words that you read and it will tell you this.

  • Diamond Meness

    Not all slaves were illiterate. Many of them were taught in secret how to read and write. Deal with it.

    • tony O

      so what?

  • Alistair Crones

    Abraham Lincoln was Chinese

  • Eva

    I thought slaves at that time were illiterate.That being true, how the hell could the slave write a love letter?

    • aleximaq

      He wrote in braille….dumbass

  • guest

    lol but guess what …We's free now!!!!!!!!

  • bj

    if it didnt matter than why in the u.s. all the pics we see is that of a white dude, when in fact everyone knows there was no blonde hair blue eyed ppl in the place he originated from??? from a spititual perspective it doesnt matter, but from a psychlogical perspective of control and superiority it does matter..

  • Bubs

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  • Yosef

    There is only one big problem…
    If you are talking about the Mashiach (Messiah) Melekh Melākhīm (King of Kings) Melekh of Yisrael,
    Jesus is not his name, that is the name of Greek god
    The name for the Melekh Melākhīm (King of Kings) is Yahushua, which means Yah (Yahuwah-YHWH)
    is my Redeemer.
    What does the name Jesus means?
    Nothing important in Hebrew, just a greek name.
    My redeemer's name Is Yahushua the son of the Living Elohim, Yahuwah El Shaddai (The Almighty)

  • Eric Mangum


  • Jonas Belay

    @Kimberly Dawn: Revelations Chapter 1 Verse's 14 & 15 – hair of wool( Negroid Hair) and feet like fine brass burned in a furnace( Really Dark!). How much more descriptive would you need it to be -_- .

    • researchB4uPost

      Revelation 1:14-18

      14 His head and hair were white like wool, as white as snow, and His eyes like a flame of fire;

      15 His feet were like fine brass, as if refined in a furnace, and His voice as the sound of many waters;

      16 He had in His right hand seven stars, out of His mouth went a sharp two-edged sword, and His countenance was like the sun shining in its strength.

      17 And when I saw Him, I fell at His feet as dead. But He laid His right hand on me, saying to me,[a] “Do not be afraid; I am the First and the Last.

      18 I am He who lives, and was dead, and behold, I am alive forevermore. Amen. And I have the keys of Hades and of Death.

  • The Judas Goat

    Abraham Lincoln did not free the slaves to do them a favor. He freed them to keep from getting sued by the south slaveowners. Read the Emancipation Proclamation and the purpose of it and not believe everything people tell you. He did it as a strategy, not that he gave a damn about freeing slaves.
    The more you know.

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    i have been looking for kimberly dawn pryor for a long time. shewas our foster daughter when she was a baby. her birthday was june 1985. please let me know ifyou are her..

  • Anonymous

    First off, if this were to be true, Lincoln and Obama would be half black. But for the sake of my arguement, half black it too much black! You people are stupid for thinking Jesus was black. You give the black race and inch "the Presidency" and then they take a mile! The slaves were granted 40 acres when they were set free. What much more do you want?

    • aleximaq

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  • Okay…

    People mix now because we have developed the technology to move around the world and integrate with other people. Before, when humans evolved the ethnic diversity of multiple skin colors, they did not have such means of transport. Primitive people would only expand their territory to survive as populations grew and climates changed. For the most part, populations would stay in one area and only interbreed with each other. They might travel a great distance, but they wouldn't travel back and forth. They would travel to survive, find a new place, and stay there. Large bodies of water, mountain ranges, deserts etc. caused the peoples to become isolated from each other. This isolation caused primitive humans to slowly evolve more genetic and physical diversity without reintegrating those changes. So, each isolated society grew to have very different physical and genetic features.

    Today's standard of interbreeding is very novel from a historical perspective, and it is slowly leading to less drastic physical differences between people. Please try to read up on a subject before creating a ridiculous strawman version of the subject and attacking that.

  • wileecoyote

    Jesus was fair and golden haired. Have you not read Pontius Pilate's account (to Tiberius Caesar) of the crucifixon of Jesus? It can be found in The Archko Volume, or, The Archeological Writings of the Sanhedrin and Talmuds of the Jews. It was entered into the Congressional Record in the year 1887. It was also republished in 1975 by Keats Publishing Inc., 27 Pine Street, New Canaan, Conn. 06840,
    USA. The truth is out there, you can just google it.

  • Call Of Duty Black Ops II

    The Daily Squib is the British Onion..brilliant!

  • afromatic

    the bible doesn't tell you these things coz the bible is not a true account of times and people of that day and age check the council niceaa, under the rule constatine they selected what was to in amke the bible….meaning its not a true source of reliable accounts. furthermore constatine was a tyrant who killed so many and only devised uniting people to further control them its like if hitler changed Christianity to better suit his ends to mean. think more freely to see what you might not notice.

  • red

    Jesus was/is painted as white because he was painted by white painters for white society. He was probably of 'middle eastern appearance'.

