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We Must Be Prepared For a Labour Government

SCUNTHORPE - England - The UK must be prepared for a Labour government soon after the useless Tories are thrown out.

Comrade Starmer is readying a 10-year Soviet Labour plan for the country when the Tory Party loses the next election by a landslide vote. Many people in the country will have to prepare themselves for this momentous moment and are awaiting its inevitability with trepidation.

The high tax Tories have ruined the British economy, but the incoming Labour government will really fucking ruin the economy.

The Tories have brought in millions of migrants illegally and legally. The Labour government will bring in half of South Saharan Africa, the Middle East and South East Asia.

Think your Council Tax is high under the Tories, well under the new Labour government prepare for rises that will make you eventually live in a cardboard box under Waterloo Bridge.

Interest rates have risen to unbelievable levels thanks to incompetent nincompoops in the BoE and Tory Treasury. Under Labour, interest rates will soar to such levels that buying a loaf of bread will require a wheelbarrow of worthless pound notes.

Under the Tories, getting a GP appointment can take months due to the oversubscribed NHS, which was not designed for such huge influxes of migrants. Under the Labour government, forget about getting a GP appointment in less than a year. If you have an urgent medical emergency or need to be operated on for a nasty condition, fly to somewhere like Thailand and pay for it.

Under Labour’s last government, Gordon Brown sold off Britain’s gold reserves at the bottom of the market making huge losses for the country. Prepare for more losses under the new Labour government, which will probably shadow Gordon’s mess and make it look like a minor loss.

Prepare for increased UK debt, and huge debt costs, which will require unbelievable levels of taxation, especially of the rich. Consequently, prepare for a major exodus of business, and rich people from these shores.

Prepare for Britain entering some sort of war in the Middle East or Ukraine, or somewhere else.

Unemployment will rise at an exponential level, and so will the costs for social care, so this is why you will have to work extra hours in your job to pay for it all.

Private schools will all lose their charity status and many will be shut down or go bankrupt.

The EU will eventually be rejoined either through stealth or overtly.

Because the Labour government are essentially Soviet Stasi Marxists, prepare for even more heavy-handed surveillance, loss of privacy, heavy censorship and a huge increase in crime.

Education, education, education was Tony Blair’s motto. Under the new Labour government, it will be indoctrination, indoctrination, indoctrination. Prepare for a wokified system that will make even the woke Americans look on with abject jealousy.

Prepare for Hara Kiri …

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