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Labour Politicians Welcome New Voters at UK Airports

LONDON - England - Labour politicians headed by MP Keith Vaz welcomed EU immigrants into the country from some of the poorest most deprived countries in Europe today.

“We’re welcoming our votes for the coming 2015 general election. This is how Labour will win. Thank you Tories, if it wasn’t for you we would lose the election but you’ve just sealed your fate by letting them all in,” a jovial Keith Vaz told the BBC.

As well as Labour politicians lined up greeting the new arrivals were of course Unite officials who immediately enrolled the new immigrants into the union.

“Looks like it’s goodbye for the much-loved Tories in 2015. They’ve only got themselves to blame,” Mr Vaz said.

An estimated 12 million Bulgarians and Romanians are set to enter Britain in the coming weeks. That’s more than enough Labour votes to seal the deal.

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