  • dread lock

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    • King Prolific

      “Go eat some KFC lazy bitch”? Nazis always talking shit! I’m glad most of them are dead

  • Sista

    Kim, If there is no evidence in the Bible about the physical appearance of Jesus why is he painted as white? Revelations 1:14-16 states how his hair was like wool and feet like fine brass. This doesn't sound like a man of European descent. Whites have always used religion and the white god to instill superiority and fear in people of color.

  • Mellow

    >the bible

  • Kimberly Dawn

    Alot of you need to study your bible! There is nothing in the bible thats tells what Jesus looks like. It describes his cloths not his color. It describes him as a bright glowing light NOT black white or anything else.

    • King Prolific

      No! Hair of wool and feet of bronze is a description.

  • swagg boi

    I don't know if abraham lincoln was really black or not but he was a great man who freed slaves if fought for independce for slaves because without him america would be a bad place and the fourteenth amendement was good

    • King Prolific

      Now that is better. He wasn’t a great man, but I will take what he did put forth

  • Dee

    Correctly stated would be, "You're black." "You're" as in "You ARE." So before you hurl an insult, at least build your vocabulary and understanding of the English language.

    Reading is fundamental and a mind is a terrible thing to waste.

  • montage

    For Jefferson's utter lust for his black slaves, as well as all plantation owners, read William Wells Brown's Clotel; or the President's Daughter. Every Euro-American involved in the slave trade had sex with, lusted after, raped black women. Then they came with miscegenation laws after "manumission" stating this how blacks viewed/what they wanted to do with Euro-American women; maybe that was just their guilt taking over.

  • Bryan S

    Unknown Patriot:

    What Bible have you been reading?
    I've read the Bible from Genesis to Revelations, and the Word of God implies no such thing.
    In fact, if you read the Bible it doesn't discuss RACE not ONCE!
    You no where racial discrimination comes from? the seeds of satan.

    Bye Bye

  • jamaal



    FYI: The white image of Jesus that you see today is a portrait of Cesare Borgia. Cesare Borgia was a murderer, homosexual, and incestuous. Cesare Borgia also had sexual relations with Leonardo D Vinci; of which is the painter of the the White image of Jesus Christ that you see with Cesare Borgia.

    "1492 goes down as the year that the entire planet was hoodwinked by the Roman Catholic Church. During Alexander VI's term the Christians were fighting the Holy Crusades against the so called infidels. The enemy that the church was fighting was the northward movement of Islam as far up into Europe as Germany. These Middle Eastern Islamics took control of Constantinopole in Turkey and threatened the stronghold that the Roman Empire and in turn the church had on the world at the time. Pope Alexander used the age old tactic of discrediting an opponent to weaken his position. One major obstacle that faced Alexander and the church was the fact that Jesus, who their entire religion was based on was physically the same as the Islamics that they were fighting against. He was represented in all paintings, carvings and sculptures as the dark skinned man of Middle Eastern origin that he was. Nazareth certainly was in the Middle Eastern area that later came under the influence of Islam. How could they possibly convince their constituency of the wickedness of the enemy when their own messiah looked like them? Although the original Christians were certainly Middle Eastern people of color, by the time Alexander ascended to the papacy, Europeans had long taken control of the church. Pope Alexander VI's solution was to have every image of the real Jesus destroyed and literally had the Vatican gutted and redone. He commissioned Leonardo Di Vinci to recast Jesus in the image of his son Cesare Borgia with the express intent of passing off historical Jesus as European in appearance. To this day, there are armed guards stationed around the clock at the entrances of the catacombs to keep anyone from viewing the original wall carvings of Jesus in his legitimate ethnic representation."

    Don't Christians realize that the images they have in their chuches and homes are portraits of Cesare Borgia?

  • common sense

    "Hmmm, maybe all our ancestors 1000 years ago were black and became whitened as we moved into cooler regions and didnt need protection from the sun as much."

    Marlio, the thought that people change color over time is ridiculous. That lie was perpetrated by the biggest piece of colonial racist propaganda, "The Theory of Evolution By Charles Darwin". People didn't change color due to the climate or develop different nose shapes due to their location. People back then were like people now, they moved around from place to place and intermixed with people of varying ethnicities. The mixing of different people brought about a change in physical features.

    The lie that people changed over time from being in a new environment is the stupidest thing that I've ever heard. The only reason why his books were selling so quickly and so well received was because the helped the STORY that white men were at the top of the evolutionary chain. That somehow they were black a loooooooooooonnnnnnnnnnnnnngggggggggggg time ago, but magically turned white over the years and deserve to reign as the supreme beings. *eye roll* That book was a giant ego trip and a lie.

    Now, don't get me wrong…"evolution" (notice the lowercase 'e') is real. We had simple bacteria, now we have evolved, vaccine resistant viruses. Some butterflies had spots, now they're striped. But humans DID NOT come from apes or any ape-like beings and we DO NOT share a common ancestor (this is from 'The Theory of Evolution By Charles Darwin'). People use evolution these days to interchangeably denote both the scientific phenomenon and the racist propaganda. They are not one and the same.

