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Anti-Democratic Liberal Democrats Urged to Change Party Name

BOURNEMOUTH - England - The anti-democratic Liberal Democrat party is urged to change its name to more reflect their anti-democracy stance of revoking Article 50.

The Liberal Democrat party have been asked to change their party’s name after they have been found to be anti-democratic.

Jo Swindler, the party leader, has vowed to revoke Article 50, which would mean that the votes made at the EU Referendum in the largest democratic vote in British history on June 23, 2016 will be null and void.

“The Liberal Democrats are saying they will revoke Article 50 so that Britain would stay in the EU and 17.4 million votes from the EU Referendum will be voided. There is no other way to put this but the Liberal Democrats are anti-democratic and do not wish to honour the vote of the people,” a political commentator revealed.

The party will now be renamed to reflect more their anti-democratic proclivities, the election committee in parliament has revealed.

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Luckily, there is little or no chance the Lib Dems will ever get a majority in parliament.

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