It is in the president’s powers to pardon one of his key strategists who helped the president get elected in 2016, but has been viciously convicted by a 99% Democrat jury in Washington D.C., a state that voted 90.9% Democrat in 2016.

If you feel a partisan injustice has been committed, please sign the petition here:

The petition already has around 15,000 signatures but needs 87,808 by December 15.

So, come on stand up if you support Roger Stone, who was convicted just for playing the game. Don’t hate the player — hate the game!!!


Mr President, Roger Stone showed supreme loyalty to you, he was no stinking rat like that lawyer Cohen, he never threw you under the bus, so it is your duty, as a man of honour, the Teflon Don, to pardon Roger Stone. It will be like two fingers up at those commie bastard Dems who hate freedom and America.


Please sign the Pardon Roger Stone petition – and forward to all your friends.