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Obama Job Approval New Low: Time For Another Multi-Million Dollar Vacation

HAWAII - USA - President Barack Obama is off on another vastly expensive taxpayer funded vacation and has shrugged off concerns about new lows in his poll ratings.

“We’re off on another vacation, our sixteenth this year. I’m taking my Nobel Peace Prize, a few Marines to hold my umbrella and a suitcase of your hard earned cash to spill all over the place,” the President of the United States revealed Tuesday.

White House aides say they are rather worried for the delusional president after the latest poll figures show a massive drop in approval ratings for the ailing lame duck president.

President Obama’s entourage will consist of four hundred staff, two hundred secret service men, and trips on Air Force One which costs $181,757 per hour to run. Michelle Obama’s entourage, who will join the president one day later, is said to be three times larger than the president’s.

“If Trayvon was president, he’d be doin’ the same thing,” President Obama quipped whilst chomping on some Filet Mignon on his plane journey to Hawaii yesterday.

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