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It’s Racist to Stop Flights to Rwanda

KIGALI - Rwanda - It is racist and insulting to African nations to say they are not fit for migrants.

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By stopping and protesting flights to Rwanda the protesters are being racist, they are in effect stating that African nations are incapable of looking after their own affairs and are unfit for human life. This is a gross insult to African nations and their development.

The protesters and meddlers in British affairs are stating that a developing nation like Rwanda is not fit for purpose as a country.

In fact, Rwandans are very angry that they are being belittled and denigrated by these racist groups who view them as incompetent fools.

A closeup view of Kigali city skyline lit up at night, under a d
A close-up view of Kigali city skyline lit up at night

According to the World Bank:

“Rwanda now aspires to Middle Income Country status by 2035 and High-Income Country status by 2050. This will be achieved through a series of seven-year National Strategies for Transformation (NST1), underpinned by sectoral strategies focused on achieving the Sustainable Development Goals.”

The detractors to the migrant flights to Rwanda are insulting the country with their claims of unsafe conditions. As is the case, there is a misconception that African nations and governments are incompetent fools who cannot do anything. This is a racist and insulting attitude to Rwandans and all Africans.

Rwanda: The Singapore of Africa

Rwanda, specifically Kigali, the capital city, is an up-and-coming jewel of Africa, safe and prosperous in its future.

Stop insulting African nations, and stop your racism against a nation that has been through much hardship but is pulling through. Migrants should be honoured to be moving to such a proud developing African nation.


Education Advisor to the Rwandan President must read the Daily Squib as he publishes article on 19th June 2022 reiterating the points of our article above.


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