Auschwitz Concentration Camp - Poland-David Lammy
Auschwitz Concentration Camp, where up to three million people were murdered by the Nazis (2.5 million gassed, and 500,000 from disease and starvation).

Constantly angry Labour MP David Lammy who labels every white person who does not agree with his extreme Marxist views as a Nazi, has been told to visit the former concentration camp of Auschwitz to see what real National Socialist Nazis were.

“There is some confusion with this angry black man who is calling everyone who is a Leaver in the Brexit debacle a Nazi. Lammy is obviously ignorant of history and has probably never read a book in his life and he is low of basic intelligence levels. It is sad to see such individuals being given positions of authority and abusing their position with ignorant and idiotic blatantly racist views,” a parliamentary disciplinary official revealed on Monday.


The angry Lammy will be put on a flight and shown the truth about what real Nazis are and the atrocities they committed in WW2.

Although most of the Labour party have been found to be antisemitic, and deny the holocaust ever happened, it is crucial to try to educate Lammy to the horrors of real Nazism and of mass genocide.

“We don’t expect this angry piece of shit to understand what a real Nazi is, but we will try our best to educate him. It is all too prevalent in this day and age for socialists and Marxists to label anyone else who does not agree with their political ideology as a Nazi. I wonder how they would feel if they knew the Nazis were actually socialists themselves. This Nazi label is now used commonly in the wrong context purely because these people are generally ignorant unintelligent individuals,” a political adjudicator added.