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French Police Calmly Watch as 33 Migrants Drown

CALAIS - France - French police calmly watched as over 33 migrants allowed to cross the English Channel drowned in French waters.

Life is cheap, it seems, in France if you are just another economic migrant lost soul who somehow wandered into the EU Schengen Zone where there are no borders or checks.

The Schengen Zone was possibly designed for an ideal utopian European world where blonde and blue-eyed fair skinned Europeans would cross European borders freely for their business and holidays, however it is not an ideal world and the EU is being continually breached by desperate economic migrants from the Third World who will do anything to live the ‘Western ideal life’ they see on the internet and television.

This is why countries like France are flooded with these people, even though they are treated like Untermenschen by the French, they still keep coming because the country is close to the so-called land of milk and honey — Britain.

migrant lifejackets
Abandoned life jackets where migrants crossed illegally litter the shore.

The latest tragedy of another migrant dinghy full to the brim with migrants headed for Britain sinking and killing all its occupants is another death knell for free borders. These mistaken migrants are sold stories that Britain is where the living is easy, and gold is found on the streets of London. Nothing can be further from the truth, but the evil profiteering people smugglers sell the stories, so they can fill their own filthy pockets with dirty money.

The French police and authorities simply watch from the beaches, and even escort migrants halfway across the Channel most times. They want more problems sent to Britain, as the French now detest the British cochons with a vengeance after Brexit. Any punishment is fit for the Rosbifs, which of course is vindictive nasty behaviour however according to the French, the British deserve every form of misfortune sent their way. The French are using these poor, desperate refugees as pawns in their game of vengeful warfare against Britain, much like Belarusian dictator Alexander Lukashenko is using thousands of refugees to attack the borders of Poland.

Meanwhile, in Blighty, there is an air of apathy within government, as Priti Patel is powerless to act in any way to stop the deluge of illegally crossing migrants. What ever happened to taking back control of Britain’s borders?

War Footing

This issue would no doubt be solved if someone took the illegal migrant deluge seriously, it should be in essence treated as if we are on a fucking war footing, but instead the government is caught in the headlights, with a seemingly rudderless leader floundering at the helm.

The migrant crossing problem could be solved in less than a week if the government implemented offshore vessels where the migrants would be kept indefinitely. No money should be wasted paying the French for anything. Agents should be sent to France to find and infiltrate people smuggler rings and bring them to the UK to be locked up for 40+ years each. People traffickers operate freely on social media sites like Facebook and are not afraid of any repercussions for their actions, because companies like Facebook turn a blind eye to their actions on that site.

The key is to make conditions so unpleasant for the people traffickers that they halt their actions. Migrants crossing illegally by law should be treated differently to migrants who apply legally to enter the UK. Illegally crossing migrants should be interned and then repatriated to holding camps on one of the British Isles, or offshore ships, they should never be allowed into Britain full stop.

The Royal Navy and coastguard need to actively deter migrants from crossing into British waters by giving the migrants illegally crossing two options only. Either be detained for an indefinite period of time and eventually repatriated somewhere else, or turn around and go back to France.

The Aussies have the right idea because when asylum seekers reach Australia by boat, they are not held in Australia, they are sent to an offshore processing centre. Australia has one such centre on the Pacific island nation of Nauru and another on Manus Island in Papua New Guinea.

Even if these asylum seekers are found to be refugees, they are NOT allowed to be settled in Australia. They may be settled in Nauru or Papua New Guinea. Britain has to have the same strict ideals when dealing with illegally crossing migrants as the Australians.

Unless Britain adopts the Australian method of dealing with illegally crossing migrants, it will flounder for many more decades in the same mire it is drowning in right now, with no effective policy to effectively alleviate the problem that keeps rearing its ugly head year after year. Controlling borders for any sovereign nation is of utmost import, and Britain must find ways of cutting down the vast influx of illegally crossing migrants or forever be lost in human illegal traffic that will only increase yearly if not handled properly now.

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