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Politician Finds Way of Pleasing Everybody at the Same Time

PRADSTOW - England - It's the dream of every politician everywhere and one politician has found the ultimate formula of governance that will enable him to please every faction, group and person at the same time.


Speaking from his constituency office, Dilbert Jenkman, MP for Pradstow on the Wold has come up with a real solution.

“It’s very simple really. I was sitting in the commons the other day and I came up with the formula. You know whilst staring at the ceiling, yawning and playing with my pen. If every politician did this, then the world would ultimately be a better place. Well, I simply walked away from it all. That’s it. If you’re a politician and want to please everybody, just walk away. Just go.”

With that profound revelation, we leave you with another piece of advice from the newly enlightened politicos….no, that’s it, nothing.

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