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Romney Wants to Bring All His Wives to White House

WASHINGTON DC - USA - GOP presidential candidate Mitt Romney wants to bring his 274 wives to the White House when he wins the election in 2012.

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The Mormon president, as he will be called, is a polygamist with over 200 wives which he keeps in his Utah compound.

“Once Mitt wins the election he will move all his wives in and they will all be known as the First Ladies. We might have to build an extension to the White House as well as a massive Mormon church in the Rose Garden,” one of Romney’s spokesmen, Dean Santoro, told CBS news.

Romney hopes to circumnavigate the current law that bans polygamy by creating a new law un-banning it.

“If I’m the president I can make any law I want, therefore, I will change the law about polygamy and make it legal. A man’s gotta have his slaves, ahem, I mean wives, why should the Muslims be the only one’s having all the fun?” Mr Romney said at a recent news conference.

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  1. Whogives Mitt the right to have 200wifes? God?!?!? More like the devil.I will not vote for a man whotreats women like possessions!

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