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Inflation Supposedly Drops – Prices Still Rising

LONDON - England - An announcement that inflation has supposedly dropped is a load of codswallop. Prices are still rising in the UK.

According to the government, inflation has dropped slightly but if you check out the price of food and everyday goods prices are increasing at an exponential rate. Mortgage rates are remaining at high levels, with some even increasing. Fuel prices are increasing. So, what does this all mean?

It means absolutely nothing. Buying a single tomato will still cost you £2.45 and a tiny block of cheddar cheese is still £6.80. There are security fucking labels on meat. As prices continue to rise, the size of products are strangely shrinking.  If you invest in a Twix bar you will have noticed that not only are the bars shorter but way thinner too. All of this at an extortionate price that will blow a hole in your fucking pocket.

The chart below with data from the ONS reveals the actual level of the Consumer Price Index since 2014. As you can see, the tiny 2.3% decrease in inflation touted by the Sunak regime is negligible compared to the 30% increase since 2014.

Screenshot 2024-05-23 at 16.39.47
Consumer Price Index ONS

How does this play into the Tory government’s narrative that the cost of living is coming down? Utter bollocks and lies as usual.

When you see shoplifters coming out of your local Sainsbury’s with three bags full of cheddar cheese, some falling on the pavement during the relaxed strolling exit, you know something is very wrong. Luckily for the shoplifters, shoplifting has effectively been decriminalised, and the police now never address the problem.

“I saw one fucker calmly stroll into my local Co-Op. He walked over to the wine section, looked around for a few moments, then calmly picked up six or seven wine bottles and slowly walked out with not a word said by anyone present. This is the level we are at now,” a regular citizen revealed.

One thing is a certainty, someone somewhere is making some serious profit off this con job.

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