    If you don't believe me about people mixing with other ethnic groups, ask your asian grandfather, arab uncle, german mother, black irish dad. (I don't know if any of those ethnic groups apply to you, it's just to illustrate that in THIS VERY DAY AND AGE we are a product of ethnic mixing, so why would the people before us be any different?).

    I just can't wait to see what lies the people come up with 200 years from now about the primitive people we were waaaaayyyyy back in 2012. Hah!

  • B

    The curse of Cain is NOT..I repeat NOT the curse the blacks in this country are serving today. We are the Israelites from the seed of Jacob.The Israelites broke the rules and started following other Gods and angered God..so he sent a curse on his chosen people.Have them ''forced'' from their land into a slavery that would last 400 years while suffering many cruel punishments and hatred in the mist of a foreign land they knew not..this is also in the old testament.See ''deut 28''

  • crystalRadiant

    Black is powerful and beautiful, we love nature and people. White people are always in conflict with black race because they know the truth. Without the black race, white people can't make it. All the problem is , they want black people to feel inferior and nothing. What all about this hypocricy. Iam black and i feel blessed and confident. Iam blessed through Christ Jesus. Proud being African, proud being Ashanti and nothing else. Amen.

    • King Prolific

      There you go!

  • Marty

    I watched Dr. Gates' series on PBS and found it quite enlightening. More than the research itself, I enjoyed seeing how people reacted to finding out they were not what they thought they were. It helps people realize that they are people first and then black, white or Heinz 57s second.

  • Dave

    So was he the real first black President and not Bill Clinton or Obama?

  • Tanya

    @Jess, it appears that several great white people have been attached to black descent in modern times because your previously taught high school history was whitewashed and incorrect. The truths are now being told because people have the freedom to not only tell the truth but DNA and uncovered and hidden stories are being revealed.

    You don't want to believe it but you would faint at the idea that George Washington had a biracial son with his slave Venus. Jefferson had a beautiful family with his slave Sally Heming. That President Warren Harding came from a mixed race family with blacks on both sides. You see, those powerful people back then were having sex, raped, and/or in relationships, surely creating children.
    When you start hearing stories about there being relatives of color somewhere there's an oral history and you better start researching it because it is probably true.

    There were black people in North America a thousand years before Columbus arrived so interracial marriages meant absolutely nothing back then. People intermarried, had families and lived fine. It wasn't until the Brits came over and wanted to oppress everybody who wasn't white to steal what they wanted. I'd recommend you find some true history books by Dr. James W. Loewen or historian J.A. Rogers. Or watch some of the documentaries put out by Dr. Henry Louis Gates, who's bringing the world of races together like never before.

  • Bea

    Jesus was not a jew..he was a Hebrew….Jews are Europeans who were converted to Judaism….Hebrews are the chosen ones….Jesus did not have long hair…read the book of revelations.

  • Jae

    Um no Christian describes Jesus as this. Jesus was Jewish. He had very dark skin and long brown hair/long brown beard.

  • aysianna

    wow it interesting that obama was not the acttully the firt black president of the united states of amercia. and i cant belive that abraham lincoln father could not tell . Back then women where sneeky .

    * Have u ever notice that the penny is faceing the right and the quater , nickle , and dime are facing the right . and the color of the penny is closer to the color of afcian amercians. and the color the the quater, nickle ,and the dime are closer to the the color of white people

  • (^_^) Unknown Patriot


    At what length will the black man go to create an honorable/Important image for himself, it's sad, but true, the black man will never yield a crop, his destiny is already planed for him, it's revealed in the Old Testament, " The Sin Of Cain Against His Brother Able ", "The Cursed Race" !


    PS – But I have no doubt that Abraham Lincoln was half black, "Lincoln" didn't yield a crop either, just look at the moral damage to our nation that he helped to create !

  • Maaya

    All life began in Africa. It is known in history that all the continents broke off from Mother Africa, over time gravitating to where they are now.. The old testament speaks of darker skin natives of all cultures; not just the african look, but looks of egyptian, arabic, and hebrew descent. All race's come from the heritage of the african culture. Over time they have become lighter in complextion, or migration to other countries. The old testament is clear of this in all its books written within it. The belief is that blacks are the chosen race, gentiles:) Not the Jews. Yes, we can argue the fact that Jesus was not black, but when you look into history deeper you will see the signs of his appearnce through cultural ethnicity, other than the caucasion race

  • Donnie Elohim

    Jesus of Nazareth was black too. He had negroid hair and dark dark skin NOT like how the whites interpret him as weith blond hair blue eyes with fair white skin. In those days people were dark. So were the Egyptian pharoahs they were negros and also the ancient Greeks.

  • lynn scott

    This is not new information to most African-Americans – it has comes down through the generations that Abraham Lincoln was Black. In time more scientist and antropologist will admit that the Old Testament is about Black ancient history and that the Hebrews were and are Black. However, the White Jews in Israel are true Jews, but not from Abraham, Issac and Jacob, but through conversion.

