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John Bercow: “Priti Patel is a Terrible Bully!”

LONDON - England - Known bully and devout Remainer, John Bercow has called out Home Secretary, Priti Patel as a bully.

Former Speaker of the House of Commons, John Bercow has chimed in on the Priti Patel Bullygate affair.

“I think Priti Patel is an awful bully, when I was in the Commons I remember putting my hands round the neck of the Black Rod whilst shouting obscenities in his ear denigrating his whole career, even taking the time to explain to him that Priti Patel was a bully and should be chucked out for trying to purge the civil service of Remainer Mandarins intent on thwarting Brexit.”

Priti Patel, who was instrumental in the Vote Leave campaign is a force of nature, but seems to have come up against a wall with entrenched Remainer Whitehall Mandarins, and their undercover operation to do anything they can to halt Brexit from ever happening — including accusing her of bullying.

It’s all okay though because if you’re a Remainer and an actual bully, no charges will be dealt, yet if you’re a Leaver who is trying to kick some sense into some Whitehall Remainer behind his cushy highly paid desk job, all hell breaks loose, and bullying accusations are thrown around the media.

This is a difficult one, how does the government cleanse the civil service of its Remainer parasite problem? These people are so entrenched, it may take a war.


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