It's Official: Obama Was Big Joke By Behind Scenes Hierarchy

WASHINGTON DC - USA - Pentagon insiders have finally conceded that President Barack Obama was all a big joke and the game is finally up.

“We tried to fool all of you guys and I have to say it nearly worked but we’re going to fess up right now about Barry. Yep, it was all a cruel joke on the American public, even the Nobel Peace prize was a joke, and as for the birth certificate, if y’all couldn’t see that, then y’all must be blind. As for Michelle, well, that was the biggest joke of all, if that didn’t make you laugh and cry you must be as dead as John McCain’s crotch,” a Pentagon insider revealed on Friday.

According to political analysts in Washington, Obama, was installed as President as an inside joke between two rival groups in the Pentagon.

“It was kind of like a Trading Places kind of deal. They wanted to see if the public would take the joke, and it looks like they mostly did. Anyway, someone somewhere in the Pentagon is now paying up a dollar bet to the winner because come November 2012, it’s all going to be over for Barry, even though Romney’s a religious freak, he’ll win because he’s a good business man. No socialist was ever good at business, otherwise they’d be a capitalist, and that is the exact antithesis of socialism. So whenever a socialist is in power in any country, you will see that regime end in bankruptcy soon enough when all the money runs out. Look at Europe, those socialist morons are royally screwed because they spent all the money on welfare, subsidies and socialist cronyism. Obama doesn’t have a chance in hell, and the joke was his election, it hasn’t been a funny joke though, because that’s why a lot of people were fooled. Now they’re crying, but don’t feel sad people, because it will soon be over for Barry, and we can have our country back in the money once again,” Dean Alsworth, political analyst for the Washington Think tank, the Bureau Institute, told Capitol Weekly magazine.