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5 Most Famous Movies About Gambling

LONDON - England - Check out our list of five of the most famous movies about gambling.


There are a lot of cinematic works about gambling. Such films tell about the peculiarities of the gambling world and allow you to look at everything from behind the scenes. Casino review UK selected five best films for those who are interested in poker and casinos.

Molly’s Game

The film tells about a determined girl who opened an underground casino and successfully managed it for a long time. She was forced to this type of activity by difficult life circumstances.

The main character was a promising skier, but a fatal accident crossed out her professional sports career. Molly did not understand what to live for. She found a temporary job, where she had a difficult relationship with her boss. Actually, this prompted her to create an underground gambling establishment. And gradually, the best gamblers, as well as famous athletes, movie stars, businessmen, and musicians began to gather at Molly’s green cloth table. The talent to convince people, an honest approach to the game and big bets are the secrets of Molly’s success and her establishment.

The key theme of the “Molly’s Game” is poker. Events unfold around it, showing the gambling industry from the inside: players’ excitement, risky moves, gamblers’ behaviour at the gambling table, hidden desires and talents. The film also reveals Molly’s relationships with players, law enforcement and the mafia.

This film is based on the real autobiographical story of Molly Bloom. She wrote the script, participated in the organization of shooting, selected actors for the film.

The first screening of the film took place in Toronto. At that time Molly was sentenced to suspended imprisonment. However, the Canadian government granted her permission to enter the country for two days to see the screening.

Think Like a Man Too

In this film, several main scenes are devoted to gambling. The action at the gambling table reveals the hidden traits of the characters. Gambling is presented as an entertainment that allows you to feel acute emotions under the pressure of situations and make very quick decisions.

In general, the film tells about the adventures of four friends. They read a book about how to tame a man and put it into practice. The advice proved to be effective, but not without comic situations. And finally the couples go to Las Vegas (USA) to spend the last weekend before the wedding of one of them.

The key theme of the comedy is not the casino, but the relationship between the sexes, but the film can be included in the list of films about gambling, because it has many episodes about the gambling process.

Smokin’ Aces

An action-packed crime thriller with a dynamic plot and colorful characters. This film can be put in the same line with “Alpha Dog”, “Carrier”, “Cards, Money, Two Guns”, “Pulp Fiction” in terms of shooting style.

The film “Aces of Trumps” shows gambling (casino games and Las Vegas itself), at the same time a lot of bloody scenes, senseless murders, confrontation between the mafia and the FBI.

The main character nicknamed Ace is a skilled magician who impresses with tricks with playing cards. However, the mafia boss is hunting him. Will the ability to skillfully juggle cards help the hero and how will his adventures end? You will be able to find out when you watch the film.

The Gambler

A dramatic film that shows what gambling addiction leads to. The main character is a successful writer and teacher, but spends too much time at the gambling table. His addiction becomes so strong that he loses control over his own life, remains unemployed, neglects his reputation and falls into the criminal world.

American Hustle

A comedy film about gambling, dedicated to two talented crooks who pull off witty and intricate scams, including in casinos. Soon the schemes begin to bring them a lot of money, of course, then the FBI draws attention to the main characters.

The condition for these two not to be behind bars is participation in the operation of special services to expose four corrupt officials. The film is based on real events, which makes the plot especially exciting. The film also contains documentary fragments dedicated to digital gold.

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