Simple Solution Found For Twitter Hysteria: “If You Can’t Handle It Get Off It”

LONDON - England - The new age of Victorian puritanism in Britain led by the nanny state government and a group of militant feminists can be cured very easily.

“It’s quite simple really, if your sensibilities are offended in any way by being on Twitter or the internet, just get off it. That’s it. Delete your account and do something else that is more attune to your personality. But please don’t shut it down for all the rest just because you were offended or have a thin skin,” an internet freedom advocator revealed today.

By utilising the spectre of illegal pictures to ban all forms of legal naughtiness, as well as shut down large parts of the internet with censorship of anything that is deemed as unpalatable to the people trying to destroy freedom of speech or expression, is in itself dangerous to society and culture.

“What these feminists are essentially doing is trying to shut off the natural male psyche. If they win their crusade, men who are already marginalised and attacked in British society on a daily basis, will fall further to even higher levels of emasculation. It is a well known Soviet, Socialist method of operation, where men are made to feel guilty for liking the female form. Once they shut down that part of the internet, there will be a totalitarian concrete wall over the internet where anything that is not deemed to celebrate socialist state policies will be censored. This limits freedom of expression and the freedom to protest perceived injustices as well as limiting the furtherance of knowledge and understanding of the human condition,” professor of Societal and Cultural studies at Reading University, Bartholomew Herring, told the Telegraph.

If you don’t like something, do something else. Simple.

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