  • Anonymous

    I can tell when a person is mixed I am mixed myself and where I live they apparently go by skin color I am very light so yes I get judged

  • DazednConfused

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  • Anonymous

    It's You're not your dumbasss!!!!

  • Gerald

    If you really want to know, most so called African Americans are actually Hebrew (the true Israelites) who fled the Roman general Titus in 70 AD when he sacked Jerusalem. The Hebrews fled south into west Africa and were eventually sold in the 1600s by Africans and Arabs to Europeans and Ashkenazi jews who brought them through what is called the middle passage with great loss of life, 100,000,000. Read the bible Deut 28, and Lev 26 and see the curses that the Almighty put on the Hebrews that were disobedient and you will find that no other race of people on this earth who has suffered those curses except the so called African American-Negro. If you apply the preponderance of the evidence you will see no other people have suffered all of the curses except the so called negro the Hebrews of the bible.

  • Maggie

    We are from Africa.
    Adam plus Eve plus Ethiopia equals AFRICA
    We are their descendents thus Africa.

  • arvella greig

    Lets go for it all, let our knowledge be heard and tested.

  • Lady L

    WELL SAID!!!!

  • Chris

    Tired response….

  • marlio

    I find this fascinating and always thought, for the last 10 years, that lincoln was really black but now I see he is half black. Even England had a Black King, that being King Charles Stuart II, which I was surprised to find out. Hmmm, maybe all our ancestors 1000 years ago were black and became whitened as we moved into cooler regions and didnt need protection from the sun as much. Just a thought..I imagine LIncoln was more intelligent than OUR American leader.

  • jeremy

    its said we all originated out of what is now turkey…i don't think we all came from africa just like i don't believe we evolved from apes

  • just saying

    Ahhh, and the true racism comes out. By saying that the earliest 'humans' originated in Africa, then went to Asia and then to Europe, you're basically saying, Africans are the remaining descendants of the original earliest 'humans', with Asians being the next level of evolved 'humans', with Europeans (whites) being the most/highest level of evolved 'humans. So, basically, whites are the most evolved form of man. Bollocks.

    History disproves this. What history shows is that while Africa and the East had kings, emperors, universities, hygiene, advanced technology, libraries, advanced mathematics and science, what would become Europe had a bunch of wild, uneducated, nomadic tribes living beyond Hespasian's wall – determined to socially, economically and educationally the end of the civilized world.

    While Rome was still a mud village along the river Tiber, Persian, Mede, Jewish, and African kings, pharoahs, emperors and empires had been the main source of enlightenment in the world. The tribes making up Europe were an ignored joke. Ever notice none of these other cultures ever had a 'Dark Ages'? Ever notice that none of these other cultures had 1/3 of their population die of from a 'black plague' – a plague that could've been avoided simply by bathing and properly disposing of human and animal waste?

    The aforementioned cultures had public works, plumbing, quarantine of the sick and dead. The aforementioned cultures had universities respected the world over. The aforementioned cultures gave the world Algebra, and an understanding of engineering that still can't be surpassed (modern nations still can't replicate a pyramid @ Giza).

    And, the list goes on and on. So, no offense, man didn't evolve and move towards Europe. If anything, Europe took forever to catch up to what the rest of the world had already been doing for centuries – including those in Africa and Asia.

  • CiErra Liggins

    What's the point of changing history? Better yet what's the point of studying history? Or even better question than both why make discoveries in history and than say that history doesn't matter? We all came from Africa but slavery, Jim crow era, has left a huge impact on people who closer to African decent than most and this constant covering of history and downplaying it when we do figure out that hey we weren't just savages we did do something is the reason why we have so many incarcerated so many deaths so many drop outs.

  • jd

    We all came out of Africa some 50,000 yrs ago, so whats your point?

  • ls

    actually the term "cracker" came from the slave masters who actually did the whippin of the slaves who "cracked" the whip and it made a "cracking" sound at contact so its not really racist if you doingit, its a title..for example i style hair therefore im a hair stylist. right …#ijs ..and to the girl Jess on top actually its white people who take all black people and change them to be white so that black people have no history to look up to ie cleopatra,nephertiti, moses, jesus, the jews and everything else that came out of africa…. all who were originally black so what u sayin babygirl, do your history, not just want mommy and daddy tell u research and study you history its all there if u simply look but many people dont wanna know the truth sometimes

  • Jess

    It seems that every great person in history whom is white, is made out to be of African American descent. This is because many African Americans believe that White people are not capable of being "good." To me, that is racism. White people are all bad and racists, while all black people are good and not racist!? That seems to be the way many narrow minded people think these days. People need to read on American history. Not everyone was for slavery and had slaves. Plus, Africans sold their own people into slavery.
    Throughout history, slavery has always existed. White people have been slaves too. Many white slaves came here during early colonial periods. People need to stop generalizing and see each individual for who they are instead of judging them based on their skin color. It's ignorant and ridiculous. Women have been oppressed throughout history and still don't have the same rights or same respect as men. However, most of us aren't dwelling on it. If life is unfair, then do something about it, instead of learning to be helpless.

