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The French Surrender to S&P

PARIS - France - The French are once again waving the white flag of surrender, this time to an America ratings agency, Standard and Poor.

“Mes amis, we did not fight again. Instead we did the usual trick, you know lay down, stick our legs in the air and carry on eating our delicious cuisine. You see these Américains, they are in worse shape than us really, but they think they can rate us? Zut, where is Napoleon when you need him? I suppose les Américains saved us from le Jerry in WW2 on Omaha beach or something like that. Our detractors may say we surrendered, au contraire, we have not surrendered we are still AA, not AA+,” French Finance Minister, Jean Halitose, told Le Figaro today.

French Premier, Francois Hollande was not phased about the recent downgrading as he was too busy increasing le tax just a little bit more.

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