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Daily Squib Favourite TRY Agency Wins Epica Awards for Humour Second Year Running

AMSTERDAM - Netherlands - The Epica Award for humour this year went to TRY Advertising Agency from Norway.


It’s those crazy Norwegians again with their amazing humour and the creative director Øystein Halvorsen for TRY a truly creative Oslo based advertising agency. We are glad the other jurors agreed on our choice for the Epica Awards humour prize.

The TV advertisement was commissioned for a Norwegian supermarket, its key line, keep it simple, and this is true in humour and satire as well, simple but effective implementation will get the laugh.

Once again, the creative team satirised the perils of living in a smart technological house where everything is voice activated, and humours the viewer with the smug technophile getting his just desserts. Sadly, there is not a video feed to Mark Zuckerburg’s smart home as well, where there may also be such hilarious consequences for the over-usage of complicated technology.

Here is last year’s humour gold award for a brief recap:


Overall the country with the most winners is France with 88 awards including 12 Golds. The second most successful country is Germany with 72 awards, including 22 Golds.

The most successful network is McCann Worldgroup with 52 awards including 17 Golds, followed by BBDO and DDB who each won 43 awards. BBDO has won 9 Golds and DDB has won 3 Golds.

At the agency level, the standout name is Ruf Lanz in Zurich with 18 winning entries, but no Gold. Another agency outperformer is BBDO New York with 15 awards including 3 Golds.

The brand that collected most awards is McDonald’s with 31, including 11 Gold.

Three days of Epica jury proceedings in Amsterdam have come to an end and the finalists for all genres will be announced on Friday.

Bonne chance…or in Norwegian..lykke til..

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