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The EU Deserves NOT a Single Penny From the UK

LONDON - England - The UK should not pay the EU a single penny of their £39 billion ransom demand, and should be on a war footing.


The EU have treated the UK with utter despicable contempt and disregard, not only during 40 years of imprisonment but during the so-called Brexit negotiations. Britain is viewed by the EU as a cash cow where billions of pounds are siphoned off every year, and we get little or nothing in return.

Boris Johnson is correct in saying the UK should not pay the EU’s Brexit ransom money, for all it is is blood money, and we are sick of being blackmailed by the EU cartel of corrupt butchers, miscreants inebriated by their lust for cash to stuff in their back pockets.

This matter should be taken very seriously, and Britain should be on a war footing. If it is a war the EU wants, it will get one. In theory, military action is a perfectly viable alternative to some kangaroo court in the Hague hosted by EU judges.

Britain has gone to war for lesser amounts, and it should be a point of national pride, along with dignity that we do not pay £39 billion for nothing.

Michel Barnier actually demanded the UK pay £100 billion at one point, somehow alighting on the figure, then he settled on the bogus figure of £39 billion. This is proof that these criminals are making it up as they go along without any justification or account. The only reason the EU wants Britain to pay the ridiculous sum of £39 billion is to show other EU states that they will be punished like the UK if they dare to leave the EU in the future.

Britain has a highly efficient and well-trained military force, and we would be joined by our allies the United States in any war.

When the decision would come through, the military budget would be trebled overnight.

Last week we celebrated the 75th anniversary of the D-Day landings, and now Britain and the West is being threatened once again from a force across the Channel, which is also building its own EU Army to oppose NATO.

The EU tyrrany and its aspirations to create an EU Army headed by Germany is akin to the threat Britain and the United States fought 75 years ago. The EU have instead worked backwards this time, instead of building a military force first and conquering nations like their predecessor, they conquered nations economically first, and then created an EU Army to keep hold of nations, as well as to plan future incursions to the East i.e. Russia. The EU knows that Russia cannot be conquered easily economically or politically, they know that the only way to do it is through military conquest.

The EU like any empire has to keep expanding or die, and this is why it is crucial that they conquer more lands to the East.

It is to this end that the tyrannous EU poses an existential threat not only to Britain, but to the rest of the world. The EU’s long-term goals are the exact same as those of Napoleon and Hitler, and they will try to achieve what the others failed in doing.

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