  • Nicole

    I certainly hope the slave owners who raped their slaves get what they deserve in the afterlife, but do you really have to bring out a racist term like "cracker"?

  • Nae

    This is old news!! I first heard this back in the 1980's at a seminar for African American History Month. The speaker even showed a picture They are wrong though! It was his Grandmother! He looked JUST like her but you could tell that likely her mother was black (White men loved knocking up slaves keeping production up….Crackers!!) It's just sad that no one has posted the picture of this woman on line…. but, It does exist!!

  • jordon

    obamaham lincoln

  • arlene

    If u don't care about Abraham and Jesus Christ and even the slave (Statue of Liberty) being black then why do whites always try to make them look white????????????

  • Man

    He did great things huh? Well, lets see… He helped kill the 13th amendment, and gave us the 14th instead. Voluntary slavery, by deception. The 13th amendment made holding public office unlawful for lawyers, because they are members of the British Accreditation Registry (BAR). Lincoln was a lawyer, and he was one of the worst people that ever held office. He also gave us martial law and the civil war. He was instrumental in killing millions of people, while the southern states succeeded from the union by RIGHT. Generally, what they teach is school is the opposite of the truth. The history books have been telling lies for years, and the idea of Abe being honest is one of many.

  • morgan shelby adry

    Go home!!!! YOUR BLACK!!!

  • Harold

    Hmm Hmm

  • Kochenheimer

    The truth is the truth, short-attention-span Bruise!

  • jim

    idk why anybody rlly cares that much. hes a guy who has been dead for however many years and he did great things for this country. i dont care if he was white, black, red, purple, green or pink. He was a great leader and a great man. So dont argue about stupid stuff like this

  • Ced o

    God loves us all the same no matter what color you are

  • Ashlie

    Killuminati, are you an idiot?! Have you never seen mixed children before? They can look white or black. I have seen children who are mixed that look very white and I have seen mixed children who look very dark. Of course they didn't do genetics back then! The article states that they did the DNA test in 2003. They probably had some of his hair in a museum or something like that. They wouldn't have gone down into his grave to get it. And are you kidding me?! A man makes up half of the child's DNA so how do they not contribute in the DNA scientifically? You made absolutely no sense in what you wrote and probably shouldn't have said anything in the first place.

  • pastor rhymer

    God sd whats in the dark wll come into the light .

  • mary young

    I agree bob you sound like a A** hole.

  • MedStudent

    No one can say what anyone would have looked like or what origin they are due to skin color back in those days or now. Although your response comes off as I'm so smart and I know what I speak of, you can also be clearly wrong knowing not what you speak. It sickens me how when people say anyone of stature is part African/ African American it is disputed, as if being black is a terrible thing. If Science says he is then guess what he is, and if his mom slept with a slave, then she slept with a slave, none of us were there but DNA always was and still is. Yes, today I can and will say we had two President's who have non African descent mothers and African descent father's. At the end of the day we are all human, so who wants to dispute that….

  • Bruce

    Nice try.come up with something different next time.
    Obama=worst president ever. Hell,even Jimmy Carter is jumping for joy knowing he won't be remembered as that.

  • Pandora

    In a way you're right if science is your higher power. We all know we had common ancestors with monkeys but did you know the earliest "humans" originated from Africa? Yes. They eventually traveled north into what we now call Asia then to what we call Europe. Then obviously they have spread all over the place and evolved into what we are today.
    However, we still aren't considered as Africans.

  • Papermoon

    LOL You never know. History is full of those who are half black or part black passing as white and entering white society especially back then when being black was almost a death sentence. So who knows? If he was I could see why he or his mom would try to cover it up considering the times they lived in with slavery going on, today it wouldn't be such a coverup but back then everything was covered up. Black and White Americans were not as seperate as most people think we all have mingled and mixed bloodlines who knows who any of us is really related to.

  • mr. man

    The term "arab" you are reffering to is a language, not a race of people….know you're history fucker

  • Correct

    That is ridiculously stupid! there lots of hues of black people, light and dark and no they are not decedents of slaves. I'm taking about 100% africans! please get it together.

  • tyana

    i hnstoly think this is true but my social studies teacher wont even let me tell the class about it i think is very true!

  • Blackie

    Actually, her lips are bigger than mine. I'd say she'd been hit w/a bit of the "tarbrush".

  • toni

    blacks can tell in a minute when some one has black blood but whites struggle with this lol

  • cereena jones

    i agree totally.

  • cody dickey

    what are you a racist everyone has some black in them you are aroggant!!!!!!!1

  • Anonymous

    There is such a thing as a light skin black person maybe not a dark skin white person (naturally). Not many black people are truely black nor whites truely white. Back in those according to history there were numerous affairs going on and children of multi races being born. The lighter blacks ofyen worked inside the home and maybe far few and inbetween there are times when whites can appear to be black and blacks white maybe their immediate parents do not know and are not aware they are mixed therefore the child does not know but ultimately and the end of the day how many people gruely are of one descent?

