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Abu Hamza West End Musical Debut a Success

LONDON - England - The musical based on radical Islamic preacher Abu Hamza opened to glorious reviews from the critics yesterday.

“It was a beautiful show that made me laugh, brought me to tears, and made me fear for my life all at the same time,” Times theatre critic, Leonard Dillon, reported in his daily column.

The show’s cast were terrified on the night as they endured over four standing ovations by the audience.

“I’ve never seen a show like this before, it was well worth the ticket money, I was captivated hook, line and sinker,” another audience member said.

Hamza and the Amazing Technicolor Suicide Vest

The theme of the musical extravaganza centres around hate preacher Abu Hamza and his cast of fanatical followers in a Finsbury park mosque. Hamza regails the audience with his wild fantasies about bombing the Brits and Yanks, whilst waving his hook around.

“The show’s musical score is beautiful, although the end of the first scene where Hamza drags his hook hand across a chalk board had everyone in the audience shivering. I especially love the end of the final scene where hundreds of pyrotechnic explosions are let off with an almighty mushroom cloud and Abu is extradited to America to spend fifty years in jail,” theatre critic for the Telegraph, Mathew Malcontent, revealed.

The Abu Hamza musical has already been snapped up by a Broadway theatre and will play in New York in September.

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  1. I wish great success for the Abu Hamza debut. I would like to buy some tickets for the show.

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