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Biden Running For Senate of Outer Mongolia in 1956

OUTER MONGOLIA - Delaware - Joe Biden says he is running for senate in 1956, and his three supporters better give him all the luck in the world.


Sleepy Joe Biden says he is fit to run for senate in the province of Outer Mongolia in 1956.

Speaking at a home town rally attended by three people, Biden was emphatic that the year was 1956, and he was running for senate.

“This year in 1956, July, on a Sunday, I, Joe Biden, look me up somewhere, am running for senate in Ohio, Outer Mongolia. I’m gonna be there and you’re gonna vote for me. Look at my poll numbers on the radio. Look at my poll numbers on the MSNBCDEF. It’s all there folks, we’re taking it to Outer Mongolia boulevard and back. Jabba the Hut! Neep, neep round the way Sally!”

The crowd of three Democrats all cheered with gusto at Biden’s words.

“You could stick a potato up there and have a tape recorder behind talking gibberish and Democrats will vote for it. They don’t seem to care that an incompetent buffoon like Biden would have to deal with very sharp world leaders out to get the USA during a presidency. They don’t seem to care that this person doesn’t even know what fucking day or even year we’re in right now. They don’t care that this person is incapable of making serious decisions regarding America’s national security or nuclear arms. All they care about is getting Trump out, who is sharp, fit, and is no fool to those who want to do harm to the USA. The Democrats really do not care for America, they’re just vindictive and want Trump out,” a commentator watching the whole sorry show said before slinking into the darkness.

In November, America will be fighting for its very life, its very existence as a country. This means that America right now is in extreme danger, because there are reckless voters out there who would vote for Joe Biden despite the evidence that he is in a serious degenerative state of dementia, and he would cause America great harm if he was elected.

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