Russell Brand Ditzy Rascal Paradigm Shift in A-Levels

LONDON - England - The new English A-level exams this year by the OCR exam board will include such literary greats as Russell Brand and Ditzy Rascal.


Dere iz a paradime shit in da A-levels dis yea cuz Rusells Brand n ‘is m8 Ditzy Rascals iz gonna b doin da eNglish A-levels innit.

Forgit bout english classiks likk Shakkaspear n Chaucie or wot bout Werdswort? Inda english exams u will b given 3 hours 2 complte a paragraf of werds. Soz but nah cheeting lik brinin ur iphone or anyfink.

Its best if u try a bit of revisin mayb 4 half n hour b4 da exam.

All candy da8s will get an A++ cuz at leest u tried innit.