'Euro' to be Renamed 'Pox' by World Leaders

BRUSSELS - Belgium - The euro currency is to be renamed 'pox' by legislators later on today after a series of high profile meetings between Eurozone leaders and G20 countries.

“A pox be upon you,” will be the phrase used by currency exchange bureaus to tourists when they exchange their dollars or pounds to euros whilst on holiday to any Eurozone country.

The new pox currency is like a terrible affliction that spreads around like a nasty virus destroying everything in its path.

“After long deliberation we thought pox was an apt name for the euro. Essentially it is a curse on the world, and now if someone talks about the euro currency they are talking about a vile virus that leaves disaster in its wake. A f*cking pox on the world, that is what the euro is and we, dare I might say it, have released this wonderful curse on you all so that you can marvel in the power of the EU,” José Manuel Barroso, told an auditorium full of reporters with pockmarked faces.

The euro/pox currency is like a particularly nasty case of herpes, and whatever cure is attempted, it always comes back more virulent and nasty.