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Experts: China Going Bust Who’s Going to Buy U.S. Debt?

WASHINGTON D.C. - USA - When it comes it will be quick, sudden, and as the preparations have been set, the evil ones will survive the wretched rout. The U.S. debt is the key to China's deficit lock and the tremors will rock the earth.

As the calls come in to ‘fill yer boots’ with physical gold, the cracks are now showing as China straddles a deficit of $28 Trillion, coupled with president Obama engineering a U.S. debt deficit of $18 Trillion, one wonders who’s going to pay for it all?

Go to any major Chinese city and you will see the empty skyscrapers scraping the sky, they’re there but not really there as most Chinese citizens cannot afford to live in them. Built by developers on cheap credit, they are now floundering in the dark seeking a lifeline for their major mistake, pity it will probably never come.

The Germans want their gold back from American vaults, unfortunately, it is not there any more and they will simply have to eat the big one on that.

Pumping the QE even further is America’s only hope to stay afloat, but every time they do it they get more into debt and devalue their currency further. Sure Yellen has tapered a little, but confidence is fast disappearing from this former North American economic powerhouse.

“Obama could utilise the coming collapse to his advantage, especially with disarming U.S. citizens completely. Governmental organisations have been buying up vast amounts of ammunition, practising for what comes next in life size model U.S. cities and shooting targets depicting everyday American citizens. The drones come thick over American cities blanketing the skies watching every inch of space, the agencies monitor all communications looking for dissent, riots, in other words they’re looking for what they want. The set-up has been a long time coming, and as China falters, who will be left to buy American debt? There will be no one left, and this will mean that America will have to come to the cold hard realisation that it has been living beyond its means for decades. America is a very resourceful innovative nation, they can get out of many situations but maybe the collapse of the fiat currency could spell the final death knell for the former empire. Adios, chums see you in the bunkers, that is if you have the money, otherwise it’s going to be back to the Wild West — the true America,” a senior analyst at a Chicago commodities exchange firm told CNN.

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