Former Labour Party Member, Rory Stewart is Implant into Tory Party

PENRITH - England - Rory Stewart is not only a rabid remainer, but he is a Labour implant into the Conservative party who will do everything he can to stop Brexit and ruin the Tories from within.

Watching the biased Channel 4 debate where the only candidate who endorses a Clean Brexit, Dominic Raab, was given less time than any other candidate to answer questions, and was basically sidelined from the whole show, it is clear to see that powerful forces are at hand once again.

The ugly pustule toad that is Rory Stewart, was of course given full coverage, and his remainer stance had the audience clapping like lemmings at his every utterance as it came out of his leering opium addled face.

It’s thus not surprising that Stewart is not in fact a Tory at heart and was a prominent member of the Labour party before joining the Conservatives. His heart therefore lies in extreme socialist mantras and doctrines, possibly veering towards full Marxism. Maybe the attendees at the 2011 Bilderberg meeting which he attended with other fellow remainer, George Osborne could reveal his true ideological makeup.

It is true to say there are many implants into other parties, and Stewart probably updates Corbyn and his adjutants on a weekly basis as to the goings-on in the depths of the Tory hierarchy. Through his so-called Tory policies and words, Stewart has shown himself to be a hardcore authoritarian leftist at all times.

Stewart has rather ridiculously claimed that he wants to join the Tories with the Brexit party who are devoutly devoted to a ‘Clean Brexit’ on WTO terms, what he calls negatively a ‘no deal’. How is that going to work?

The only thing Stewart will do if he ever gets into power will be an extension of Theresa May’s policy of delay tactics along with false assurances that in the end turned out to be complete lies. There would never be a Brexit under Stewart, and as a Labour implant, the Tories should kick him out before he commits more damage to the party. It is no secret that along with the Labour party, Rory Stewart takes his orders from Brussels.

Another staunch remainer, Theresa May declared her support for Stewart last week, so the augurs do not bode well for BoJo, because he is definitely not over the line yet, as dark remainer forces intent on keeping Britain imprisoned in the EU could still topple his lead even in the last few stages.

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