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Verhofstadt Cowers Under Table After Auntie Widdecombe Bollocking

BRUSSELS - Belgium - Auntie Anne Widdecombe, one of the MEPs for the Brexit Party debuted a thunderous speech at the EU parliament.


Unleashed into the EU parliament, MEP Ann Widdecombe, sniffed the fear amongst the assembled unelected eurocrats before debuting her venomous anti-EU speech to the assembled soviets in the EU Parliament.

Widdecombe’s choice of analogy and words hit the spot right on the bulls eye mark as she compared the unelected EU hierarchy as feudal lords, and the rest of the EU member states as slave serfs. There is truth in this comparison simply because there is a deficit of democracy in the EU, where officials are not voted in by the people but a close-knit politburo of other unelected EU officials.

Naturally, the Remain-centric press denigrated auntie Widdecombe’s furious words but it certainly hits home at the construct of a European Union modelled on soviet ideology which rejects democratic values and concepts.

Guy Maurice Marie Louise Verhofstadt, was seen cowering under his desk during and after the Widdecombe speech. The vitriolic words seem to have hit home with vicious accuracy.


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