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Women Bishops Get Go Ahead

CANTERBURY - England - With a dwindling flock of worshippers, the Anglican church has been forced to include women as Bishops.

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The Church of England is desperate to increase numbers in the pews, therefore they have adjusted the age old priesthood practices for a very good reason by introducing women Bishops.

Caught in a rut for hundreds of years, the age old Synod has finally capitulated to the female spirit.

“There’s only so much buggery that can go on. The church needs to understand that women exist, and it’s not all boys, boys, boys,” Arch Deacon of the Tessilwaithe diocese told the Church Times.

In Dudlington, a sign has already gone up outside the local cathedral: “Looking for women Bishops. Must be a looker, no mingers please. By order of God!”

The Catholic church however has refused any such moves towards women, and have vowed to always continue doing what they do best.

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