Where are the flying cars, the eco domes and driverless e-vehicles taking citizens to their sustainable eco-homes replete with robot butlers and 3d printed dinners?

Instead, we still have fossil fuel vehicles clogging up motorways, and all the other shit that never changed whilst under lockdown. What happened to all those idealistic articles written in mainstream news media outlets about how we will never be the same again after coronavirus? People are still cunts. Celebrities still think they can preach to the lesser beings. Politicians are still useless, and the world is still full of useless eaters chomping away on their hoarded food. The programmed pursuit of consumerism and obsession with productivity denigrate the value of life itself: that of plants, that of animals, and that of a great number of human beings and their true creative and scientific potential of sustainable synthesis. It is solely the greed fuelled pursuit of economic profit that is killing every part of this earth, and the mindless slaves enabling this destruction, who follow blindly and without thought within the hive mind.

many cars on road

There will be no idealistic technological future any time soon, as the idiots who dared to even think things will change for the better after coronavirus lockdown ended. For a start, coronavirus has not actually been defeated, and as the masses continue doing what they used to do, they will hopefully get the message soon enough that this fucking virus actually means it.

If people want to go out and infect themselves, they should be given applause, because at the end of the day, they are the ones risking their useless tax-slave lives for nothing.

You can clap all you want, it won’t make any difference, and you may soon end up on a ventilator surrounded by giggling nurses dancing to some horrid tik tok electronic shit music with vapid smiles and glazed soulless eyes as they happily turn on the gas and put you under for eternity.

Garbage dump

Whatever happens after the coronavirus, the debt you owe is still real, the credit card sharks and psychopath bankers still want your fucking payments, the rent man may come round with his goons to break your knee caps, the council tax has to be paid, the income tax is going to rise to pay for the lockdown, the utility bill shister thieves will raise their prices, and the system of debt will continue unabated.

water pollution

There was no cleansing apocalypse, the debt was not wiped; instead what have you got to show for your troubles apart from the same old shit that never changed. People are still living in mud huts in Africa, and every day millions of Chinese people are being born into the world adding to the billions already polluting the barely recovered atmosphere. In fact, get ready for the millions of Chinese tourists who spread the coronavirus in the first place to resume their Venetian holidays, and to ransack buffet services in hotels every fucking where again.

Kim Jong-un is still alive, and the Iranians are still smarting for a fight with the USA, along with the Chinese and the Russians. The Middle East is still in turmoil, and America now has a known debt of over 30 trillion dollars, along with the debt-ridden socialist UK.

Despite what any talking head on some conglomerate news network is ordered to say, nothing has changed. Things will only change when it really hurts, not some kind of month long holiday.