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EU Insect Initiative Indoctrinating Kids to Eat Maggots

ZWOLLE - Netherlands - The EU Insect Protein initiative is being rolled out to primary schools across the bloc to program children to eat insects.


On 10 February 2022, the Commission has authorised the placing on the market of a third insect, Acheta domesticus (house cricket), as a food.

The term ‘house cricket’ refers to the adult of Acheta domesticus, an insect species that belongs to the Gryllidae family.

The novel food consists of the frozen, dried and powder forms of house cricket. It is intended to be marketed as a snack or as a food ingredient, in a number of food products.

In addition, the Commission has authorised for the second time the placing on the market of frozen, dried and powder forms of Tenebrio molitor larva (yellow mealworm) as a novel food. This is due to the fact that the authorisation in both cases are linked to the applicants due to the data protection provisions laid down in the novel food regulation.

The authorisation of house cricket will allow the applicant to place this insect species on the EU market under certain conditions of use.

EU indoctrination starts in the classroom and in the Netherlands, schools have already started the EU insect programs.

The stated mission of the EU Insect Protein campaign is to bring about “behavioural changes” in children to embrace “sustainable food.”

“Children are the next generation, therefore it is the goal of this EU Insect Protein initiative to normalise the idea of maggots and crickets as a source of food. From a young age children are being programmed to choose eating larvae as a sustainable protein source. As they will shape the next generation of EU citizens, and pass their programming onwards,” an EU autocrat revealed from the primary school.

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  1. I can’t see members of the European Parliament accustomed to expensive, exclusive restaurants with their gigantic expense accounts ever eating insects and cockroaches. Can you?

  2. If my children went to these schools I would immediately take them out. The EU elite wants the plebs to eat insects while they dine on gourmet steak and champagne.

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