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How to Look like a Royal: Kate Middleton Fashion Ideas

LONDON - England - Dressing with style like the royals does not have to break the bank, and the Duchess of Cambridge, Kate Middleton is a fine example.

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Kate Middleton – the Duchess of Cambridge, the wife of Prince William, the mother of three, and one of the most popular style icons in the world. She always looks stunning wherever she goes. Classic, chic, and elegant.

Kate’s fantastic looks have been recreated by millions of people already. Though, not everyone knows yet how to achieve that effortless look for cheap.

If you believe that a fortune is required to replicate Kate’s daytime or evening outfits, you mistaken. You don’t have to be a billionaire, a royalty, or someone who hits the jackpot in Irish online casinos to be able to dress like the Duchess of Cambridge. You can easily get her looks for less. How?

Kate Middleton’s Style Explained

It is hard to find a woman who doesn’t admire Kate Middleton’s style. Even her maternity style was perfectly created and presented every time she appeared in public. Kate always looks beautiful and relaxed, even when she is wearing a fancy evening gown and a pair of extremely uncomfortable high heels. What’s the secret?

How does she manage to combine so simple items and always look so different, smart, and chic? What clothes can make you feel like the Duchess of Cambridge too?

  • Bold colours. You can easily follow the trend of bold, vibrant colours in Kate Middleton’s wardrobe for years. Wearing a dress or a suit in one colour without any patterns and prints is a favourite trick for a lot of her outfits. The Duchess of Cambridge is not afraid of wearing dresses in bright, bold colours – yellow, green, blue, red, etc. She wears so many bright colours that it is pretty hard to remember what colour she wore yesterday or the day before. So, don’t be afraid to incorporate bright items into your wardrobe to replicate Kate’s outfits.
  • Dresses with a belt. Kate loves simple, but form-fitting clothes. She often wears dresses with tiny belts to accentuate the waist and make the whole look more stylish and put together. Get a few belts of different colours or pick the ones that are already the part of the design of a dress.
  • Floral prints. Another trend Kate often goes for is a floral print, especially in dresses. No matter whether it is a daytime or an evening look, for many occasions, the Duchess picks the floral print specifically. She is a big fan of floral print in white, yellow, and pink, which she usually wears in the summer season particularly. One of the best examples of Kate wearing a floral print outfit is her first appearance after Princess Charlotte’s birth in 2015.
  • Every shade of blue. Kate Middleton is definitely a huge fan of blue colour. It is impossible to find a shade of blue, which she has not incorporated in her outfits yet. She wears monochromatic blue outfits a lot. For example, a dark blue long-sleeve or a blue lace dress, a light blue button-down coat, a blue tweed suit with a pair of matching blue heels, etc.
  • Affordable style. How much do Kate’s clothes cost? The Duchess always mixes more expensive and less expensive brands in her outfits. You can easily find the affordable high street as well as designer clothes in her wardrobe. Thus, you can fit Kate’s wardrobe to any budget you need. She often wears dresses, knickers, blazers, and shoes by GAP, Topshop, H&M, and Zara. So, search in high street fashion brands first.

Remember, a royal wardrobe is not about money. It is about looking smart, classic, and chic. Create Kate’s outfit by yourself too. It’s so easy!

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