  • Brandy Brandenburg

    Next thing you will be saying is Elenore Roosevelt has black ancestors.

  • Vicki Lucas-Welborn

    The fact that this is "new" news is what is hilarious. If you research and review photos of Lincoln's mother and his father in comparison to that of Father Abe, you will subconsciously hear the resounding voice of Maury Povich echoing, "You are NOT the father!." One of the biggest misconceptions about Lincoln's birth is that he was born in Kentucky. However, research and historical documents have revealed that Lincoln's mother gave birth to little Abe in North Carolina. It wasn't until she returned home to Kentucky after having already given birth to the 16th President of the United States that she married Lincoln's "father."

  • Liz

    I love the Daily Squib.

  • mixedandeducated

    I truly doubt that Pres. Lincoln was black or mixed black. Especially back in those days. Black was black and white was white. It would have been obvious in physical appearance. Even now days with the new age black americans (meaning mostly mixed) it is still obvious when they have children with white people. However, Lincoln may have been dark with dark hair. Back in those days it white people didn't have dark skin and dark hair. They would have been from a latin, middle eastern ect… descendant. Lincoln's ancestory came from Great Britain, which by the way was conquered througout way back history by non white, non black nations. So, having dark skin and dark hair more than likely came from that. Whites and Blacks are two races that can easily be identified by having another race in them. Unless there is a medical explanation there is no such thing as "light skinned" black people or "dark skinned" white people. People aren't normally born lighter or darker without having been mixed with something. Too many people put blinders on these days and let ignorance take over. I would be glad when one day the world is all mixed to the point that no racism can be discussed.

  • dgray

    My step daughter has blonde hair blue eyes and by looking at her you would say she has two white parents…..the fact is her father is as black as nite. My own daughter has strawberry blond" whitepeople hair and is fair skinned…she could also be mistaken for white and I am dark. I can find truth in the story that lincoln could have had a black father

  • Phillip Squires

    PRESIDENT OBAMA, is viewed as the worse president of our nation only because he is trying to clean up the mess those JACK A.. bushs left our nation in.

  • Ashley

    What u fail.to realize is that when your mixd u can look white, black, or mixed. Genetics change when u mix. Look white with black ppl hair mixd color with white ppl hair so on I say hell yea to his mom she was getn aye!! Guess white women still loved them some good black men back in the day too!! Society hasn't changed much! I love it!!!

  • Jil Breadon

    You don't know Jack about slavery in the United States and mixing for hundreds of years of African slaves with whites. The child in most of those white men/ black slave women unions remained slaves, so there were many "light skin", "high yellow", even "white skin" black slaves. Abraham Lincoln looks more "ethnic" than most of my family. Sorry, but so many white people are clueless of just how prevalent racial mixing was and still is. I have pictures of family, for generations, who you would never guess were the one drop rule of black, not to mention all of those who went on to "pass," after Jim Crow. With new advances with DNA, we are going to continually be surprised. Look up Watson/Crick surprise black ancester. And Thomas Jefferson and Sally Hemmings offspring. As they say, race is a social construct but a DNA reality.

  • Aaron Price

    If Abraham Lincoln is half black, then I'm a half Chinese, Black Australian :P and just to let everyone know I'm an English Welsh born white guy. However looking at his pictures there is no way he has African in his blood.

    However I do know his distant family were related to Welsh relations through reading up on the history of the man. Sounds like a stupid story, just look at some of the photo's you can see there is no African in his blood. If his mother was white and his father was black, his features would be mixed similar to Obama. I say this report is a load of dogs b0llocks!

  • CottonMouthQueen

    WOW! So Obummers not the first half black half white prez! Nice ! cuz he's ruining it for everyone. If he's what we want to repersent America we f'ed up and put the worst molotto in charge. Now we can get past this and moved on to the future… The first women President!! That's history right there. Obummer will be remembered as the worst prez in history!!!

  • http://avoidingpoliticaldeception.blogspot.com John Teets

    Of course he was half-black! There were political cartoons calling him the mulatto president – look at the woodcuts. This should be shouted from the rooftops as well as the significant evidence that Jefferson, Jackson, Harding, and Coolidge were ALL more black than Barack Obama, who is 6.25%. He is 43.75 Arab. Once people realize that Barack Obama is not the first Black president, and that in fact he is not even Black, they will get off the :"historical" kick and simply realize he was hopelessly unqualified tobe president through experience and ideology and foreign birth. We HAVE had wonderful presidents of color, which simply does not fit the revisionist garbage that our nation was always racist. Darwin and his racist theory did more to cause the modern divide than anything. The GOP is clueless about confronting the lies of the left. Yikes, they have YET to challenge Obama's absurd statements about it all being Bush's fault when the Dem Congress elected in 2006 quintupled the deficit, oversaw the Real Estate and unemployment disasters et al. The MSM covers for the left yet the GOP folks let things go unchallenged. 37% of Americans in a recent poll believe Obama's lie. Could you imagine the IMMEDIATE change that would come when the truth was common knowledge???

