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Nancy Pelosi’s Hard Drive on Stolen Laptop Holds Many Surprises

WASHINGTON D.C. - USA - When patriots stormed the Capitol on January 6th, Nancy Pelosi's laptop pc went missing from her office.

Taken from her office in the Capitol on January 6th, Nancy Pelosi’s laptop computer was most probably unlocked and accessible without a password, although in the right hands that would not matter much.

There are rumours circulating in the social media world now that the laptop allegedly reveals some deadly information pertaining to Pelosi’s involvement with the CCP (Chinese Communist Party) and also interesting information regarding the stolen election. If these rumours are true it could cause some ripples in an already bubbling swamp soup.

Whoever took the laptop would have to release the information without compromising their identity, simply because the corrupt will pay any price to crush anyone who dares to reveal them to be traitors to America.

The same goes for all media news outlets and controlling Big Tech monopolies, who will seek to bury any release of information as soon as it is delivered into the ether.

If the FBI get a hold of the laptop, they will probably do what they did to Hunter Biden’s laptop, keep it undercover. Sadly, the FBI has been infiltrated and compromised by the enemy as well.

Whatever happens in the next few weeks or days could be very crucial to the outcome of the inauguration of the imposter Biden, and his coming authoritarian regime.

N.B. The Daily Squib does NOT subscribe to any political party, and does not belong in any way or fashion to any huma-constructed political ideologies left or right or centre. The Daily Squib is a mere mirror of any activity that is occurring in the world at any and all times, and views any scenario in an objective manner only seeing the right or wrong of any situation. The Daily Squib abhors totalitarianism and censorship from any political ideology, and we fight for the preservation of democracy/Justice/freedom of expression/speech in the West.

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