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Giggling Penalty Losers Laugh at Racist England Fans on Private Jet

TURKS AND CAICOS - While most England fans are still in serious pain, two of the penalty losers were celebrating on a private jet to a luxury resort.

Life has a funny way of kicking in you in the nads even after you’ve had a decent kicking anyway. Yep, you can always go lower than you already are, and the sight of the two penalty losers laughing and joking on a private jet decked out with champagne and gourmet food, will certainly chafe some people up the wrong way.

“It’s sickening to see these two losers funning it up on a private jet celebrating losing the penalties for England. Not only are they fucking losers, but they are using up carbon emissions, polluting the planet to celebrate losing penalties. Imagine how many school meals that private jet flight cost could have paid for?” one angry Twitter user revealed.

Another apoplectic fan was inconsolable: “Look at them grinning like Cheshire cats that got the cream. Lucky for them, they weren’t Colombian players, or they would have received the necessary justice.”

On the flight, the two openly boasted about the amount of “white pussy” they were about to take care of once they landed.

Tucking into a four-course gourmet meal and champagne, there was no sign of even an ounce of remorse from the pair.

“You know, Black Lives Matter, who is to say those penalties were not missed on purpose? England can go to hell, racist bastards! Payback comes in many forms, suckers!” one guy on the plane uttered.

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