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Experts: What Exactly Did Putin Read in Those Snowden Files?

ZURICH - Switzerland - Geopolitical experts at the Institute of War, may have an inkling of what is happening in the Crimean peninsula with the massive build up of Russian troops.


“As the forces of Russia build up in Crimea, something has got Putin’s goat, he knows something about the U.S. and what he knows he may have garnered from the Snowden files.

“Who knows what piece of information Putin is acting on, as those NSA files distributed by Edward Snowden were certainly detailed — that is the files that have been released for public consumption.

“What we do know is that the West has been spying on people, but this is not news to many, they have been doing it for centuries, as has the rest of the world, everyone is spying on everyone. These days however, the spying is more thorough as we live in a digital age where information can be appropriated in higher volumes and with increased depth and detail.

“David Cameron has unfortunately weakened the British army, as Obama has weakened the U.S. army, so who is to stand against the mighty bear Russia?

“All this talk about the UK/US economy rising and rising, seems like a red herring for those in the know. All it will take to strike fear into the economists is a well placed chess piece from the Russians. Chess is something Putin knows about, and Obama has been shown to be a rank amateur when it comes to geopolitical or military strategy, he is a talking illusion, all marketing and no substance, without his special advisers and teleprompter he amounts to a walking vacation. Cameron himself, is almost invisible, it is sometimes hard to believe he is actually there when he rarely appears on the screens, he is well versed in brown nosing though. No doubt military strategists are daily whispering in their ears about certain points of interest, but against the might of Russia and China, who is to say what can happen? Economic sanctions from the weakened West  serve no purpose but are tools to make events spiral further out of control, as Russia would have no option but to strike other targets decisively.

“The Russkie bear is being baited, it has been roused from hibernation, and if it sniffs fear and danger, its claws strike downwards tearing large chunks of flesh from its victim. A possible set up in a much larger game, maybe, but dangerous and foreboding all the same.

“The downward strike may equally create a wound on the supposed resurging economies of the West as the bull turns to bear, but any sane economist should know that the markets have been rising on artificial air, there is no real economic pulse, no jobs, and no real green shoots, in reality, we never recovered from 2008, and the same ways of operating in the financial markets are all too prevalent. If the markets were to fall by 90% in the space of two or three days, people would be left with nothing. Hyperinflation would set in, the supermarkets would have empty shelves, and all commodities would be out of reach for millions. Pensions would be rendered worthless, bank accounts would be frozen and the over inflated house prices would not amount to much when no one would be thinking in their wildest dreams of buying a house, first buy me and my family a meal. In America, the citizens are currently allowed to defend themselves with firearms, but in the U.K. citizens have been disarmed that is apart from the criminals. Lest we forget Obama’s ‘care’, something that was a smokescreen, a costly piddle in the dark that was never meant to materialise, and is a dead duck in the tepid waters of a doomed fiat currency. Try pay for your Obamacare when you have no food.

“This is why it is in the best interests for the West to let Putin take Ukraine, as he allowed the U.S. and U.K. to take Iraq, Libya, Tunisia, Egypt and Afghanistan for their natural resources/strategic positions. The West tried to take Syria with a full blown invasion in August 2013 but were thwarted by Labour’s Ed Miliband in parliament when he vetoed the vote to go to war. Because of him, Obama called off the invasion, and now the mess is even worse than it was then. Maybe Miliband is part of the plan, we will never know, but his actions alone enabled Russia to invade the Ukraine in March 2014.”

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  1. Arayik Sargsyan: Armenia’s position
    on the referendum in the Crimea:

    Armenia does not recognize the
    results of the referendum in Crimea.

    Official position of the Armenian authorities on the
    referendum in the Crimea. Armenian Foreign Minister Edward Nalbandian said :
    “Armenia does not recognize the results of the referendum in the Crimea.
    Armenia supports the territorial integrity of Ukraine within the framework of
    the UN.” This statement is made with the approval of the President of
    Armenia . It should be noted that the Armenian Foreign Minister Frank- Mason is
    a member of the Masonic Lodge Grand Orient de France , has French citizenship .
    to the last time he was at the same time and FMs of Armenia and Armenian
    Ambassador to Israel! Original text here is the link : Pictured: Foreign
    Minister of Armenia .http://www.1in.am/arm/armenia_politics_258451.html


  2. Oh come on, I am certainly no fan of Obama, no fan of Bush either, in fact I hate both of them, but please someone, anyone, tell me how Obama has “weakened” our military. Likewise staying out of Syria was the BEST idea America has had in a long time. It’s funny how this “writer” speaks of America’s economic woes but then thinks we are somehow financially fit to get ourselves bogged down in yet ANOTHER Mid-East war.

    Russia was gutted after the cold war, America has bases right at Russia’s doorstep, we have enough nukes to destroy the whole world several times over, we spend more money on our military than the next 10 nations put together, we are not weak, blindly going into war to “prove your manhood” is not only weak, it is stupid.

  3. You’re absolutely right, Miliband is a Rothschild lackey & does what he’s told. Whatever the strategy of the Rothschilds, you can sure bet they’re fomenting something that will make huge profits at the expense of people’s lives. Why doesn’t any government seize their assets or put a price on their heads? Now that’s power. This might be nothing more than a smokescreen to deflect attention from the U.S. government’s continuous failed financial policies. Any war would be far more costly, for both sides. As usual, the financiers would win again.

  4. The American people stood up to the neocons and demanded no intervention within Syria. I doubt the belly weak UK’s coulda stopped it…

  5. «Russian Spring” came to the Crimea: war or peace .
    Arayik Sargsyan , Academician, President of the Academy of Geopolitics , Honorary Consul of Macedonia to Armenia.
    May 22, 1949 James Forrestal, the first (by then former) U.S. Secretary of Defense, while in a psychiatric hospital, committed suicide by jumping fr om the window. During the illness, according to the common story, he raved, repeating the words: “The Russians are coming”.
    March 16, 2014 a referendum in the Crimea on the status of an autonomous republic whose citizens express their opinion on whether the subject of the Russian Federation Crimea or remain part of Ukraine with broad powers. This will be a referendum for the citizens of Ukraine litmus test of the new government, which has already been set in terms of chess zughzwang , wh ere any statement in Kiev only worsen his situation . It is clear that the new government of the victorious revolution fear the collapse of the country to pieces, some of which will go immediately under the protectorate of the EU , Russia and others . But why Ukraine should break up into its constituent parts ,http://www.pukmedia.com/EN/RU_Direje.aspx?Jimare=15142

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