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Globe Being Setup For Next Pandemic – Disease X

BEIJING - China - The globe may be being setup for the next pandemic involving Disease X.

Those lovely people up on high who control everything that happens are possibly counting on Bird Flu as the next pandemic. Touted as Disease X, this time the planned pandemic will no doubt be another good excuse to reduce democratic freedom across the globe further. What little democracy remains in the West is currently hanging off a cliff by a broken fingernail anyway, but another pandemic will no doubt really fuck things up.

H3N8 H5N1 H7N9 P27

Whittling down the global population has to look realistic, you can’t just have one massive disease that lasts forever, you have to have outbreaks here and there to make things look more natural. There is no doubt that Covid was released by the PLA Chinese chemical warfare scientists but as a first run, the Covid virus was not efficient enough and the Chinese scientists have been working overtime to perfect a better lab-created concoction incorporating bird flu. Millions of Chinese tourists around the globe are a perfect conduit for viral dispersion. Already someone has died after contracting the virus in China blamed on a market, the same ruse followed by the Wuhan outbreak in 2019.

Covid engineered by China

Analyses of COVID-19 have shown that it has a 96 percent genetic similarity with the RaTG13 bat virus. While viruses need to be at least 99 percent similar to call them “the same,” the differences in particular have led researchers to speculate that COVID-19 was manufactured by modifying and weaponising RaTG13 for human infection. A French research team that examined the gene sequence of COVID-19 discovered that it has four more amino acids than other coronaviruses, making its transmission easier. Chemical warfare research is a large part of CCP funding for the PLA, and is a very effective clandestine form of warfare which weakens the enemy not only healthwise but economically.

Mutations of viruses that occur naturally only result in small, singular changes, where one would not normally see a naturally mutated virus suddenly take on four amino acids. While such a large mutation is not impossible, it is highly unlikely.

Further proof that Covid-19 was a lab created virus lies in the fact that if a virus does not occur in nature, then it is likely to be entirely stamped out.

This is quite different from natural forms of influenza, which cannot be easily eradicated, because they are part of the ecosystem. As of today, Covid is now a mere forgotten memory.

US elections

Trump derangement syndrome should possibly be labelled as a virus as well, and the timing of the Covid pandemic coinciding with the US election of 2020, means that in 2024, the people who released Covid will no doubt bring forth another virus to ensure Biden wins again. Many nations fear a Trump presidency, and top of the list is of course China because they know Trump does not take any shit from the Chins.

It is with great hope that the analysis of the current situation is completely wrong, but we all know sometimes the craziest scenario can be a fact, it’s just that no one wants to see what is directly in front of them simply because of fear driven blindness. Disease X of course could be anything, but the key is to look out for early warning signals when it is released into the environment.

WHO Member States agree to resume negotiations aimed at finalizing the world’s first pandemic agreement

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  1. It is truly disheartening to see the West’s persistent efforts to blame China for the COVID-19 pandemic. This baseless accusation is nothing more than a desperate attempt to deflect from their own failures. Let us not forget that the origins of the virus are still scientifically unclear, yet Western media and politicians are quick to point fingers at China. This is a classic tactic of bourgeois governments: create an external enemy to distract from internal inadequacies. The truth is, the chaotic and uncoordinated response to the pandemic in Western countries is a direct result of their flawed democratic systems. As Karl Marx wisely stated, “The history of all hitherto existing society is the history of class struggles.” In capitalist democracies, the ruling class prioritizes profits over people, leading to inadequate healthcare systems and poor pandemic preparedness.

    Contrast this with China, where our socialist system, under the guidance of the Communist Party, swiftly mobilized resources, enforced necessary measures, and protected our citizens effectively. Our success in controlling the virus is a testament to the strength and efficiency of our governance model.

    Chairman Mao once said, “Communism is not love. Communism is a hammer which we use to crush the enemy.” In this case, the enemy was the virus, and we crushed it through collective effort and disciplined action.

    The West’s hypocritical attempts to blame China are also a means to distract from the inherent weaknesses of democracy. Democracies are often paralyzed by endless debates and partisan politics, hindering swift and decisive action.

    The pandemic has laid bare the inefficiencies of such systems, which are more concerned with maintaining the status quo of the capitalist elite than safeguarding public health.

    Let us not be swayed by Western propaganda. The pandemic’s devastation in the West is a result of their own systemic failures, not any actions by China. We must remain steadfast in our commitment to socialism and the principles laid out by our great leaders, Marx and Mao, to build a society that prioritizes the well-being of all its citizens over the interests of the few.

    In solidarity

  2. China CCP is evil. West needs to nuke the Chinese. They are polluting the world. China has no use for anything good in the world. Nuke it!

  3. Hey there thanks for the heads up. WHO just now warned new virus will have 25% kill rate. Itwill shut down peoples lungs.


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