Terry Wogan: “Looks Like David Icke Was Right All Along”

NORFOLK - England - Former TV presenter Terry Wogan has made an impassioned plea of clemency to author and researcher, David Icke.

A repentant Terry Wogan has spoken of his distress at ridiculing researcher and writer David Icke all those years ago.

“I ridiculed someone who was in the process of waking up. You see I was asleep myself just as so many others were. Well, I apologise to Mr Icke unreservedly for being a snivelling arse that night on the Wogan show. David Icke was correct on Jimmy Savile and all the others, especially those in the halls of power,” Mr Wogan told the BBC news service.

David Icke has been the foremost researcher into the dealings of the higher echelons of the British establishment for over a decade.

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