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Is the British Monarchy Now a Laughing Stock After Harry Book?

WINDSOR - England - No monarchy ever survived through weakness, and yet, the British monarchy has almost sealed its own fate through abject weakness.

The first instalment of a four book deal with publishers Penguin, Spare, has certainly livened things up in the monarchy scene. Along with tarnishing his own already sullied reputation, Harry has not only made a mockery of himself but the Windsor clan, and the institution of the British monarchy as a whole. As for the Taliban and assorted Jihadists, they’re sharpening their knives with various Fatwa contracts on the go as we write.

The essentially cowardly actions of a desperate, vengeful junkie towards a defenceless Windsor clan is viewed with moral outrage by many, especially as Harry will make over $50 million for the book series. Punch drunk on blood money, the former working royal can sit back in one of his 16 bathroom jacuzzis and break out the champers, no doubt snorting a few lines as well.

Where do we go from here? Already scraping the bottom of the barrel, where is Harry going to get more dirt and royal secrets to spill for hard cash, seeing as he has already crossed the supposed red line that Charles set out?

Say nothing, never complain, is okay to a point, however no royal in history has been attacked with such vicious ferocity and never retaliated. This is essentially a war, but if the king does not defend his nation and institution from incessant attack in a war, he will be judged as weak and lose respect from the Kingdom. In royal terms, the weak never survive, and if Charles embraces weakness, these are certainly the last days of the British monarchy. It was only four hundred years ago that Harry would have been beheaded at the Tower for High Treason. The last actual execution by beheading was of Simon Fraser, 11th Lord Lovat on 9 April 1747, while a number of convicts were beheaded posthumously up to the early 19th century. Beheading was only abolished as a method of execution for treason in 1973.

Sell the palaces to realtors and developers so moneyed up nouveau riche chavs can buy the partitioned flats, so they themselves can now say they are royal.

These are the end times for Britain’s 1200-year-old monarchy, where 62 monarchs shaped this island, and at one point of grace even ruled the world. All destroyed by some coked up ginger nutter and his controlling witch.

Looks like it did not take much to finally seal the fate of something once hailed and revered the length and breadth of this country and, indeed, the entire world.

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