How the English Were Defeated Without One Single Shot Fired

LONDON - England - The current EU apathy and malaise that has entrenched Britain can only be described as a hypnotic sickness, that 70 years after the end of the Second World War, Britain's certain defeat is imminent.

“The Second World War was fought for nothing, and Britain never defeated Germany. Those soldiers in WW2 fought and died for absolutely nothing, and the bravery of the British people throughout those trying years have all but been lost to Germany now. The English have all but capitulated to their great enemy, for what was once their foe is now their master, they have won the economic war without one single shot and now they are the ones dictating our laws, our economic policy and our lives. As David Cameron’s great great grandfather, Emile Levita would have said, the job is done,” John Smith, one of the only remaining Englishmen in his hometown said Friday.

Cambridge historian, Bradley Wigmore has a less abrasive tone: “One has to first understand that the first two wars were financed by British and American banks, they financed the Nazis and their military build up. The purpose of the two wars was simply to divide and conquer. It is a very simple concept, through the instrument of war one can speed through changes that need to be made to conquer opposing nations. By the use of nationalism as a tool, one can play two sides together to increase the velocity of global change and assimilation. We have to understand that the controllers think in 100 year increments, most every day people can only barely think 5 years ahead. States, multi-national companies and the people above the State, plan in 100 or 200 year increments. Hitler himself was thinking in 1000 year increments with his 1000 year Reich. Well, to get to the point, those two world wars (battles) were simply the precursor for the United Nations and EU. Britain supposedly won the battles, they were a token, but the war has definitely been won by Germany and the EU. Britain will still exist in small form, but its cultural heritage and union will be a thing of the past. Nationalism will be punished, as it is now on almost a daily basis. You are EU now not English or British.”

The EU has achieved more though non-military means than Hitler ever hoped to achieve. Hitler was simply a pawn in a much bigger game.