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Election 2019: Let the Purge of Remainer MPs Begin

LONDON - England - The upcoming General Election will see a purge taking place of the duplicitous, anti-democratic MPs who tried to stop Brexit and dishonour the vote of the people.


The people who value democracy have seen, they have watched the daily parliament sessions where dishonourable MPs have sought to deny and dishonour the EU Referendum vote of 2016.

These same MPs who at the time of the EU Referendum promised with all their hearts to honour the vote of the EU Referendum whatever the result and who voted in parliament to invoke Article 50, were now actively working day in, day out to stop Brexit. The Liberal Democrats, whose name ironically suggests something to do with democracy, were now actively seeking to revoke Article 50 and completely erase the votes of 17.4 million people in an anti-democratic instant.

We watched the debates, and we saw the liars lying, we saw the Speaker of the House, John Bercow give the upper hand to those who wanted to stop Brexit, we saw the so-called Conservative MPs who turned rogue against their own party and attempted to stop Brexit. We the people never forget what we see, and we will never forget the names and faces of those parliamentarians who were meant to protect our democracy, actively destroying it with their every evil actions.

Brexit suddenly was not just about leaving the EU, it was much more than that, it was a statement on our democracy and our right to have our vote respected and honoured. Those MPs should be ashamed of themselves who sought to kill off our vote, they should be stripped of their jobs in parliament, because they do not represent the people any more, they are far removed from the honest citizens who placed their votes on June 23, 2016 in the EU Referendum, innocently thinking that their vote would count for something.

Because of these vile MPs who have effectively created a toxic parliament where nothing apart from an anti-Brexit bill can be passed have run riot over the institution, Boris Johnson, the PM, has tried to get an election to clean the fucking place out. He was thwarted numerous times by the MPs who knew, that if it came to an election they would be voted out. Eventually, somehow, Johnson pushed through an election through immense resistance especially from the duplicitous opposition party led by a former Soviet spy, Agent Cob, otherwise known as Jeremy Corbyn.

The election that will take place on December 12, 2019 will bring justice. People are fed up with the Remainer MPs, people are fed up with the anti-Semitic communist party run by Corbyn, and most of all people are fed up of being denied democracy, denied their right to see their vote honoured.

Those treacherous MPs will never see the inside of the parliamentary chamber again, they will be cast aside for their anti-democratic actions, and their pitiful careers will be over. It will be a day of reckoning to see these swine getting their just desserts and a good dose of karma, because it is we the people who put you in your place, not the other way round.

Time for the purge to begin.


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