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Obama Says Americans Should Pay Country’s $70 Trillion Debt With Yard Sales

MARTHA'S VINEYARD - USA - President Obama whilst on his official holiday, revealed his plan for America to pay back the incredible $70 trillion debt.

“Listen to me, I’m only going to say this once. We’re going to get out of this $70 trillion debt mess once and for all. I want every American to get everything they own then sell it. We can get out of this debt hole, yes we can,” Mr Obama said before getting on Air Force One for a day trip to Disney Land with his family.

The plan for a massive sell off of everything that American citizens own, some analysts say may still come up short.

“We might raise $8 trillion. We would have to also take your pay checks and all your pensions. I don’t know where this Obama guy is coming from? He’s frickin’ nuts,” an Federal Reserve auditor told CNN on Monday.

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  1. Blame it all on Bush and his warmongering… that is why America is in debt. Starting wars that he couldn't finish and now you all are stuck with his incompetence… or was it someone behind Bush pulling all the strings? Dick Cheney could be the one that started the whole shitstorm.

  2. This eliminates all doubt that Obama is an incompetent , unqualified , low information voter preferred fool !

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