  • Mark Omeric

    I typed 'Obama the black Lincoln' into google images and this site offered this pic… pretty much just what I was imagining!

  • Anonymous

    Once you have black in u no matter if your skin is white you are consider black.

  • simon

    Ur an idiot. Consider picking up a histury book

  • T. Walker

    to bob s…..you make no sense, but you reveal how ignorant you are. Obama was NOT born in Kenya, his father was….Obama was born in the U.S.A. and ONLY a US Citizen can run for president you moron!

  • Aaron

    Im here only you have been decieved into not being able to see me. Too see is too understand and to understand is to see. You are not a sheep you are man (man being: man, woman,and child). See past your physical, fore man is mind(not brain). Mind is the thinker! Research for self, test all data, hold on to the best for yourself.
    -Peace Kris Parker

  • cali

    ooh, you got a point. He's saying that everyone should go to hell, but if you're waiting for christ however, and you act devilish….what makes you any better? Good point.

  • unknown

    Lets see you say this when christ comes but and send you to hell to workship your created the DEVIL. If you deny the father and the son he will deny you…. Tansform your mind thinking.. and get your heart right

  • Khris Parker

    When Christ come back you need 2 have yo house in order Bob S

  • Real

    i never look at it like that…
    there is a reason for all action and looking at the events around this matter.
    you may be on something here.

  • Duckman

    Yall still believe that some pie in the sky is going to save humanity? Well, good for you! Shit in one hand and wish in the other see which one gets filled first.

  • Bob S

    Who really cares whether Lincoln was black, white or mixed?
    However, n-obama is not a president of nothing but in his own mind because he was born in kenya, PERIOD.
    I don't trust him,his handlers or any of the other corrupt crimminals that call themselves politicians, nor do I trust or believe the media. They can all go to hell & pound salt.
    Black, white, red, yellow, olive or whatever the color,,,I could care less. I would just like to see some good people in office & give our country back to the people.
    We won't see this happen because evil & trechery is in all forms of government in our country today. Only when Christ comes back will we be free & have decent lives!

  • Victor

    Bro come on get real i know its hard to come to grips with but unfortunatley he is dna doesnt lie and he isnt the first black president sir maybe like the 3rd John Hanson a black man was the 1st president of USA! do the research he's on the back of the 2 dollar bill a bill that is almost out of circulation nowadays and why is Lincolns coin copper when everyone else's is silver or nickel and he is facing different from everyone else the USA knew this way back then and that's why he was assasinated for that reason alone!

  • andrae

    omg ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha lol

  • eddie

    thats funny because you can tell someones ethnicity threw dna she might of had an affair but he is not black sorry folks……………….he a whitey

  • Che

    Wake Up! There are black, mulatto, aboriginal, etc (i.e darkskinned) people on every continent. Way before Europeans thought to colonize/steal what they thought was a New Land; Moors and Natives was here. Everyone thinks its a ploy to discredit Obama, but as someone who voted for him–its clear to see what side he is on. From his Nazi style healthcare, to his choice of Cabinet (bankers), and of course his billion dollar bailout to the bankers. (lobbyists).
    The same puppetmasters (secret societies) that control him, controlled the other six black presidents but made them surppress their heritage. You gotta remember the nation was still forming. To have a black man as President is powerful because it was not too late to start giving land and money back to the families of the original

  • Tredzwater

    Bat Guano! This is the most unmitigated bovine feces I have ever read! Sincerely.

    Abraham Lincoln’s father, Thomas, has been documented through physical documents (mortgages, land leases, tax assessments & payments etc.) for many years before Lincoln’s birth. Additionally, Thomas was raised Quaker. Although opposing slavery, early Quakers did not allow blacks church membership and, also, Thomas’ parents were Quakers from a long line of Quakers.

    Additionally, political mudslinging was as strong then as now and there is ZERO possibility that a black man could have been elected dogcatcher in the antebellum US.

  • liyuwork mekonnen

    that is wonderful discovery that lincon is half ethiopian (black) . this discovery is great in revealing truth about blacks that we have many great histories that are hidden for centuries not only this we expect many truths about our greatness.hidden things are revealed and will be revealed .not only lincon ,all human races originated from ethiopia

  • Robert

    People wake up you have been lied to about the history of this country for a long time. There were 7 presidents before Washington and John Hanson a Moor from Europe was the third and he was black start reseaching because history has been changed to keep you down and quit useing the race card to help the evil ones gain more control. It helps that you realize what the government has been up too.

  • farr

    first of all when i first read it i didn’t believe it..but i did some more research on it and behold its true… just like john hanson was the first black president,they dont teach us that, in school thats why its called his story… it is what it is whether people like or not.

