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WAR VIDEO: How Israeli Navy Negotiates With Terrorists

ASHKELON - Israel - When it comes to the defence of one's country this is the only way the Israeli Navy negotiates with terrorists.

One can go into the realm of semantics where one man’s freedom fighter is another man’s terrorist, but when it comes to the defence of Israel, there is only black and white, and last Saturday the country was being attacked by land, air and sea. The Israeli Navy units responded and ‘negotiated’ with the Hamas militants attempting to breach Israel from the coast during a surprise Hamas terrorist operation last Saturday morning. This is the only way the IDF negotiates with terrorists.

The video reveals the soldiers aboard an Israeli Navy vessel as they open fire on targets reportedly in the waters surrounding Ashkelon, a city with approximately 133,000 residents.

Unfortunately for the terrorists there is no mercy when it comes to this type of war or incursion on to Israeli territory. Throughout history all nations and territory have shifted ownership through conquest, and Hamas and Iran must learn to accept that Israel’s land was acquired through conquest. For now, they are the legitimate owners, and the Palestinians are the losers. This is the cold reality of territorial conquest.

The Israeli Navy videographer alternates between utilizing their rifle, grenades, and a light machine gun (LMG) to engage the individuals in the water.

This is the only viable way the Israeli Defence Force negotiates with terrorists who committed vile atrocities against unarmed civilians.

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