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Hillary Clinton Named as Obama Running Mate

WASHINGTON DC - USA - The Democratic presidential hopeful Barack Obama has today named the veteran politician Hillary Clinton as his running mate, his campaign confirmed.

Clinton, who is the junior United States Senator of New York, and has served as first lady in the White House, will help Obama’s
campaign to challenge the frequent criticism that it lacks experience.

Obama’s choice of the New York
senator as his vice presidential nominee was officially confirmed by a
text message to supporters as his campaign continued to embrace
technology to garner support.

The announcement comes ahead of the
Democratic Party’s national convention in Denver, Colorado, next week,
where Obama is likely to be officially nominated as the party’s
presidential nominee.

Club of Rome

“Hillary Clinton was the right choice for Obama and he chose correctly. Never before in American politics has such a dream team stood for election. They are a formidable team,” Joel Ronpaul, Democratic party leader for Minnesota told CBS news, Friday.

Obama’s two-month search for a running mate was conducted almost entirely in secret on the internet, CNN, Fox News and CBS.

year, as a Democratic presidential hopeful, Hillary said Obama was “not yet
ready” for the presidency – a remark that will be seized upon by the
Republican attack machine prior to the November 4 election.

before Obama confirmed Clinton’s selection, McCain campaign spokesman Ben Coronary said: “There has been no harsher critic of Barack Obama’s lack
of experience than the Clinton’s.”

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  1. Look how is talking????

    Where were this argument about experience when every single conservative voted for the ignorant George Bush. Yes never heared about such need from them.


    AP: Analysis: Biden pick shows lack of confidence

    I think he can be ready, but right now, I don’t think he is, Biden told ABC News debate moderator George Stephanopoulos about an Obama Presidency. The presidency is not something that lends itself to on the job training.

    Selecting Joe Biden who voted for the Iraq war, won his job in the Senate over 35 years ago when Obama was only 11, detracts Obama ticket’s agent of change, yes and he voted for the IRAQ war, an old guy according to Obama camp during the primaries. His selection removes all attacks

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