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Self Loathing West May Have Already Lost the War

LONDON - England - It seems that the self loathing West has already been defeated from within before any major conflict with Russia, Iran and China has begun.

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Soon one will visit the British Museum and not find any ancient artefacts there. They will have all been returned to their original countries due to woke museum directors and anti-Western lobbyists. No doubt some of these returned artefacts will deteriorate or be sold off to some private collector somewhere or simply stolen. This is just another symptom of the West’s self loathing, a form of masochism, where pain is inflicted on its own self much to the detriment of historical conquest and innovation. The self loathing West now hates every facet of its own being, much to the delight of its enemies.

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Britain has a tin-bucket navy where there are no recruits and even less ships, it has a woke clergy and a woke government, including a woke civil service full of self-aggrandising high priests and priestesses of woke tediousness and sickly saccharin virtue signalling.

Advertising on TV is now so woke that it is painful to watch, the overcompensation for BLM looting and riots years ago as well as ESG ratings.

What has Britain to look forward to but nothing? We will invariably be foisted with a horrid woke Labour government soon, no doubt as horrid and woke as the current Conservative government. The pathetic and meaningless charade continues as people vote out one load of fuckers to vote in another load of fuckers. It makes no sense, yet people do this every time, and they are fooled every time by the fake promises and lies vomited out from the same politicians selling crumbs of hope to the lost plebiscite.

There is no redemption, the wokerati have taken over the farm, and they are censoring everything, they are preaching their woke mantra through telescreens, they are inviting the enemy to attack the West, simply because these are agents within the West working for the enemy.

If you have been indoctrinated by wokism, you may not even know it, but you have been wokified and there is no cure apart from a bullet in the cranium. After a communist revolution, Party officials usually have to execute some of the Marxist revolutionaries because the brainwashed hardliners are a serious danger to post-revolutionary communist peace. The one thing Communist Party higher ups do not want is these revolutionaries turning on them, so they simply clean house by executing them. The same will happen when Chinese troops saunter through Piccadilly Circus. They will publicly or quietly execute the woke useful-idiots who undermined the West for them.

The brainwashed indoctrinated woke pertinacious fools are much like cultists or Jihadists because they destroy everything around them, and once they have done that, the fucking piss swilling bastards go after themselves when there is no one left to censor or condemn.

While the Russians and Chinese play with the West, they are laughing at us, they are truly jubilant that they have inflicted a moral rot on the West so great that we are even tearing down our own statues, looting our own museums and shitting on our own historical heroes.

The Soviet woke communists who have infiltrated every institution and governmental department can pat themselves on the back as a defeated West has lost the war before even the first shot was fired.

When the Russian, N. Korean, Iranian and Chinese troops calmly walk through the streets, you will greet them as saviours and an affirmation of your woke credentials. You will be appreciative as they put you in concentration camps where you will happily live out your last fucking days thanking your captors from saving you from Western civilisation and culture.

Piccadilly Circus, London_valiant_Chinese_communist_troops_marching_throug_1
Piccadilly Circus, London, England, some time not too far in the distant future.

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