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Obama Teleprompter Breaks Down During Bedroom Session With Wife

WASHINGTON DC - USA - President Barack Obama has come a cropper in the bedroom after his teleprompter broke down causing another massive fight with an angry Michelle Obama.

The tele-hiccup occurred two nights ago and relegated Mr Obama to the White House couch in the East Room after a spat with his angry wife.

According to White House insiders, the president was taking orders on what to say to Michelle in the presidential bed, when his teleprompter blinked shut. The president was naturally lost for words and started stuttering madly. The First Lady was not amused by the performance and threw Barack out of the bed ordering him to sleep on the couch in the East Room. When White House officials arrived in the morning for a meeting, they found the president sprawled out on the White House couch in his pyjamas and no sign of a teleprompter. He was immediately brought a new one and the meeting started.

Unfortunately for Mr Obama, his teleprompters have been malfunctioning frequently as of late. Some say it could be a Russian, Chinese or Republican plot to unseat the president and cause him distress. Extra secret service men have now been drafted in to guard each machine, and extra maintenance staff are also on 24 hr standby.

“We got teleprompters in every room of the White House. Two days ago it broke down in his bedroom just as he was about to bone Michelle, and yesterday, the president’s teleprompter broke down in the toilet. He had to yell for help because he could not remember what to say about asking for a new toilet roll. It’s really that bad, and it’s way worse when we have to travel. You try wheeling that thing around all over the place and up six flights of stairs,” White House aide, Ari Fleischer, told CBS news.

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  1. He's the most useless president we have ever had and this story proves it. What a loooser!!!

    Stupid idiot..

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