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House of Representatives: America Comes Closer to Civil War

WASHINGTON D.C. - USA - The flawed and fake testimonies of the Schiff investigation passed by partisan Democrat held Congress, and the House of Representatives could lead to total civil war.

As the tyrannical Democrat controlled House of Representatives goes further to Impeach President Donald Trump based on unsubstantiated reports and hearsay from the Schiff report, civil war and public unrest ensue.

Democrats stated they wanted to impeach Donald Trump immediately after he was instated as president even when there was no official impeachment enquiry. This clearly showed a nefarious intent by the American socialist party to carry out an impeachment at all cost, even trampling on due process to come to their decision.

President Trump was not afforded the required evidence afforded by H Res 660 thus the impeachment is false.

Not one Democrat was able to prove Trump was guilty and the Democrats 17 out of 24 voted to impeach Trump before the investigation was even started.

This disgraceful skewing of political processes within the American system, is a flawed outcome, which was based on lies, hearsay only to further the Democrat party agenda.

The impeachment will not pass the Senate, which is controlled by the Republican Party who have seen through the lies and falsities.

The Democrat Party has not achieved anything apart from bringing further support for Donald Trump and if he is impeached the country will fall into a state of Civil War.


The next American Civil War will start first as guerilla warfare where organised supporters of Trump will clash with Democrat groups to right a severe injustice of law and due process. There could also be incursions on utility grids, as militias move towards the cities clearing up Democrats.

The U.S. army will be deployed under the orders of President Trump who will shut down any Democrat revolts taking place.

After a prolonged Civil War lasting over three years, the United States will find peace once again, as many of the Democrats will have either been detained in special camps or neutralized.

Under Donald Trump, the American economy has thrived, and many Americans are now employed with a vast increase in jobs nationwide, the stock market is at its highest level ever recorded, and it is only the partisan flawed Democrat Party impeachment process which was not transparent, and was highly irregular, not giving the president due process, which will be a catalyst for mass civil unrest in the future.

The Democrat party is not only threatening Civil War, but has bolstered the Trump vote for 2020.

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