  • ricardo

    abe was a whitey ! his mama was white, he was white, you racist dumbasses!



  • bsnow

    I alwayes knew Lincoln kind of looked black. It’s incredible that all those years ago America had a negro as a president. jUST GODAM INCREDIBLE!

  • randompersonfromaplacefafarawayinalandoffairytales

    yo yo yo abrahayyyuuumm’s black…

    abrahayyyuum’s black!

  • Jane

    Don’t know if this article is true or not, but Lincoln looks black to me. It strikes me every time I see a photo of him.

  • persephoneshate

    …Please actually open a history book before you start making ludicrous claims. First of all Killuminati, we get half…yes HALF of our DNA from our fathers. Sorry to burst your bubble, but it’s true. Secondly, Nancy Hanks heritage is simply not known. She was born out of wedlock and never knew her father. She was born in a region of Virginia, which later became West Virginia, which was reported to have Melungeons (or people of tri-racial descent). However, it is simply not known whether or not her family (and we must rely on Nancy Hanks’ maternal side) was one of these Melungeon families. If you actually look at a portrait of Nancy Hanks Lincoln, she looks white, but that isn’t too much of proof positive of being Caucasian if she came from tri-racial stock. Thirdly, if Nancy

  • Rebecca

    Don’t whether to believe it or not and would have to hear that they proved it, but if people had known that he was mixed back then he would have never been president. So, thank goodness no one gossipped as much back then. Our history would have been written differently. What would the world have been like if Abraham Lincoln had not been president?! Can’t even imagine. If it’s true, I just say to his mom in her grave…your son was a great man.

  • Killuminati

    First of all if you look at Lincoln’s pictures his hair is straight not curly at all. Secondly how could they get a strand of hair from someone that died over 100 years ago also he’s buried under concrete so its no way to get his body out or get a strand unless bulldozing the whole grave & i highly doubt 100 years ago they did DNA studies. Even if so called his father was black don’t mean he’s black because you come from your mothers gene pool men don’t have nothing really to do with creation of a baby scientifically.

  • kenton higgins

    i love the republic.

  • james

    Well here comes the racism from the black race again. Number one lincoln didnt really oppose slavery. Number two oboma is mixed dumbass, its not that whity is trying to take everything over. Deal with the facts you racist prick.

  • Donna

    It is a known fact in the history books that Lincoln was of black ancestory. Not on his father’s side, but on his mothers. Little is known of Lincolns mother, but pictures, and the fact that his father met her working as a seamstress at a plantaion, suggest that she is of mixed race. Possibily the daughter of the person she was working for and his slave. Lincoln is also known for having kinky, unruly hair, for his step mother alwasy complained of how unruly it was. Lincoln was probably assassinated for this coming out, after his son attended the same school as the person’s relative that killed him. Lincoln’s oldest son’s skin color and ethnic traits give that away. Mabe that is

  • d


  • trev

    Obam is not a Black His Mather was a white so he is Mixed race and therefore not Black at all.

    Also he doesnt have a track record and i would say that he is inexperienced and not suitable to be PRES!

  • Shanae

    LOL… Abraham Lincoln was not blak… LOL… just want to take the glory away from af-american… dang… cant have ANYTHING with out whites trying to take over… HE WAS WHITE AND OBAMA IS BLACK


  • alouida malbrough

    if indeed this is a true proven fact then please publish it to the world . I think he should have the honor of being the first african american to be appointed president. why should obahama get that priviledge. he hasn’t done anything for us yet. give credit where credit is due.

  • goins

    you commentors who state some facts that abraham lincoln was moderately opposed to slavery, probably did your research from your ancestors history books. most of us who think we are intelligent, should be intelligent enought to realize that REAL history has not been rendered to the american population. in addition, you will only see history the way you want to see history. Obama is in fact not the first black president. he is the first recognized black president. are you will to see that he is black, or are you intelligent historians claiming that lincoln was not black or not opposed to slavery, now going to find a way to claim that obama is not black… ?

  • Gayle Alstrom

    I think this article is ridiculous. Abraham Lincoln was not Vehemently opposed to slavery. He was only a moderate and didn’t even want to be identified with abolishionists. He thought that freeing the slaves would help the north win the civil war, because they wouldn’t be able to be used to help the South and could be recruited to fight for the North. He vehemently stated that he didn’t think blacks and whites were equal and wanted to colonize blacks to some place in Central America, until he found out they didn’t want to do that.

  • Sheryl

    How did someone get a lock of abraham’s hair if his body is buried under a gate and 10ft of concrete? I know that back in 1901 they did not have DNA knowledge, and would a strand of hair survive over 100yrs in the open? Just wondering.

  • tulip

    now lookey hea, there may be sum trufs to da matta afta aw now

  • Easrl

    dang that’s not wot they taught me at hischool?!?!? We been lied to by whitey for way too long. I ax my teacher an she say this story ain’t tue but she would say that cuz da bitch is white