Covidiot Rishi Sunak Will Condemn Britain to Prolonged Virus Death by Ending Lockdown in May

LONDON - England - Treasury covidiot, Rishi Sunak, will condemn Britain to further virus death by ending the lockdown early in May.

Of course the Chancellor of the Exchequer, Rishi Sunak values money over human life, that’s his job as he sits in his office counting pennies all day, but he is not looking at the big picture, because he is an impatient covidiot fuckwit.

In the long run British taxpayers are more valuable to the Treasury, and the herd must be preserved, so they can continue paying tax for many years to come.

Killing the cash cow

By ending the lockdown in May, as the Chancellor is pushing, he is threatening the possibility that the Chinese Virus will continue its upward trajectory in deaths, because it will not only be elderly taxpayers who die from the virus but young productive ones as well.

It is this very short-term thinking that creates major economical damage in the future, which will actually decrease tax revenue for the government in the long-run.

One month of lockdown will not suffice to flatten the curve, it will require at least three to six months of quarantine where the taxpayers are told to stay in their homes. Ending the lockdown early will only bring forth the second and third wave, making up one very large wave of formerly productive taxpayers hospitalised or dead.

Current coronavirus deaths UK as of 14th April

Total deaths: 12,107 (only hospital recorded deaths)

Latest deaths: 778

Total known infected: 93,873

Current coronavirus deaths Global as of 14th April

Total deaths: 126,753 (only hospital recorded deaths)

Latest deaths: 6,191

Total known infected: 1,982,552

We have seen that children are as vulnerable as adults to the Chinese Virus, and this has been displayed in the daily death results with many children, some as young as five years old and eleven dying from coronavirus. Rishi Sunak wants to open the schools in May, and by doing so he will condemn the children and teachers to a virus that will spread even further, at an exponential rate.

If this lockdown does not continue, the lives of many Britons will be on the fucking covidiot ministers and chancellors head, because the virus will continue to spread far and wide, its hosts renewed, its hunger to eat sated as the human hosts come back to be fed on by this deadly Chinese Virus which is still out there in the population.

Boris needs to come back from Chequers and put these covidiot impatient meddlesome MPs back in their place.