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The Not So ‘Presidential’ Debate

CLEVELAND - USA - The first presidential debate descended into a turd slinging match as Sleepy Joe Biden and the Teflon Don both fought like wild animals.


Might as well stick these two candidates in a mud pit, give them chainsaws and see who’s left standing after it’s all over. There was nothing ‘presidential’ about the debate last night with Biden and Trump, it was just a shouting match, and a disgrace to decent dignified debate.

The funny thing is, not many are sure who came off worse during this so-called presidential debate, the Teflon Don just couldn’t help himself, and Sleepy Joe looked like he had been pumped up with so much amphetamine that it would even awaken a mummy from some ancient Egyptian tomb, his sleepy eyes darting all over the place, jabbering like a squawking parrot.

As for the presidential debate’s moderator, that was a joke in itself, this guy couldn’t moderate an orgy in a whorehouse. He had little or no authority over the two bickering old men.

The Teflon Don was a huge disappointment during the debate, because he did not show any self-control, therefore he looked like a loose cannon blurting out his unmoderated thoughts willy nilly, and talking over everyone.

Biden was obviously given the questions beforehand and was trained to answer each question as if reading from a script, at some points he even forgot his lines, glanced to the side, clumsily recalled them, then stumbled on. There’s also no doubt, Biden was wired up like a Christmas tree.

Everything about the American elections is now fake, they have fake votes, they have fake ‘presidential’ debates, and on election night, they will get fake results.

Meanwhile, spare a few thoughts for the poor triggered snowflake students who have been adversely affected by the raging presidential debate. Case Western Reserve University, where the debate took place, have created a Safe Support Space for traumatised and triggered students. Here they can quietly cuddle up on soft pillows, cry together and contemplate the cruel words shouted out in last night’s fiery debate.

Viva La Americano Banana Republic..


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