Proud Biden Receives Award From Obama

NOWHERE - USA - A proud Joe Biden was today given a medal from Barack Hussein Obama, for his service to Fraud.

Obama Biden Award Fraud President-unelect

You could see the pride in Joe Biden’s face when he was anointed with the highest medal of his term in office by former president Barack Hussein Obama on Monday.


To the rolls of drums in the background Obama placed the medal of Fraud on to a visibly shaking Biden, staring into the distance with a proud look of achievement on his face.

“On this day, Monday 9th November, 2020, I appoint you chief fraudster of Delaware. This medal of supreme fraud in elections, and for taking vast backhanders worth millions of dollars, untaxed, from Ukrainian and Chinese companies, thanks to your crack addict son, Hunter, is a symbol of supreme fraud, cheating and theft from the American people. Thank you for your service to fraudulent corrupt affairs, you have made the United States proud in your thievery,” Obama announced as he put the medal on Biden.

There were no applause from the assembled audience of two people, one of which was Hunter Biden, who immediately took his crack cocaine pipe out and lit up a huge rock, inhaling deeply, sighing with relief, then blowing the acrid smoke into his crooked father’s face.